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  • Polity: A week on from the housing controversy, in reply to Jeff Weir,

    For Labour, the distinction was always about speculation from *offshore* Chinese investors vs hard-working Kiwis of *all* ethnicities.

    Good point---note the juxtaposition ---the cunning inscrutable oriental against the hard working white kiwi ----come on Raymond- --that is simply riffing on a stereotype and one that pops up in a lot of peoples heads automatically.

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  • Polity: A week on from the housing controversy, in reply to Rob Salmond,

    I can't be any clearer in my repudiation of any blaming of NZers who happen to have Chinese ethnicity. That group is not at fault, at all.

    Come on dude, wise up.

    What group is at fault?

    Well there are only two groups that are really at fault, the main responsibility being that of the governments for allowing it to happen.

    If your wife flogs off the family silver without your approval, you don't yell and scream and point the finger at the buyer who paid a good price do you?

    The overseas buyers are not at 'fault' anymore than I am at 'fault' for buying a sausage roll that was on sale this morning at the local bakery.

    So who to blame:

    (1) the national govt for not doing anything about it right now
    (2) the labour govt for the terms in the FTA that allowed this to happen
    (3) the greedy NZ homeowners ---many many of them white, holding out for a good price.

    Don't blame the customer---blame the idiots putting the stuff up for sale. Have the Chinese pointed a gun at the head of anyone demanding a sale? Of course not.

    But you chose to blame the customer ---because you knew you could get political mileage out of resentment because of their race, and the fact that they belong to a race that many whites resent for having money.

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  • Speaker: Identification strategy: Now…,

    “To force the Chinese government to open China’s doors for so-called “free trade”, other Western countries resorted to non-trade means, generally force, to achieve their goals. Consequently, China quickly fell from being a wealthy power to a semi-colonized country, and soon thereafter the economy almost totally collapsed while its market was flooded with goods and capital from the West. According to some historical data, in 1820, 20 years before the first Opium War, China’s gross domestic product was 32.4 percent of the word figure, the richest country at that time.”


    Payback is a bitch….enjoy it you racist white crackers

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  • Speaker: Identification strategy: Now…, in reply to linger,

    Whenever anybody claims “[X group] are not aggressive”, the question comes to mind, “So how have they survived so long?” Most groups are aggressive when they feel they need to be.

    Some groups are less warlike than others. Of all the major civilizations China has been the most peaceful, the least aggressive.

    How many colonies does the PRC have? How many troops stationed overseas, overseas military bases?

    The aggression has been all one way, particularly over the past two centuries —-whites ganging up on and invading and plundering China, not the other way round. That was because China was weak.

    But with the rise of the PRC, and the success of her revolution the tables have turned.

    With the anticipated demise of the US, likely to split up into a whole lot of countries, and rise of the BRICS, the anglo saxon heyday is well in the past.

    White people --just get use to just being like everyone else, no more, no less privileged than a Chinese, Indian, or African.

    And thats the way it should be. And it will be good for the world, good for peace and prosperity for all—not just a handful of whites who think the world owes them a living

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  • Speaker: Identification strategy: Now…, in reply to martinb,

    and things like attitudes to women, smoking and other forms of social change over the last 30 years which are influenced by immigrants from countries with different values.


    How have Chinese attitudes to women been an issue in NZ????? Give me one example???



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  • OnPoint: My last name sounds Chinese, in reply to ,

    By easy I mean NZ as a whole can stop it if they wanted to—-problem is there is little governmental will —because of exactly what I said in my previous post.

    Kiwis are kicking up a stink about the Chinese, but secretly they will happily sell to them —probably including yourself if you could get a good deal —be honest now.

    So that is the issue. Kiwis don’t resent a friggin good deal—they resent the fact that who they have to sell to are non-white. And the fact that those non-whites own more than just a few smallpoxed blankets and a couple of rusty old muskets

    Lets put it in a nutshell —-NZrs on this issue are ‘conflicted’ both at a national and personal level.

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  • OnPoint: My last name sounds Chinese, in reply to BenWilson,

    The not liking Chinese, however, is probably a much smaller factor. Racism is definitely at work here. But is it all that’s at work?

    Yes racism is a big factor. Or at least racialised resentment.

    Here’s why.

    A vast majority of kiwis would sell to a foreign buyer (including Chinese) if they got a better deal than they would get from a local buyer.

    There is hardly anyone who would eschew an offer of 600 grand say from a Chinese if locals could only stump up 500 grand.

    In your bones you know this to be true.

    So the problem is not the Chinese —they just provide an option. With or without a legislated ban, we could stop Chinese investment right now by selling to a local for a lower price.

    The problem is greedy local homeowners, many many of them white.

    So on the one hand they want the money. But they resent that source of the money.

    Greedy, but racially resentful. Hate who you need.

    And that is why many kiwis are kicking up a stink.

    And that is why Twatford will not win on this one long or even medium term.

    Because there are heaps and heaps of local white homeowners, rednecks included, who would not want to see 10 or 20 percent shaved off the value of their homes. But they won’t admit it —even though they will vote against it.

    So lets more accurately reframe the problem:

    “Greedy kiwi homeowners shutting out their fellow countrymen from home ownership by selling out to foreign interests”

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  • Speaker: Identification strategy: Now…, in reply to martinb,

    There is no consideration, though, of global politics- the enormous influence that even a small slice of one the great powers wealth could have on us. It’s very late in the piece to be thinking about this granted, but this too is a valid thing to consider.

    True- –but is that foreign power aggressive with a history of imperialistic interventions all over the world?

    No, in the case of China. Yes in the case of the US.

    China simply offers NZ an option/s —–we do not have to take what is offered and can pick and choose.

    There will not be Chinese gunboats in Wellington harbour to force John Key to sign ‘unequal treaties’ or legalise the importation of crystral meth – Chinese are not aggressive like the Anglo Saxons who forced a weak China to give up its silver in exchange for a flood of opium into the country – devestating the Chinese people

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  • OnPoint: My last name sounds Chinese, in reply to linger,

    To rephrase: “you are worried that you (and more generally, others like you) are losing some control over your own lives”.
    (i) Is that an illogical stance?
    (ii) Is it necessarily “racist”?

    I’ve said I support a ban on foreign buyers, if nothing because I’m hardly part of the local landed gentry myself.

    You are unnecessarily bringing race into the equation —just implement the ban –easy to do —China is not going to send gunboats over to enforce favourable investment policies for itself —-unlike what the West did to China up until quite rcent history

    You see the problem is not the fact Chinese are buying houses —-that can be easily stopped like a snap of the fingers.

    The real resentment comes from the fact that the Chinese obviously have the money to buy local houses.

    Non-whites are not supposed to have money, and now in the case of the Chinese – increasing power. Asians are supposed to be coolies and and mail order brides, and fry up your chicken chow mein and egg foo young

    That is what is stirring the angst — not the fact they are buying, but the fact they can buy.

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  • OnPoint: My last name sounds Chinese, in reply to chris,

    Why just Han? Sounds fairly exclusionary, which was my point, strangely.

    Because that's the way others see us and the way Twatford has used the data.

    China actually insists that it is a multi-national state, and in fact actively suppresses any racial or ethnic villification in its media.

    Within China, all are chinese, and han are simply the numerically dominant people ---because of this people often mean han culture han people when they refer to chinese.

    By way of analogy, if we said 'english surnames', most of us would think of anglo saxon names like smith and fletcher and wilson etc -----even though the UK has heaps of minorities now.....nothing really exclusionary about that, perhaps lazy, but not exclusionary

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