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  • Hard News: Synthetics: We need to stop…,

    At Last ! - Thank you Russell Brown for dragging this gross misuse of 'Cannabis' by saddling it with the word 'Synthetic' - It's pure deliberate propaganda from National Party types and other unintelligent right-wing species -

    'Synthies' are bloody dangerous drugs, should be biffed in the "P/Meth" bag and are no comparison to Cannabis -

    - Many folk don't seem to realize that this small country that punches far above it's weight is partially due to those many few out there that imbibe in an odd smoke and are naturally great sports, creatives, innovative peoples in so many fields - It is also true though that it is not the drug for everyone to try- It can have serious mental effects on certain folk and there is no way to tell who they are going to be- Usually if someone tries it and doesn't like it, leave it there & abstain - I say this especially for the sake of OUR children -

    - I believe there is no place for Cannabis around Our children, period - Any banter about " Legalization" is selfishly ignorant of the potential harm that could happen if OUR children are lead to think it's okay to smoke cannabis - When they're adults, that's their choice and if age is to be a factor then 20 -25 yrs old will give them a great head start in Life - Lets face it, Politicians will say Anything to get their fix, "Power"-

    Decriminalization is the only way the Cannabis Referendum should go, so, so many people have had their Lives seriously harmed by being busted for just use or minor possession charges- (Meanwhile Booze still continues to carves it's way through our people seemingly unabated) -

    The other overlooked point is if Cannabis were Legalized, it would have a very serious effect on our economy - Politicians have no idea just how much this country runs on the "Underground Dollars" and if there are any brains in these money-hungry Govt's. they will stick to making their dollars from the many advantages that Hemp offers and helping those that need Medical Marijuana - No lollies or edibles though, as there's the ever-present danger of children getting them and that's especially dangerous when eaten by the littly's -

    Thanks Russell, that's a huge relief to have that aerated publically, they all NEED to know ~

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