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  • Speaker: Banking on a relationship, in reply to Stephen R,

    Yeah, I do the same. And I try to use my card as soon as I get home, so they know I'm back in NZ. And therefore that luxury handbag purchase in Hong Kong (not on my itinerary) can't be mine.

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  • Polity: Flaccid balloon, mite-ridden bees,

    Two simple things the government can do to make housing more affordable:
    1) Legislate to limit all foreign buyers to only purchasing new builds. That will bolster the market for new houses, which is what everyone agrees is the problem - we're not building them fast enough. If developers know they have a market segment guaranteed to them they will ramp up building projects. At present they have to 'compete' for the property investor dollar with existing stock.
    2) Legislate to rezone whole blocks in the CBD fringe as high density residential living, since council don't have the political will to make that hard decision (which is also why the govt won't do it either). You need to rezone whole blocks, not little pockets here and there, in order to (ultimately) get a decent design aesthetic. Pardon my privilege, but I have been to Barcelona and Paris and Brooklyn and seen great examples of high density neighbourhoods with pocket parks and six storey apartment buildings. With proper design controls (oh, there's that thing again: regulation!) we need not fear 'Hong Kong style slum towers' (which is a whole other subject, because HK also have lovely apartment communities)

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  • Hard News: About the King's Arms (updated),

    The SHA comprises two titles in Karaka Street, currently home to a gym, and the King’s Arms Tavern.

    It is entirely possible that the Urban Collective could build an apartment block on the site of the gym, and then wait for the residents to make numerous noise complaints about the KA live music. Obviously there would be a counter defence (‘we were here first, you shouldn’t have bought next to a live music venue’) but I suspect it will be a war of attrition and council will eventually make it difficult for KA to be a live loud music venue.

    At which point the site goes on the auction block. Maureen may not want to sell but eventually it will be sold. There is no guarantee UC will be the purchaser. I suspect they applied for the whole block just to strengthen their own position.

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  • Hard News: Dirty Politics,

    I think this allegation is the one that will have the most legs if pursued - since the public won't stand for it:
    "When she was Minister of Corrections Judith Collins appears to have had a prisoner transferred at Slater’s request, because a friend of Slater’s didn’t want her daughter visiting her imprisoned ex-partner and Slater arranged to have the man transferred to a more remote prison. The prisoner later attempted suicide".
    I know politicos will say other stuff is worse but Joe Public doesn't really care. But playing with people's lives is different.

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  • Up Front: It's Complicated, in reply to James Butler,

    I thought the law was “half your age plus 7”? That’s what my classmates at high school said.

    I thought that was the age limit for Cougars ‘prey’?
    (It doesn’t apply to men because regardless of her age, you’re still A Dirty Old Man)

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  • Random Play: Life in the New Republic,

    Another example of how the liberal media get it wrong (on purpose, no doubt):

    This new Bill will drop the age of sexual consent to 12 and permit children to be employed for 14 hour days without a meal break

    Nice try Graham, but I think you'll find they've only lowered the age of consent to 14, and they're only expected to work a 12 hour day without a meal break. I think that's somethiing we can all live with if it means the continued prosperity of our great nation.


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  • Cracker: Strike Nine (and counting),

    Discovering via the lifting of the order that Garrett has experienced mental illness takes the fun out of the meme a bit.

    But seriously, isn't it a common beef from SST that today's offenders all too often get off with the mental illness defense and rail against it? I'm all for giving Garret no quarter on this one.

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  • Cracker: Strike Nine (and counting),

    (And we've only got his word that he never used it)
    I'd presume if that was not correct, the (authorities) would have brought this up at the time of the court case

    Not necessarily true. He could have used the fake passport for fraululent purposes, and just not got caught. Maybe if his fake name was published any victims would come forward? But then that would cause more trauma for the family involved, who've probably got it tough enough already right now.

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  • Cracker: Strike Nine (and counting),

    people defending Garret need to ask themselves "What do people do with fake passports?". Invariably its because they want to defraud social welfare or a bank, or because they figure that one day they might do something that necessitates fleeing the country. We've all (guys, mostly) gone thru that phase as young adults when we think we're badd-ass and wonder "how hard could it be to...?" but we don't actually do it.
    (Disclaimer: in my case I dun a few tings, but I'm not seeking higher office)

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  • Hard News: Advertisements for diversity,

    cheers for that ... maybe they can make a new generic 30"??

    And since you're being helpful...

    Can you find out (or perhaps you've already covered it?) why TVNZ decided to put TVNZ6 & TVNZ7 onto the Sky platform, without getting Sky to reciprocate by putting Prime on Freeview?

    I understand the presure came from the Minister, but it seems it's another case of private companies running circles around govt bureaucracy. The govt made a significant investment in Freeview only to shoot itself in the foot by giving Sky it's unique programming without any quid pro quo.

    And can you get it sorted by the weekend? I'd like to record the Dr Who special on Sunday. ~ cheers.

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