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  • Capture: Autumn, what autumn?,


    Nothing says autumn like lots of leaves in a puddle (unless it’s trumped by being caught in a squall before getting back to work because of taking too long to take photos of leaves in puddles).

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  • Speaker: The Brexlection,

    It’s like finding out United Future and David Seymour are the only people who agree with you.

    I think "NZ First and Don Brash" would be a better analogy, considering that United Future is a 1 MP party, and David Seymour is a current MP. Tony Blair hasn't been an MP since 2007.

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  • Up Front: I Never Been ta Borstal, in reply to steven crawford,

    My interpretation, is that it is about male assumptions of entitlement to sexual gratification, divorced of empathy toward the female involved.

    This. So much this. (Though "female" could be changed to "other").

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  • Legal Beagle: A war crimes inquiry; or…, in reply to Neil,

    Have Hager or Stephenson given any indication as to why their coordinates were inaccurate?

    The impression I get is that they knew the villages were in the northern part of the Tirgiran valley so assigned them to those two villages based on satellite pictures. However, they must've got the scale wrong, and the villages were further south and much closer together. The statement by the Afghan villagers' lawyers provides the actual names of the two villages that were incorrectly named in the book.

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  • Hard News: The long road to Hit and Run,

    And now the villagers' lawyers are saying "Tirgiran locals: ‘Tirgiran is not a village, and therefore “Tirgiran Village” does not exist’".

    Basically, the book was incorrect in identifying the location of the villages, which are actually both within the red area that NZDF identified as where Operation Burnham took place.

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  • Hard News: The next four years, in reply to John Farrell,

    I saw that too, and smirked, ... and then wondered.

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  • Hard News: Fear of Cycling,

    I reckon it's a symptom of bullying. They are not having a good life, so they make themselves feel better by picking on someone smaller than them (ie car versus bike). I don't understand how people can be so oblivious to their own behaviour, but there it is. I don't commute by bike, because my homeward journey involves risking my life travelling westward along Jervois Rd, with 2 narrow lanes, lots of cars, and some of them entering and leaving car parks and side roads (sometimes without indicating). The safest way is to take the lane (and I always get my speed up over 40kph when I do so), but the occasional car driver takes real exception to this. My life (and health) is precious to me, so I am not willing to risk it on a daily basis.

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  • Feed: World of Food 2: Albania (Kime Me Vez),


    Off to Albania this week. Your comments on frying onion was interesting, because for me it is almost the opposite. Many of my standard meals start with frying an onion, so the smell of frying onion is pretty much the smell of cooking dinner. It could be a habit that I've picked up from my mother, as she says that when we were little, and she suddenly noticed that my dad was about to get home, she'd quickly throw an onion in the pan so that when he walked in the door he would smell dinner cooking, which would give her time to get the rest of the meal sorted.

    You didn't state quantities, so for the four of us (2 teenagers, so effectively cooking for 6), I used 4 large brown onions, 4 cloves garlic, 4 level teaspoon paprika, 750gm beef, and six eggs. Instead of fresh tomatoes, I used a can of Watties Italian-style tomatoes (since Italy is closer to Albania than Morocco). With hindsight, it may have been better with 2 cans.

    You suggested serving with bread, so I served it on toast (Ploughman's Soy & Linseed to be precise), with a green salad on the side. It was a great variation of mince on toast, and the 10 minutes for the poached eggs was spot on (I checked after 8 minutes, and they weren't quite done).

    Thumbs up from the family, with three 7s and an 8, with the main criticism being it was a bit plain. Maybe could've done with more paprika and pepper to spice it up a little more.

    And this time I remembered to take a photo.

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  • Capture: Marshall Law,

    Attachment Attachment

    Enjoyed myself at The Mockers on Jan 20th. I was surprised by how few of their songs I really knew. But did end up with Trendy Lefties running through my head for a few days afterwards.

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  • Feed: World of Food 1: Afghanistan,

    Finally got around to making this meal for the family. My changes were :
    - Used Lamb shoulder chops, and cut the meat off the bone before cooking.
    - Used fresh spinach instead of frozen, but didn't need to add any extra water (but did leave it wet after washing it).
    - Used purple onions instead of yellow
    - No dill (or fenugreek)
    - and unfortunately, I forgot to add the yoghurt before serving.

    Served on brown rice, with broccoli and cheese on the side.

    Considering that spinach is not a vegetable that is ever purchased in this household, (I personally dislike it), the meal wasn't bad. The spinach taste didn't come through at all, and it was a nice stew. Ranked out of 10, was a 5 and three 6's. Miss found it a little too spicy (though not enough to warrant going to the effort of going the fridge to get the yoghurt).

    One down. 195 to go :- )

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