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  • Legal Beagle: Into the River/Interim Restrictions,

    Umm I've been a forensic psychiatrist for years, and no one ever said to me "I got this idea from a book".

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  • Hard News: The First Draft, in reply to Russell Brown,

    The comments on Edwards' Blog largely seem to imply that Campbell should have been polite considerate and respectful because Mr Ring had something to say. I call bullshit on that.
    I make my living interviewing people; often unpleasant people, deluded people and a fair smattering of charlatans and liars. What Edwards doesn't appear to appreciate is the effect of knowing something (or quite a lot) about the interviewee and how that influences the interview style. Charlatans mostly piss people off, particularly if they are seen to be exploiting misery, and I think that John Campbell reacted honestly to that. I would far rather have that style of journalism in my living room than a simpering, polite ,all views are equal approach. Personally, I think John did a great job of the interview and the follow up with some real scientists. More required.

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