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  • Hard News: Paying for the storms to come, in reply to Russell Brown,

    The Herald has republished the post above

    Interesting (perhaps) that they did not include the link to the Vector outage map which is in your original.

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  • Legal Beagle: A Small Official…,

    Thanks for this Graeme,

    It would be nice if there was a process under which details like this could be tidied up, rather than having to depend on the whims of our Parliamentary Representatives. I suppose the trouble would be to establish the principles which might flag such 'oversights'. Since at least some part of our legislation does not even adhere to the principles of the Human Rights enactments of the UN, expecting our governors to establish democratic principles to restrain them from inappropriate actions might be wishing for the moon. And of course there's the temptation of a Constitution (oh, no!).

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  • Hard News: The hard road to a…, in reply to Sacha,

    For younger urban folk, frequent public transit services leave them free to connect online while they travel

    Agreed. I was merely pointing out that our country comprises more places worth travelling to than just its urban areas, and that some of the best of these non-urban places do not have, nor ever will have, "frequent public transit".

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  • Hard News: The hard road to a…,

    Kiwis and cars.
    Just to flesh this out a little, one of the special aspects of having a car is the freedom to get in and drive to wherever you wish whenever you wish without having to meet someone else's timetable or geographical constraints. I believe it would be a tragedy for the commons if the ability to move around the country at your own behest was to become privileged. That said, cars are quite the wrong solution to urban congestion.

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  • Hard News: Communications breakdown,

    Thanks Russell. This seems to be a not uncommon problem with CCOs. Auckland Transport appears to spend a lot of money on uniformative flyers telling us all about what they plan and implying a consultative process. But the reality is otherwise IMO. More typical of their attitude is the appalling electronic sign on Surrey Crescent, encouraging us to support local business, while notifying us of the road works along Richmond Road which have not only made the shops there very difficult to get to by those of us who need vehicle access, but also fail to mention that most of the parking adjacent to these shops is being removed by the works and no alternate is provided. Thanks guys. I could go on...

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  • Hard News: Local journeys on the cusp of…,

    Thanks Russell, great post and long awaited. Ever since getting the Auckland Transport leaflet about the various cycle options/upgrades I have been trying to get my head around the mess that the Waterview connection is going to create. At very least there needs to be traffic lights at the bottom of the Bullock Track, and a controlled right turn from Surrey Crescent onto Chinaman's Hill (westbound), otherwise the traffic from the inner western suburbs for the airport is gonna be a mess. And as you say, the Gt Nth Rd from Bullock to Motions is a nightmare now, and not going to get any better for anyone, but especially not for cyclists.

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  • Hard News: Up with the Pacer: embracing…,

    Hi Russell,
    Can you talk a little about regenerative electrics vs these ones? Are the penalties weight and cost or something else? And how big are those penalties? It just seems odd to me that with all the development that's gone into re-using the energy of braking, that bikes seem to not go there...
    (or have I got things mixed up?)

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  • Up Front: The Up Front Guide to Internet…,

    XKCD adds some humour to the situation...

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  • Access: Patients X, Y and Z,

    I mean it that it is part of the public service with all that entails. Shouldn't be working against the rights of citizens. This is a general comment about the legal system. It is not something above us all.

    I may be wrong, but I think Hilary has made a very profound point here. Perhaps someone trained in the philosophy of law(?) could comment? The three-way separation of powers (police, judiciary, parliament) are all meant to be working for the common good, aren't they? Which fairly clearly makes them part of the "public service". Yet this aspect seems to be ignored in much of their operation, especially the contention-based activities of the legal system, in which advantage is sought absent of any reference to the public good.

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  • Hard News: Media Take: Radio Radio,

    Hi Russell,
    Off topic somewhat. There exists in your suburb a chap whom even a baby boomer like myself would call _elderly_. Eric runs Reef Radio (106.7) a low power FM station, dedicated to those musical genres likely to appeal to his generation (now, sadly, almost invisible): jazz (up till bebop), 50s comedy tracks, musicals, the bland, the beautiful, the rare, the forgotten. Since becoming acquainted I have learnt that he has mates all over the country sending each other mp3s for broadcast to their few but loyal listeners.

    My point, if there is one, is that so much of our musical (and hence radio) heritage gets so quickly forgotten. Gordon Campbell reaches into the vaults occasionally, and Chris Bourke's _Blue Smoke_ series was a delight. But it's Eric and his ilk who play old Goon Shows every week. Hence this shout out.

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