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  • Yellow Peril: Asian Angst: is it time to…,

    And you have your scalp:
    North & South editor Langwell resigns

    Congrats to all involved.

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  • Hard News: Unusual Democracy,

    probably political suicide though...
    no probably about it.

    The same is said for spending on roads. I don't get why people believe either of these let alone keep repeating them like a mantra?

    As Marcus says if you can afford (and think its a good idea) to drive a gas choking 4wd to your holiday home or from your lifestyle block to Auckland's CBD you are very unlikely to be a Labour inclined voter.

    The ability to prevent negative losses from rental properties being set against a person's other income is a tax rort that needs to end. Ending tax rorts should be something that fits exactly with Labour's rationale for being.

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  • Speaker: Part 21: You're wondering now,

    Anyone know where one can watch the semi final tonight in Wellington? The game being on Anzac Day and all?

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  • Auckland City of Cars -- Part 3,

    For those interested there is a petition to electrify the Auckland network due to be presented prior to this years budget:

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  • Southerly: By Popular Demand: Another…,

    Absolutely bloody brilliant.

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  • Hard News: That's Entertainment,

    I suspect that people who install ad-blocking software have no intention on clicking on web adverts - so the benefits are two-fold: they don't have to see the ad, and you don't have to waste resources serving it.

    Most major websites (NZ Herald, Yahoo etc) make most of their money by ad views not by clicks. You also still waste resources serving a person content if they do not view the ads and thus do not contribute to the revenue of the site. Not a big deal if you run a blog but a bigger one if you are youtube I imagine.

    hence my unanswered question about blocking pop-ups..

    Fundamentally I don't see pop-ups as any different, though they do annoy people far more. Every form of content has a relative limit to how much it can annoy its users, e.g. how many mins of ads per hour of tv. Thank Google AdWords for getting rid of most of the pop-ups round the internet by giving publishers a better option.

    But you make a statement when you place a large ad atop your site

    I made the same point on PA System a few days ago about the header, personally I would place the top leaderboard ad below the PA header. As you say though each publisher gets to design their site the way they

    Personally I hate ads, but they are means to a valuable end, a diverse content rich internet.

    PS: whats sleep? ;)

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  • Hard News: That's Entertainment,

    Advertising is not, yet anyway, compulsory viewing.

    And neither is any website. If I had the option to block users with ad-blocking software from seeing my sites I would. It is a quid pro quid that I do not think is unreasonable.

    Sure I block TV and almost all forms of advertising consciously as well. Subconsciously though, the ads still work as I pick up on anything that is relevant to me as I am sure after enough repetition most people do. Something that can't happen if the ads are blocked wholesale via an ad-blocker.

    Mostly, we are talking about one-man bands as they produce much of the web's niche content. What's wrong with letting them cover some costs or even earn some money from it?

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  • Hard News: That's Entertainment,

    ad? what ad?

    oh yeah. firefox adblock. niiice.

    Bragging about this to a content producer is a bit like bragging about stealing their lunch. If everyone used ad blockers there wouldn't be much of an internet worth viewing. Something to think about.

    In a more general sense, I've always been surprised that ads on the internet actually make people any money. After years of working in the IT industry and using the interwebs my brain scans web pages

    You would be surprised just how lucrative internet ads can be. A single click on a Google text link in my experience can be worth between $US0.03 to $US2+. Average click through rates vary between 0.5% to 5%.

    Just checked
    for Feels like an accomplishment to be blocked, as is public address :)

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  • Hard News: That's Entertainment,

    Sorry Sebastian, as a content producer I always get annoyed with people who expect quality content but not only don't want to pay for it but can't even avert their eyes from a few ads.

    The internet does not produce zero-cost content, someone has to spend their limited time to produce it. Thus I consider it a privilege to view a quality web site for free not my inherent right. If someone wants to cover their costs or even get some reward for their effort, good on them.

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  • Hard News: Bad men,

    You should place the top leader board ad below your site header as it looks kinda weird being the first thing you see. To me it needs framing in your site not drifting above it like a geocities ad or something

    Good luck on the ads, there's good money to be made in advertising backed web sites these days.

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