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  • Hard News: From Zero: Weed,

    Well thank you fishing village. firstly...for your jury service and naval gazing. thank you RB for gettn the last interview. Thanks Helen for "being there"...and special thanks to hon peter dunne, a one man party.... in a fishing village...and of course joknee coleman...for being a doctor

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  • Hard News: Meth houses and stigma,

    if one turns all this shit over with a pitch fork, as one should...there are folks who, with all due respect, will start targeting state houses to lick the walls to get a contact just as well many of them are empty...or it would be home much wall do i need to lick? its in the standard moron....but anyway..when the evangelical invade government agencies for a lack of commercial spunk, we are in deep trouble, lick away people at your state house...the micrograms will kill your child...and speaking of evidence...when did a zero tolerance policy backed by a MOH cock-up..eva count as a wiener?

    Cocks! all of you

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  • Hard News: Friday Music! It's us, as culture,

    probably, one of the best articles has promise of things to come, process and tame impala looking up princess street, as the evening they say on... BFM ..."totally"

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  • Hard News: Housing NZ keeps digging the…,

    I was just thinking,

    with an aging population and all,

    if we are burning more corpses, would their residue end up on a state house wall?

    kreemaychun...micrograms, all over the place, find land to bury them, its much safer!

    enjoy yur evening~

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  • Hard News: Housing NZ keeps digging the…,


    A zero tolerance policy, administered by the State, that sort of covers it all really.

    A zero tolerance policy, for micrograms amounts of an organic compound. If that was put to me, using the Health Departments Clan Lab Guidelines, I would stay in bed, never shake hands with any fucker and perhaps put myself under house arrest for the bloody fear, contained in a zero tolerance policy for mircograms.

    Of course meth and ecstasy are just a functional group different, phen-ethyl-amines.

    So what is phen-ethyl-amines...well they are a naturally occurring compound found in both the animal and plant kingdom. "It is an endogenous component of the human brain."


    "Any series of compounds containing the phenethylamine skeleton, and modified by chemical constituents at appropriate positions in the molecule."

    So there we have it a zero tolerance policy, to millionths of a gram on a state house wall, skeletons and brains.

    I searched carefully for the harm side of, and found meth to actually be a medicine, to assist ADHD Jonknee.

    Things get even more interesting with the racemate versions, you can have a the steroisomers, left and right versions if you will. It seems to be, although they are chemically the same, the receptors only like it one way round.

    "consumption of apples by children from birth to 5 months of age"

    well.... I take zero tolerance policy to that sort of published science....round the fuckers up...

    as Karl Marx said, its about 'economics' -silly...

    a HNZ concrete expert, and a construction guy, screen shots for a key word search...i feel quite ill at what we have become as a society.

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  • Hard News: Cannabis reform is not a…,

    major tom

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  • Hard News: Cannabis reform is not a…, in reply to Russell Brown,

    "We are not operating in a rational space."

    I thought it was about a mars shot, in a thin can...but anyway...some of that chyna steel can be rolled real make lite weight versions.

    Anyway, rational space....there is shit in the water, and we concern ourselves with a mars shot....a fight over scare resources would make me diagnose something ugly in ICD 10...

    anyway, fake acid, is a bit like, fake steel, and no test certificates! So that is why its a bloody real world health issue...and not a shot to mars in a thin can.

    I heard Helen Kelly made her way to Cuba on Checkpoint.

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  • Hard News: Cannabis reform is not a…,

    flag pole...I get it..the government was flagging in the poles...steel poles from chyna...with no test certificates...I suppose at the bottom of that a public health concern, I mean water-view steel strands, and 8 million liters of shit in a Fletcher tank, right on the Manukau harbor foreshore. How is it that a private company can alter steel standards? Health concerns in the neo liberal economy?

    I think we have a 5000 year relationship with the plant, it wasn't until, Uncle Sam got involved that there became a war on a plant.

    "And there is a difference between "promoting" a product that carries public health risks and not criminalising people who may be at risk of health problems that only an oaf would need explained."

    An oaf, - I kinda like that paragraph...probably would want to know why, a steel standard can be changed on the whim of a cheap deal.

    and speaking of steel, 10,000 tonnes going into a convention centre....skyshity exchanges steel, for gambling machines....seeing as Hon Dunne, a one man partea, said the government does not plan to change the law...and Joji Key says he is not a massive fan of drugs...I suppose its a bit like going to mars in a steel spaceship - full of shit.

    Nice article Russell.

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  • Hard News: "Meth contamination": the…, you mean the auckland property market was fed by meth?

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  • Hard News: "Meth contamination": the…,

    $20 million scam...and the rest...almost as much as a new flag expense...funterra...christ give me bank notes to lick...gib board...and a tripple wash...I want to drug test anyone who wants to utter a word to me!

    well cum to your car! Homeless people...thank god for plywood coverup

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