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    Howdy, Dyan! I saw your comment linking to my blog, and found you here. Hope all's well.

    To those who find my New Zealand piece inadequate, I plead guilty. I wrote it back in 1995, and had never been to New Zealand. (I've still never been, alas, though I've spent a few hours in the Auckland airport.) What I knew about the scene came from scattered interviews, zines, a book or two, bits and pieces of things I'd picked up here and there. But the whole concept, as I say at the beginning, was to try imagine a place from afar, through its music. I advertise my own limitations pretty clearly. The piece was inaccessible for years after FEED magazine shut down, and I debated whether to put it up on my own site, because I didn't think it was all that great. But I decided it might be good for something.

    All that said, I'm a little confused by Simon's comment. I didn't describe "Nothing's Going to Happen" as a Flying Nun song. This is not a history of the Flying Nun label, though most of the music I talk about appeared there. And yet: I'm writing about the "big band" version of "Nothing's Going to Happen," which is indeed a Flying Nun song (from That's the Short & Long of It). So, either way, there you are. Thanks for reading, and apologies again for all I left out.

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