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    gender essentialism and oppositional sexism

    Oppositional-sexism makes good copy in our society. Be it ardent devotee Jeremy Corbett’s brain gig, our legislation, Paul Henry’s public ridicule,our advertising, our mythology, our education policies or our parenting, the media’s insistence on often heteronormaltive and cisnormative oppositional-sexism is omnipresent. Even amongst the the educated, essentialism rather than intersectionality still dominates our national discourse.

    Tuesday’s Nights’ Pundit was textbook oppositional sexism, the premise contingent on the listener delineating the genders into discreet sets, geared at a punter who may find this type of paring to be bias confirmational; breaking down stereotypes by perpetuating stereotypes as it were.

    At one point the host takes the interesting step of redefining the set from the conflated man/male to the more specific “bloke”, this may or may not have aided in strengthening the exclusionary thesis that banter is the domain of men/males/blokes while gossip is the domain of women.

    Rather than working on breaking down gender stereotypes in order to focus on equality, the listener is instead encouraged to keep filling up the same two boxes left by our predecessors.

    Sexism is by extension a narcissistic ideology, because one maintains their status (even subservient statuses) in society by supporting gender roles, enforcing gender stereotypes, and admonishing gender variance. The process is self-defeating because one must lie to themselves and engage in hypersexuality, (hyper-masculine and hyper-feminine) behaviors which undermines self-esteem by creating a self-concept basis that is not indefinitely maintainable. It’s like an addiction. You act the part, and are rewarded, but you must support or exceed in successive behaviors which increase the stress on you. Eventually the stress becomes to great that you can’t keep up the behavior, and thus experience the withdrawal of the social acceptance from gender stereotypical behavior.

    Obviously it’s RNZ so one can expect this form of framing to get a lot of air, and it’s not that any malice is intended, but it does remind me a lot of primary school.

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  • Legal Beagle: Suicide Reporting; or, The…,

    Police ‘default’ mental health service as attempted suicide call outs jump 30 per cent

    A 30 per cent jump in the number of attempted suicides handled by police is an indictment on New Zealand’s mental health system, the police union says.

    Police responded to just over 18,000 calls coded as “threatens/attempts suicide” across the country in 2015-16, up from 14,000 in 2012-13.

    Almost every region experienced an increase in such call outs over the last four years, with Bay of Plenty jumping 44 per cent and Auckland rising 16 per cent.

    Canterbury, Southern and Tasman reported increases of 40 per cent, 43 per cent and 36 per cent respectively.

    Attempting to make inquiries regarding the online services provided, the message above the Live chat widget at reads:

    We’re not available right now, but we’d love to chat another time. Leave us a message or try again during business hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-4.30pm). If this is an emergency, please call 111 or click on our ‘In Crisis?’ tab above for help.

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  • Legal Beagle: Suicide Reporting; or, The…,


    Bernadine Oliver-Kerby: New Zealanders need to openly talk about suicide

    Each year more than 500 New Zealanders take their own lives. Each year more than 2500 others attempt to take their own lives and fail.

    But is it really us as a nation who have failed?

    That would be classified. How many suicides were a response to disaster? How many were to escape domestic abuse? How many were a response to rape? How many were due to failings of our justice system? How many were a response to financial issues? How many were in response to bigotry and bullying? How many were a response to preventable trauma? How many were a response to family breakdowns? How many were an escape from illness and debilitating circumstances? what role might the breakdown of our health and mental health systems be playing? How many of these might be attributable to poor governance? What were the actual circumstances of 500 deaths per year? With scant data it’s easy to theorise.

    Rest assured, not a single one was an "ordinary hardworking New Zealander”.

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  • Hard News: The conversation they want to…, in reply to mark taslov,

    stitched up and raised as female

    kind of.

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  • Hard News: A cog in the Mediaworks machine,

    +HR=E’s replacement of the show that replaced Campbell Live kicked off with a hiss and roar; +HR=E* giving Michele A’Court free rein to express the much neglected* trans exclusionary perspective.

