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  • Cracker: Dig This!,

    Rocket- super low maintence - let it go fully to seed, and next year it will come back x1000 without having to do anything. tommie toe tomatoes are the best tasting tomatoes out there too.

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  • Hard News: That Buzzing Sound,

    OH, and to state the bleeding obvious: That comment was a great hairball of stupid. Racist? Don't think so. Needs to sharpen up dramatically about handling an obviously hostile crowd, and thinking on her feet? Certainly

    Hi first time poster here...

    I was at the meeting, and I would have to disagree. It wasnt something that she just blurted out, in fact she seemed very pleased with herself for having thought of it. When asked to clarify the comment, she went into a fair amount of detail justifying herself. Maybe she doesnt consider herself a rascist, but it appeared to be a view that she genuinely subscribed too.

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