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  • Hard News: The Waterview Bore, in reply to Russell Brown,

    thats my understanding too. there's also discussion in the district 30-year plan about a further walkway extension along the coastline up the west side of waterview (although no timeframes).

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  • Hard News: The Waterview Bore,

    i live at the top of waterview just off great north road and drive through the construction zone to work every morning. from my point of view while enormous, the construction itself hasn't actually been massively disruptive so far. from what i can tell of the plans, i'm expecting the impact of the work once completed to be positive. and the construction team has obviously put a lot of effort into reducing the impact on residents as much as possible, and the reparation work in extending the parks etc. has been pretty good too.

    i'm actually quite interested in the associated work to widen the north-western past great north road and raise the motorway across the marine causeway. i'm hoping that will actually ease congestion leaving the city in the evenings, and reduce the threat of motorway flooding when water levels increase during severe weather events.

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