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  • Hard News: The next four years,

    delve too far into finding out what being guillotined might feel like

    I’m not sure how to approach that. Have a look at the video if you’re interested in learning about people’s experiences of veridical perception. It indirectly addresses the point I think you’re making.

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  • Hard News: The next four years, in reply to steven crawford,

    I wouldn’t go as far as calling it scientific evidence though.

    Like many of the researchers in this field, Moody is a doctor, but the questions around how you collate personal experiences to create data are interesting ones. While Moody states that the information he’s collected isn’t offered as proof of a particular interpretation I think he’d say he’s collected important evidence.

    There are some patient accounts of veridical perception provided in the book. NDE patients often report seeing their body from above and have described conversations and events that took place while they were unconscious or clinically dead and have given their doctors detailed accounts of the medical procedures that were used to revive them.

    I’ve had a few near death experiences such as y’do at sea.
    So I’m keeping an open mind about the after life

    I think that’s a pretty sensible stance.

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  • Hard News: The next four years,

    The near death experience is one of the most famous and compelling lines of evidence for the ongoing existence of the human spirit. Modern interest in the phenomenon was rekindled by Raymond Moody’s 1975 bestseller Life After Life. In the course of collating and summarising around 150 NDEs, Moody writes:

    What has amazed me since the beginning of my interest are the great similarities in the reports despite the fact that they come from people of highly varied religious, social and educational backgrounds. (p.24)


    The question naturally arises whether any evidence of the reality of near-death experiences be acquired independently of the descriptions of the experiences themselves. Many persons report being out of their bodies for extended periods and witnessing many events in the physical world during the interlude. Can any of these reports be checked out with other witnesses who were known to be present, or with later confirming events, and thus be corroborated?

    In quite a few instances, the somewhat surprising answer to this question is, “yes”. Furthermore, the description of events witnessed while out of the body tend to check out fairly well. (p.64)

    The book is available on digital loan from Auckland Public Libraries if you’re interested.

    An extensive literature has developed around this subject and you can find a range of material in the usual places, but this is an 2016 IANDS conference presentation by Laurin Bellg, an ICU physician who has incorporated this aspect of her patients’ experiences into her practice.

    This isn’t really a joke. Don’t get involved in the occult.

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  • Hard News: The next four years,

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  • Hard News: The next four years,

    There shouldn't be a Chinese military base in the South Pacific.

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  • Speaker: The crisis is all around us,…, in reply to FletcherB,

    She repeatedly misled her board superiors by stating to them that a requested in advance and diarised meeting, just happened as a chance event?

    I don't think we needed to lose Carol Hirschfeld's expertise.

    There's something that's happened I can't tell you about. It'll come out in due course and we'll talk honesty and integrity again then.

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  • Speaker: The crisis is all around us,…, in reply to Joe Wylie,

    Thanks for the link - I hadn't known of Gordon Bick.

    I don’t mean to understate the importance of the nexus between Government and the media but wonder whether the relationships of real influence are being submerged and trivial matters overplayed in this particular instance.

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  • Speaker: The crisis is all around us,…,

    I understand the sensitivity of political interference in national broadcasting but I’m a little confused about why Carol Hirschfeld lost her job.

    I’ve read that there are various protocols in place but it’s difficult to see how this kind of transparency facilitates neutrality given that the RNZ CEO is a political appointee and ministerial influence over the portfolio is overt.

    If this was 1968 or if we were Cool Britannia this would have been handled differently and no-one would have been made to resign. It’s a storm in a teacup.

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  • Hard News: The next four years,


    This is a photo of Albert Einstein, his wife and Gene Dennis – a well known American psychic. The photo was taken in 1932. Einstein told the New Republic that:

    [Dennis] told me things no one possibly could know, things on which I have been working, and she demonstrated to me that she has a power to do things I cannot at this time explain. Now, I must tell some of my colleagues about this. It was miraculous indeed.

    Maybe you’re right Andin. The world’s not a perfect place.

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  • Hard News: The next four years,

    So… Rex Tillerson has been fired just as Trump prepares to meet Kim Jong-un to discuss the future of the Korean peninsula… I call on Trump to resign the presidency and to thereby end this humiliating farce.

    The Arab Weekly has an interesting article on witchcraft in Iraq:

    The phenomena of magic, superstition and belief in supernatural creatures — jinns — have become widespread and popular amid the lawlessness of post-2003 Iraq. The practitioners of the dark arts prey on people who have family, social or financial troubles with the promise of quick solutions.

    “Oum Aya” claims to be a certified astrologist from a specialised Egyptian institute. She does not hide her activities, practising them at her luxurious home in Baghdad’s posh al-Waziriya neighbourhood. Her clients are from all different socio-economic backgrounds and include politicians and government officials.

    “They (politicians) are mostly interested in preserving their posts and seek (magic) assistance to stay in their (lucrative) functions as much as possible,” she said, noting that she was most solicited during election time with candidates visiting her to increase their chances to win parliamentary seats.

    This is an interesting article about Ne Win, the Burmese dictator who deposed Prime Minister U Nu in 1962 by coup d’etat having decided that “parliamentary democracy was not suitable for Burma”:

    Devoted to numerology, astrology and yadaya – a form of Burmese ritual magic that draws heavily on those two disciplines – Ne Win’s decisions were guided not only by politicians, generals and civil servants, but by soothsayers. […]

    Writing in Perfect Hostage: A Life of Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma’s Prisoner of Conscience, Justin Wintle recalls that when a soothsayer warned the dictator that he risked assassination, Ne Win would stand in front of a mirror and shoot his image with the revolver he kept at his side. When warned of a bloodbath, he was advised stand in front of the mirror and trample on dog entrails or in a bowl of pig’s blood to simulate the carnage.

    The use of dog entrails was no coincidence either, whenever he travelled the country (whether in a fleet of helicopter or vast armoured motorcade of jeeps and limos) he would have all the stray dogs in the location slaughtered by his men prior to his arrival. His soothsayer had told him to steer clear of dogs, especially ones with crooked tails.

    Other stories recounted by visitors to the country include Ne Win ordering a pilot to circle around his birthplace while he sat in the plane on a wooden horse, stepping backwards onto bridges or walking around the streets of Burma’s capital Rangoon at night dressed as a king.

    Perhaps the most bizarre, evocative and downright ghoulish story surrounding the dictator is that he bathed in the blood of dolphins which he believed would keep him young, like some surreal Burmese answer to Countess Bathory.

    Witchcraft is more prevalent and more dangerous than you think it is. Don’t get involved in the occult.

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