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  • Field Theory: The Black Sand, in reply to Sacha,

    I completely agree Sacha, my Iwi is from the Bay of Plenty. I'm particularly worried that containers are washing up at Te Kaha. It's where my Great Nana's family are from. Not many people go there, and if you are familar with the area, you'll know there are so many beautiful little bays all the way around that coast line. Some that are hard to access, some that are Tapu. If containers are making it there, then oil probably is too. These bays have caves, rock pools, they are teeming with life and they really don't get many visitors with only one road around that coast from Opotiki all the way to Gisborne. This coast line feeds many locals. I know there is going to be no way to clean the oil from many of these beautiful bays, and I wonder if many kiwi's will even know. It makes me want to cry.

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