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  • Hard News: The Next Act,

    Everything on tv IS product, sometimes cool, sometimes poor,sometimes entertaining,
    sometimes a bore,he found a formula,that pulled the punters, & held them,perhaps his major achievement, folk "buy" from whom they like !
    Most enjoy folk, that they identify with,whether its Paul Henry,Micheal Laws,John Campbell,Paul Holmes, or Russel Brown !
    I prefer a smogasboard, to absorb, the way the nation see's itself !

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  • Hard News: The Public Address 2012 Word…,

    Fresh green image !

    For the decade/year ?

    ironic,that it just keeps coming back,
    & its neither, fresh, or green !

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  • Hard News: Switched on Gardener: to what…,

    Soft targets are usually the target, the harder ones have the resources,to cover their backsides,& leave egg, on the face of the oppressors !
    If the country was run by smokers,smarter decisions, on a range of matters could prevail !

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Summer Live,

    To much boring rugby,hopeless cricketers, & past it & already seen bands,all charging more than their worth,
    sand & sea, have more appeal, if weather allows,
    or, plane trips, offer better value !

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  • Hard News: Triangulated by Fools,

    Wasn"t Fa Goff, Minister of Education,when Douglas & Lange fought over who was ACTUALLY running the show ? Isn't that when university fees, started, despite all the old Princess St branch, getting a free education, Fa Goff may well be a hard working local MP, but hey, that;s what he's paid to be,well, & with signifigant super,coming his way, on retirement !
    This govt leader & party have done just about everything to loose the next election,
    yet there appears little will to win from Labour, apart from platittudes & moans !
    Housing SOUNDS promising,but yea right, sums up,the likely hood of real action
    in there prospective first term !
    Where is the capital gains tax, to deter multiple home ownership, wealthy immigrants, sure see the easy money to be made currenty !

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  • Hard News: Party on, dudes,

    Good on yer mate, at least ur having a go, in the great kiwi tradition,
    ur've knocked the bugger off !

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  • Speaker: Key: Concession Not Recession,

    Public Address, can be relied on in breaking news & entertainment,
    cool when there mixed , even when its for the edificant, or the writer !

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  • Hard News: Before Lust,

    Teenage years growing up in Auckland,Rolling Stones at the Civic,,The Beatle Inn, & the
    Pow Wow club, all I care to say about,lust is, generous morality seems to be the great kiwi way, with more action than talk, & it don't seem to matter, if ya straight,bi,gay,trans,or just fem friendly, it NEVER been difficult to get lucky !

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  • Field Theory: Yellow wristband, White flag,

    Frankly, I don't don't care what professional entertainers do, to compete, I just wanna see the BEST compete,
    Sport is for the under 15 kids, no payments for them.
    All those competing in London, are professional athletes -entertainers,
    same for rugby, league, cricket, boxing , rowing, all of them are well paid entertainers,
    not that very different from Rock stars,politicians, or clergy,jounalists its a JOB,
    in my opinion, there is just too much hipocracy, & dishonsty, in the way
    most of the above, go about - their WORK, & the way they present !

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  • Up Front: Choice, Bro,

    Well I don't get why people would choose to join the military - anywhere !
    I don't really know -why folk would wanna marry,
    surely, its not a piece of paper, that means commitment, a will means ya stuff goes where ya choose !
    Aren't people more likely, to stay together, without legal compulsion, name change,
    civil union, or is it just "the religious & state approval".
    I just prefer a range of concurrent lovers, which seems to work well fro me !
    But , I guess life would be a bore, if we all saw the world in the same !

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