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  • Hard News: The God Thing,

    I think everyone's missed the most important point in this blog. That "Kiwi" you tube. Just bloody brilliant mate.

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  • Hard News: Ihug: still screwed?,

    Agree with the above on paradise, I had the same problem & moved to iHug with the lure of the wired country connection (which I missed out on unfortunately...)

    But, given I was apparently "one of the few" people-yeah right- who needed to reconfigure their email client to be ever able to send/receive again, I was a little irritated to be told they don't support Thunderbird & that I should use Outlook 'cause "that's what most people use"

    Two words ihug. Supporting an email client as well used as Thunderbird is not difficult and besides, if I use Tbird, you should be able to tell me what sort of things I need to change to fix it myself, not just tell me you can't help.

    You guys are all tempting me to get around to sorting out a domain name for email & trotting off to another isp. Not that long ago ihug was the shining light in a battle against Telecom, now they seem to be well on par with them.

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