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  • Hard News: Protecting privilege in Epsom, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Mark Richardson said:
    "I've worked hard all my life and I've put my nuts on the line. I've tried to optimise every opportunity, I screwed myself to the wall to get into the eastern suburbs of Auckland."

    It makes his opinions even less relevant - how can we trust anything he says if his goal is to optimise every opportunity to make money for himself rather than speak from the heart. Who knows what he'll say if the money is right.

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  • Hard News: Budget 2018: The broadcasting…, in reply to Tinakori,

    Of course a senior administrator and leader is being obstructive if he dumps his minister in the shit repeatedly. He could have done everything in a diplomatic way but he chose to go nuclear.

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  • Hard News: Budget 2018: The broadcasting…,

    My immediate reaction was that they are holding back the money until Richard Griffen leaves - 'cause why reward him when he's been particularly obstructive.

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  • Up Front: The Real Victims, Here,

    In a "This American Life" "act", a woman confronts her (real life) troll to find out why he was so horrible to her. He had put in quite a lot of effort to find a way to hurt her - it wasn't just random nastyness.

    In the recording he sounded like he was an ok guy. Mostly he explained it away that she was happy and happy with who she was (which included being fat) while he was alone and unhappy.

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  • Legal Beagle: On citizen’s arrests; or…, in reply to Graeme Edgeler,

    Suppose you are driving a car with a child on board and a driver nearly wipes you out and that driver gives you the finger i.e. there was some degree of carelessness or perhaps it was even intentional. Can you make a citizens arrest then?

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  • Hard News: Public Address Word of the…,

    I have no word but ... it seems like 5 minutes ago we were doing this - what happened to the year.

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  • Hard News: Harkanwal Singh: What really…, in reply to WH,

    Actually the older cohorts aren't that well placed either... if they live in Auckland.
    See this analysis by Thomas Lumley on Stats Chat

    home ownership flattens off from 45 in Auckland (first lot of graphs).

    In the third lot of graphs, after about 45ish people in Auckland in the same age cohort are less likely to own a home as they grow older i.e. the lines are sloping down in the first plot of the third lot of graphs, a little but not much for the rest of NZ.

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  • Hard News: Harkanwal Singh: What really…,

    Harkanwal Singh did the analysis for "Top source countries for migrant workers are not Asian "
    By looking at arrivals of people with work visas but ignoring people applying for work visas while here.

    I think pretty much everyone can get blinded if their analysis shows them what they want. It's hard to step back and ask "is this the truth of the matter".

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  • Hard News: Memories of the news,

    The earliest - Norman Kirk's funeral but not from the news but because we could see his entourage going to airport.

    1976: John Walker winning gold in Montreal and watching it with my mother as we both jumped up and down with excitement. Mum had been a teacher and had got Peter Snell to come to her school so she had a fondness for runners.

    And Idi Amin as a bogeyman, not for any specific news.

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  • Hard News: Media Take: The selling of…,

    Glenn Jameson, said:
    >>> Mr Pledger...

    mpledger said:
    >>... my correct appellation is Dr in the professional setting and Mrs in
    >> the public. But then I am not surprised you got it wrong.

    Glenn Jameson, said:
    > Dr Mpledger, you'd do well to check your own hysterical umbrage.
    > Expecting someone to deduce you're a woman without displaying
    > a first name, with an avatar of Mr Potatohead, is most
    > unreasonable.
    > Perhaps you should reread what Hillary wrote. She interpreted the team
    > in the five-legged race as "disabled" and the half-ethnic running team
    > in blue running past them as "an obvious representation of Social
    > Darwinism." Calling that hysterical umbrage isn't ad hominem;
    > it's prima facie! :)

    It's a full ethnic running team. Or do you believe only people other then European NZers have ethnicity?

    And I am purposefully ambiguous about my gender identity so that I don't have to deal with the misogyny (as witnessed in your posts) that comes out when I (or others) identify as female.

    And I don't think it's unreasonable to expect that a person posting might be female - females, after all, are the largest population group.

    Hillary has made a study of eugenics in NZ as well as disability and disability policy. If she can spot that propaganda echoing across time in your ad then I would say she knows what she's talking about.

    Whereas you seem totally oblivious to the "othering" you dish out towards people who aren't like you. It's no wonder you don't get it.

    (As this isn't a professional setting you can refer to me as Mrs.)

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