    Men don’t have to use these products at all, all women have to use them

    *This Transgender Man Is Showing People That Menstruation Isn’t Just a Female Thing

    *My Period and Me: A Trans Guy’s Guide to Menstruation

    *No mention of 300lb derelicts this time despite a familiar face.

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  • Hard News: Friday (Thursday) Music: Heavens,

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    women rape men

    aka mainstream comedy.

    Because males are horn dogs.

    and I don’t know

    I miss being seen as not a threat.

    Meatloaf has “man boobs” – otherwise known as boobs – and Trump has small hands…

    Because if pressed to pinpoint that one ‘not quite right thing’ about Donald Trump, whether in his policy platform, his disregard for institutional integrity, the bubblecious ignorance, his celebation of tax avoidance, the divisive campaign tactics, the capriciousness, the lies and abusiveness – most evident in his treatment of women and minorities – a sexual offender by his own admission, it’s the relative size of those small and very feminine rape tongs that sets him apart.

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  • Speaker: Broadcasting and the Public Interest, in reply to izogi,

    Thanks for your reply Izogi. While I’m here I should probably point out that in order to change the gender on a birth certificate in New Zealand Cynthia must have undergone medical treatment (not necessarily full reconstructive surgery). This is a substantive barrier for transgender people, derelicts like Cynthia included, not just in terms of the economics of finding and traveling to a suitable mental health practitioner, undergoing medical treatment and sitting on waiting lists but also for those denied treatment on the grounds that it may lead to health complications – issues that would most certainly be compounded for a 300lb derelict who likes to call himself Cynthia. This is why the police are misgendering Cynthia and why there is a possibility that Terry is presented as an appropriate cell mate.

    Medical intervention is no longer a requirement in world leader Argentina, nor is it a requirement in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Israel, Taiwan, Hungary, Denmark, Latvia, Italy, Malta and Ireland. Third genders are similarly legally recognised without the necessity for medical intervention in Bangladesh, Nepal and India. By contrast, New Zealand’s current discriminatory legislation remains at odds with Yogyakarta principle 3:

    No one shall be forced to undergo medical procedures, including sex reassignment surgery, sterilisation or hormonal therapy, as a requirement for legal recognition of their gender identity.

    It’s almost as if the long history of gender variant identities – from the fa’afafine to the takatāpui, from the Quariwarmi to the mukhannathun doesn’t predate New Zealand’s establishment or “medical interventions” by thousands of years.

    Though I’d still be concerned that if Cynthia were freely able to legally change her gender, then the cops would be scaring the women in their custody with rapey threats of a 300lb chick with a dick. Who knows…keeping with the programming.

    I’ll stop this here, sorry again for derailing your thread Dylan, I’ve been enjoying the discussion.

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  • Speaker: Broadcasting and the Public Interest,

    So you can imagine my bedazzlement when in the second episode:

    Pretty funny heh, widest audience? A man in woman’s underwear, for shame. The Effemimania is strong with this one.

    To think that of all the scandals that could ruin an Auckland mayor, it’s crossdressing that might just break the camel’s back. Parts of this clip appeared in the advertisements.

    And it’s not so much that NZOA funded it or TVNZ broadcast it (twice), or even that this kind of transphobia pops up in NZOA funded shows across the networks

    Jeremy Corbett: The following show is for adults only and contains bad language that may offend some people and there have been a lot of moves this week to ban all smoking on TV because when people see it on TV, it glamorises it making it cool and sexy, well we at 7Days have a plan to make sure that doesn’t happen [cut to shot of Paul Ego wearing a red bikini top]
    Paul Ego: [husky voice] What are you looking at? pervert. [flicks ash under bra, seductively pokes out tongue]
    Jeremy Corbett: That should do it.

    No. It’s more that somehow, from the writers, through the production staff, to the funders, among the crew and the actors, the editors, the TV producers and schedulers, no one thought to ask “Hey wait Terry Teo team or hey wait Seven Days team, why all the transphobia?”

    Heavy use of transgender artist Randa’s music doesn’t miraculously legitimise that. I’d like to know about what “public interest” actually means.

    My apologies for the tangent.

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