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    The big lesson NZ needs to take from this is perspective - and also - graciousness in defeat. Already people are blaming the captain, the conditioning programme, the ref, the gameplan. It just isn't cool. Move on and accept we lost, and do it with a smile instead of a moan.

    It looks like Henry will be leaving the All Black fold and I'm sad that the era has come to an end (also helped with the exodus to the NH of some of our key players). These last four years have been a great era for NZ rugby. We thrashed an over-hyped Lions outfit. We won the grand slam in the NH - not done since the 70s. We have held a vice like grip on the Tri Nations and Bledisloe cup (with four blips out of about 45 along the way). This All Black team has been a great one, and no matter who goes on to win the world cup, the All Blacks will always be the team to beat.

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