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  • Busytown: Making a hash of things,

    Hehe, speaking of panic .. reminds me of my first IKEA experience, as a Taranaki-bred-Wellingtonian-turned-San-Joseian about 1.5 years ago. Rolled up to the Mountain View store in my corporate-provided rental car to pickup some cookie-cutter furniture for my apartment. Got in there, spent two hours strolling through the massive warehouse, got my bed and drawer set along with other miscellaneous items, and then headed back out into the parking lot. Only to realize that I hadn't made a mental note of where exactly I had left the car. Spent the next 40 minutes pushing my large IKEA trolley through the multiple levels of the parking lot, pushing the buttons on my locking-remote and listening for the beeps. Found the car, eventually... one of lifes lessons, I guess. :)

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