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  • Hard News: Fix up, young men,

    straw poll: whom of the men on this thread regard te patriarchy and rape culture as an external problem, something Other People (men) do/perpetrate? and whom regard it as something both external and internal, that patriarchy is something that has been instilled in them, in ways they may or may not even see/understand, that it's inside their heads and the struggle starts there?
    i dunno if it's an exact analogue but decol 101 says the coloniser has reached inside of our minds and that is the place to start the work.

    also, my first music fest was mountain rock 1996. my best friend was raped there. every music festival i've ever been to - BDO, the gathering, splore, any genre, any crowd type - i have seen abuse, harassment and assault of women. when i was young and stupid i took part in it, other times i called it out. sometimes i behaved terribly against my friends. other times i leapt to their defence. i'm still close to some of my people from back then, others not so much. this shit aint new, but it is complicated.

    amongst all the other excellent tactics, strategies and suggestions (which the men here seem to be largely relying on the women to supply - this in itself is suggestive of something), i suggest this one: check yo'self. we (te mens) are all part of the problem, i think until you can admit that you can't really be part of the solution

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  • Hard News: Holiday Music: Pop TV Lives, in reply to Russell Brown,

    does anyone remember the 89/90 nye music show, i think it was titled ‘and finally this’? a very young very long haired robert rakete was one of the hosts and they had a giant neon ice cream sundae sculpture – pressing the cherry on top caused a racey (for the times) video to play. one of these included a live recording of a plasmatics song in which the frontwomyn sledgehammers and blows up a gto whilst wearing a leotard backwards with large pieces of duct tape over her nipples. robin thicke, so old hat

    we had a vhs of it i watched semi regularly until well into the 90s, but i ’ve since lost track of it and can’t find the show anywhere on the interwebs. it was gold i tells ya

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  • Hard News: Tooled Up for Food,


    but when im being lazy i use my grandmothers 1970s era kenwood chef… here teamed up with my favorite blade, Te Hiatoto - so named because the first time I used it i lost a large chunk of me left index finger nail

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  • Hard News: Tooled Up for Food,


    i got my great-grandmothers hand-mincer made by husqvarna - just like the one pictured. it's almost 100 years old and still minces paua with the same way it did when i was kid growing up at aramoana - only with the application of arm-breaking effort. which (along with a hua or two) makes paua fritter tastes better

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  • Speaker: How the Key transcription gaffe…,

    "In 140 characters there is little room for dissembling or prevaricating either."

    only if one seriously lacks in imagination

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  • Hard News: The Wellington Cables,

    Here's a link that IMHO conclusively supports Neil's work here of late.


    I’m kind of glad the SST is taking the tabloid approach

    Really? I think the tabloid aspect of the stories coming out of the cables are a. boring (ok that Dagestani wedding cable was fascinating, but US State Dept pays for journalists to travel... *yawns*) and b. annoying distractions that actually lowers the credibility of the whole exercise.

    Of course. It had celebrities in it.

    And some celebrities from rival news organisations to boot. I hope the 2nd round of releases has something more insightful. I'd love to know, for example, what the US embassy thought of the colonial government's 1st domestic foray into the 'war on terror'

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  • Hard News: Wikileaks: The Cable Guys, in reply to chris,

    e Chris, i tahae koe i tērā whakatauki mai i te māori pea? SNAP! hei aha, he whakatauki pono hei katakata au! :-) en'ari, he aha te honotan'a mai i te you-tube clip ki n'a whiti whakatūpato? kore e kitea

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  • Hard News: Wikileaks: The Cable Guys, in reply to Ross Mason,

    Had you SIS file delivered to you yet???

    i aked for mine. didnt get. got a lovely letter from Dr Tucker in lieu though. its quite poetic in the mode of baroque-bureacratic. allow me to quote a few lines:

    ...i can neither confirm nor deny
    the existence or non-existence
    of the information
    you have requested...

    on a another note, the speculation about Assange's alleged rape(s) and/or cia conspirationalising is getting a little tiresome. perhaps someone round here with the big stick of moderator privilege would consider setting up a thread specifically for those who wish to indulge in wild conspiracy theories/hysterical rapist accusations? then this thread could continue as a discussion of the content of the cables? with errant comments being deleted or redirected to the appropriate ghetto? Just a suggestion

    Nga mihi nunui ki a ratou for linking to cables and articles of interest, i am enjoying lurking round here for those

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  • Hard News: What we have really lost,

    Ko Mataatua te waka i hoea mai nei, ka poua te hoe ki te Moana a Toi, piki ake kake ake te mauna Pohatu, hiko iho ki te awa Ohinemataroa, tu mai te iwi o Ngai Tuhoe! Kua tau te Hamua ki Waikirikiri.

    No Ruatoki au, enari kaore au i te mohio etahi on nga kaiwhakatuma. Kei hea nga kaiwhakatuma? Kei hea o ratou pu? Kei hea o ratou kaupapa whawhai? kore, kore me kore ano. Kaore au i te mohoi nga kaiwhakatuma. Engari, mohio au nga kaiwhakawatea o Tuhoe - oku whanaunga me oku hoa hoki. Kaiwhakatuma? Clowns? Horekau!

    (You create a false distinction Russel in your ill-informed analysis of Op 8 and Tuhoe - it may surprise you to know many of the people caught up in the raids are involved in the negotiations, yep a number of those 'dangerous clowns', far from being marginalised are part of the TKaT team or support them in some way. Many are pillars of the community, others are not - but Op 8 bears little weight on how we relate to our own peoples. And I speak as someone who lives on the inside of both the Op 8 injustices and the negotiation process).

    Ko te mea tuatahi: ki etahi o nga tangata ki konei, kia ora mai mo ou kupu tautoko ki Tuhoe. Tena rawa atu.

    @ Gareth Ward: haha, ae pono! Kei te whakaae au ki tera, kua rongo au he double standard, pea?

    Ko te mea tuarua: Ko au ko Te Urewera, ko Te Urewera ko au. Ka haere mai he kawanatana pakeha, ka haere atu he kawanatana pakeha, ka haere mai ano. Tu tonu te iwi Ngai Tuhoe, ake ake ake.

    Heoi ano
    na Te Manukura

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  • Yellow Peril: Are you gonna liberate us…,

    Kia ora Span,

    Manakura, on the issue of raising the lack of women, I've been doing this out there on the other nz pol blogs for quite some time now and doing so buys a whole world of trouble most times

    As most here know I'm all for the lone voice howling against the majority, but in my last post I was thinking of something a little more co-ordinated. Nothing complicated or time consuming just gathering together all that have the inclination to start methodically working towards a more equitable blogsphere... goddamn I hate that word.

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