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  • Hard News: Notes in My Pocket,

    As our legal currency, banknotes should not be defaced. Aiding, abetting, inciting Russell ?!

    "The Reserve Bank Act 1989 says that “No person shall, without the prior consent of the Bank, wilfully deface, disfigure, or mutilate any bank note.” A person can be fined up to $1,000 if caught defacing a banknote"

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  • OnPoint: Spending "Cap" is Fiscal Anorexia,

    Re: Baby Boomer Bashing

    While we debate a future problem, is "nature" geting on with fixing the problem.

    Have a look at the trendline of NZ births from Stats department at

    Charting it shows that shows births have been going up since 2005 and are now at levels last seen during boomer periods. We may have another baby boom underway.

    Maybe Stats hasn't yet caught up with the trend change and updated its projections ?

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  • OnPoint: Spending "Cap" is Fiscal Anorexia,

    @Greg Dawson 8:45

    Not intended.

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  • OnPoint: Spending "Cap" is Fiscal Anorexia,

    I am sorry I do not agree.

    While the point is not specifically about Keith--I have been a regular for a long time on this site to sense the tone.

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  • OnPoint: Spending "Cap" is Fiscal Anorexia,

    "....we probably signed some stupid UN conventions against the latter.." with respect to "...or if we got rid of a lot of old people... somehow.."

    A throwaway comment or the real attitude of PA participants to the older generation that surfaces periodically ? How are you different from John Key and his statement about NZF constituents during the tea party. And you wonder why NZF gets back into power?

    I made a post sometime back to highlight an underlying attitude that I sense among many PA members -- that the silent generation and baby boomers having had it good all the way are somehow the cause for all their current and future problems, are horrible people, and dispensible.

    I hope the debate continues. There were some good comments last time countering the predominant feeling.

    BTW I think I may be the typical PA age demographic or slightly older and have older family members I do not mind looking after. They did the best they could with whatever they got and they deserve some respect.

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  • Cracker: On the trail, pt 1.,

    "But as someone noted somewhere over the past week, when the babyboomers die off, do you think we could have it lowered again please?"

    So the ugly truth come out -- it is simply the young people wanting not to pay now when it is their turn and but standing in line again when it is their time.

    Bashing a particular group for having been born at a particular period in time and done the best they can by living frugally, brought you all up, and saved up some money to supplement their sickly super payments.

    Selfish bastards:

    1. You want baby boomer parents to support you when you keep "boomeranging" back home until you are still "growing up"

    2. You want baby boomer parents to pay off your student loan.

    3. You want baby boomer parents to help you with a deposit to buy "your" first home.

    4. You want the baby boomers to bequeath you their house when they die (rather than get married to some ditzy blonde younger than you and squirt it all away )

    And you want them to do all this while living on "tea and milk biscuits" because you do not like paying for their measly superannuation ?

    And you want it re-instated back when they die ?

    Sod off the lot of you. You think young people going to Aussie is a big problem ! Wait the the boomers decide to take their money elsewhere to spend.

    I am going to a country where I get treated with more respect and ---- SKI baby SKI.

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