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  • Hard News: Friday Music: The mixtape and…,

    Yeah, we got form here….

    Being an early adopter of portable music (owning a WM2 blew my mind). I wanted music my way and started mixing tapes. Then I wanted to be a DJ and started investing hard in Disx and Dex in the early 80’s. Check out the dance charts for the time and one of us clearly wasn’t ready for the other. My mantra was anything but Radio one, my biggest problem was not really hearing or indeed grasping what people wanted to dance to. I remember some very bleak evenings trying to DJ in the Lounge at the local Pub or Social Club. Okay, I really was a bit shit at it. However, rather oddly, people would steal my workout mixtapes from the sport centre where I trained. Having found out that some of the thieves were class instructors; I briefly ended up being paid more as a workout tape curator than I ever made as a DJ. The years have come and gone but I still train and still curate playlists for myself and others to train to (I use Windows Media Player BTW.). At my local gym I still get a kick out of being Shazammed. Some high points:

    The cueing arm on my record player broke and the matchstick I was using gave way when it was set to auto-return and I was recording a tape I still have. You can hear Smash it Up by the Damned come to an end the thud of my feet before a flying leap - just as you hear the Ziiiiip of the stylus across by beautiful Red vinyl edition. I left the sound of the stylus in and followed it with Motörhead’s Bomber on Blue vinyl-only my clothes had to be Black.

    Managing to create a “business time” mixtape that contained The Coasters - Along Came Jones.

    The IMHO quite beautiful sleeve notes (inspired by Joy Division’s “Closer”) which I created for a CD called “Plumbum”, given to the beautiful lady who still agrees to be my wife.

    But, the highest honour went to a tape that wasn’t made by me, instead by my friend Mark Esper - a collage of David Sylvian Secrets/Ambient stuff and soundbites from art movies such as Wim Wender’s “Wings of Desire”. To my great regret, I lost that one never to be recovered or reproduced.

    Yeah we all have form here.

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  • Hard News: More than a bang on the head,

    i) I wish they would leave Doug alone he's a decent bloke doing a good thing.

    ii) My principle point of concern is that many of those involved in the decision making process around concussion have no direct experience of the modern game as it is played at school and club level. The players are far fitter/faster (more collisions), stronger (greater force) and the structure of competition means they play more often (more collisions). Given that the effects of CTE are cummulative if you are worried about those 40+ now. Then be somewhat concerned about this problem moving down the age groups.

    iii) Even the mildest of memroy deficits can make your life f**king miserable; standing in a room uncertain about why you are there is not funny on a day to day basis.

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  • Hard News: So what now?, in reply to Craig Ranapia,

    @craig you beat me by minutes.......

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  • Hard News: So what now?,

    At the very least, those who advocate intensification need to carry the existing residents of the areas planned for intensification.

    Okay hands up who knows where the most recent piece of urban intensification is in Takapuna?

    That'll be The Poynton all five storeys of it.

    The Poynton is a premium retirement village, situated in the exclusive coastal communities of Takapuna and Milford, on Auckland’s North Shore.

    Does this count as ironic?

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  • OnPoint: Yeah nah, but what *do* we…, in reply to Rochelle Wilson,

    Charles is among other things Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall, two of the poorest parts of Great Britain. Shame he isn't such a passionate advocate for people.


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  • OnPoint: Yeah nah, but what *do* we…,

    I let Mr. 7 guide me in the first ballot and may yet do that again, it’s going to be his flag really, not mine.*

    As a twelve year immigrant and “professional Welshman” I have a flag of my own, that I have yet to relinquish.

    The debate about New Zealand is urgently needed and should always have come before any flag. The last class photo including my wee man definitely placed him in the minority, which I believe would come as a shock to many here on the North Shore.

    As for Waitangi day, New Zealanders should debate, celebrate and remember as they wish. As far as I can see the treaty is a living document and part of an ongoing debate. On the one hand things can and always should be better (no Maori shouldn’t need to be grateful). On the other hand, looking at Canada, Australia, and even my beautiful Wales, the New Zealand approach seems to me to be unique and in some respects more successful. So perhaps new Zealanders should at least pause briefly to celebrate the ability to do it their way and the extraordinary grace that must have been extended in order to bring this about.

    So my vote would perhaps have gone to a flag that reflected the graciousness and originality that New Zealand is capable fostering.

    BTW. The Welsh Flag represents a principality, which is apparently why no part of it appears in the Union Jack. With this in mind I’ll have a chat with my people if NZ ever wants to borrow it ;-)

    *He picked Red Peak

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  • Hard News: Bowie,

    "I had to phone someone so I picked on you. Hey, that's far out so you heard him too"

    Tonight I'm okay with being a lyric bot. Other stuff not so much.

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  • Hard News: Cheers,

    Cheers to you too RB. Not all wins are measured in cash, think of what a long way some of us have come since the start of system. Wish I had time to explain the scope of influence and goodness that comes from this.

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  • Hard News: The Police Ten 7 State,

    This is not me thread-jacking but compare the destructive transparency and relentless scrutiny of schools with how the Police are treated.

    “While national curriculums and tests have been introduced since 2000, results are not published, there are no league tables, and so schools are not constantly worried about their reputation. It is less target driven,”

    From the Guardian:

    The great German school turnaround

    P.S. You get the value of good editing when you try and put education in the title....

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  • Up Front: Fringe of Darkness,

    what it means is that you have to “go there”, as much as it hurts or confronts or shocks you, instead of sweeping the past under the carpet and let it rot there until it becomes toxic waste.

    Anke, Emma -

    Perhaps I should emphasise the flipside a little. Quite importantly those who are prepared to "go there" and take on such burdens and obstructions on behalf of others bring great hope that the future will be better. That matters.

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