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  • Hard News: Cannabis: Who owns Say Nope…, in reply to Marta Rychert,

    MakeItLegal have filed a return.

    Sent it to the wrong address (sigh!) so it is late going up

    Not up yet but will be shortly, it is for $104,000(ish)

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  • Hard News: The long road to "Yes",

    I will add my little voice to the big thank yous Russel Brown. All the help has been urgently needed. Much appreciated, never to be forgotten.

    If this wins, and I am now confident it will, it will be a victory of thought over fear – and that will be historic. Yay for you, for me, for us!

    The MakeItLegal site has reached (according to Facebokk stats) over two million people. Quite large – and it has depended on ordinary people sharing on their social media – yay for all of us.

    What a stupid idea this was! What cowards in government! I realise this was the best that could be, it is what it is, but what a extremely silly way to decide social issues. Demonstrates just how profoundly anti-democratic referendums on social issues are. Why my vote should decide Joe Blow’s legal rights is beyond me.

    The argument has been won, what ever the vote. The opposition “nopers” have spent vast sums that I assume include focus groups. They have realised that they have to give ground . Now we see them arguing that “cannabis is effectively decriminalised…” During this campaign there have been at least five busts, probably a dozen, in my wider community. Just because they mostly have not lead to prosecutions does not minimise the harm done to people having their lives disrupted. And the ones that have lead to prosecution (over two thousand a year) have been utterly devastating. I get so mad. (Calm down Worik…. Be kind…. Be respectful… That is what I tell every one else – take my own advice!)

    Oh well. There are so many stories to tell. I know a few about Green Fairies that are quite surprising. Who has been moving cannabis where and for whom…. and for free! The time will come when we can talk frankly with out lies – not yet. Soon.

    This is not the final stretch. After the referendum we have a huge fight in select committee.

    Lastly: Everybody on the “Yes” side. Please stop with “we know cannabis is harmful”. Cannabis is good! That is why it is so popular. It is not for every body, but it will not be compulsory. Everything can be harmful, and it is a big ask to ask people to vote for something harmful! Cannabis is actually very good.

    Really feeling the love

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  • Speaker: The cannabis referendum – a…,

    This is very helpful.

    I comment here out of tangential frustration: Cannabis is good. It is a boon to the down hearted, a fount of creativity, a social lubricant, a purveyor of mystery, a answer to no question and answer to all.

    Yet people seem to think, to be taken seriously, one has to talk of cannabis harm. How do we expect people to vote for something harmful?!

    To say: "But Worik, cannabis can be harmful" is a empty statement that contains nothing. A brick can be harmful, or it can be part of a wall. A wall can be harmful when it locks you in and beneficial when it locks out the monsters.

    So my plea to Yes campaigners is stop talking about the harm of cannabis.

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  • Hard News: An unhelpful column about cannabis, in reply to Russell Brown,

    He is a registered medical practitioner.

    Does not mean he knows what he is talking about, or is not threatened by legalising cannabis....

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  • Hard News: Together Alone,

    I'll bight...

    My daughter was getting mentally prepared to leave Melbourne for NZ (after five years as a street poet... other story that makes her dad proud) as Australia was "literally and figuratively on fire". But plan was to do it some time this year, or next. No rush....

    On end of business 20-March Melbourne was heading into chaos and daughter realised that letting her passport lapse was, erm, inconvenient. Passport arrived late on Tuesday (thank you, from the bottom of my heart to the crew at the consulate, it was due Thursday) on the plane Wednesday, landed in Dunedin one hour before the curfew.

    Happened to have a vacant flat for her to quarantine in... Whew.

    Our band was due to play the awards night at the Fringe here, when it was cancelled we took over the fringe theatre and did a online gig....

    Here we are

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  • Hard News: WOTY: The Kindness Scandal,

    Turfs ahoy!

    I love a good fight!
    I know I should stay out of this one.
    I just can't!
    That's all I've got to say

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  • Hard News: Just quietly, this is a big deal,


    therapeutic approach more beneficial

    So not for cannabis, which itself is therapeutic...

    no public interest in a prosecution

    so bust young men, they are always guilty of something so best be safe and bust scruffy brown. ones who are just disturbing.

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  • Hard News: WOTY: The Kindness Scandal,

    Made my day.

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  • Speaker: Cannabis: make it legal but…,

    Mostly a good proposal.

    But selling does need to be a crime? Even if it is just against regulation, like moderate speeding big business would stay out

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  • Hard News: Hep C: When doctors do the…, in reply to Bart Janssen,

    But for every drug that is successful there are many that fail completely and somehow these companies have to cover that cost.

    Some one else replied that most drugs are not expensive to develop but are tweaks (to make it patentable again) and some one else pointed out that the companies spend more on marketing (given the nature of the medical profession I am glad they do their own marketing, but that is another story of another failure)

    I would like to add that the expensive research is no longer (in general) done by big Pharma but by startups using high risk investment money (or spun out of University Departments). Big Pharma buys what is successful and ignores the rest. Drastically reduces the costs of drug development.

    Crocodile tears, this is about profits.

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