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  • Hard News: UNGASS and the "Drug Free…, in reply to Russell Brown,

    I'd just like to point out re: the young guy who died in Waikanae - if Alpha-PVP does turn out to be what caused his death (which is still not confirmed), it is the only one of the common cathinones that doesn't react with either Marquis or Mandelin reagents. It will react with the Folin reagent, giving a pinky-peachy colour.

    So essentially, if something is offered as 'bath salts' and it doesn't react with M&M, it's likely APVP you're dealing with.

    Of course, if we had public access to GCMS testing and results...

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  • Hard News: Fifty thousand preventable deaths,

    In 2009, BERL put the value of one year of life at $106,600 when calculating the cost to the country of premature death due to alcohol and other drug use:

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  • Speaker: Women, science and superheroes,

    I like the idea of STEAM, in fact have long been frustrated at the arbitrary division that's placed between art/design and technology/engineering. The development of a concept into a real object involves many of the same skills whether the item created is a tech gadget or an item of clothing, a building or a large scale interactive artwork. Yet we constantly make value judgments regarding the end product, dismissing young women's interests as 'arts and crafts' instead of encouraging them to understand what they are doing in engineering and development terms. Thank you for doing something to address this.

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  • Hard News: The perilous birth of the…, in reply to Russell Brown,

    The level of misinformation around legal highs and drugs in general in this country is astounding. The tenacity with which the misinformed general public clings onto its perspective in the face of facts is even more so. It's almost as if people enjoy a good drama more than the less outrage-inducing reality.

    I am interested in countering this tendency, but struggling to know where to start.

    I'm guessing 'synthetic heroin' might be a mislabelling of opiods such as codeine, which are also legally available through prescription, often redirected from their intended use *cough* and one of the fastest growing groups of drugs of misuse in the world. It isn't hard to see how a kid caught doing that might say 'legal highs' to avoid getting in even worse trouble, and an uninformed parent could jump on the bandwagon.

    How it got in the news without someone realising though.. says something about the media really.

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  • Hard News: The perilous birth of the…,

    Hahaha snap. I’ve been watching this moral panic develop since 2010. It follows the same pattern that LSD and ecstasy, and before that cannabis, did. Post I made this morning about it:

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  • Hard News: Can we get an adult up in here?, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Last time I checked, Anonymous didn't exist to serve the public.

    I'm always amused by the way Anonymous is great when it does what people think it should and terrible when it doesn't.

    I think publishing credit card details is misguided and dangerous, but I laughed my head off and went "Yeeaaah!" when the HBGary Federal stuff went down. Such is the nature of Anonymous. I doubt anyone will be able to say "Hey guys... tone it down" and get a result. And unless it was Wikileaks that published the credit card details, I doubt much of that will reflect on them, only on Anonymous.

    @Rich When the arrests were made last year over Operation Payback, the popularity of Anonymous skyrocketed.

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  • Hard News: What about that Welfare…,

    My response (closer to old-fashioned rage than numeric analysis and too long for a comment here):

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