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  • Hard News: On joining the international…,

    There is another event coming up which explores some of this with Dr Cornel West and someone called Douglas Murray whom I’ve never heard of.

    I would rather hear just West talking about his work ( on class and race) plus his musical work with Bootsy Collins, Prince and others but this event does look like it provides a more considered format / forum for some of what has been discussed in this post. Event is presented by AUT and Loop.

    Cornel West

    Also that earlier comment comment up the thread nails the dilemma here. Thanks Neil.

    "pointing out it’s a lie can paradoxically make things worse."

    I read “Once Upon a Time in Russia” by Ben Mezrich a few years ago and that also provides some context to the background forces at work.

    P.S below Freedumb (feat: Dr. Cornel West)

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  • Hard News: On joining the international…, in reply to Paul Campbell,

    Thanks Paul - I got that. Just wondering how best to do it without validating them in some way.

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  • Hard News: On joining the international…,

    My concern is that even noticing them gives them a bigger platform than they should have. Difficult to articulate but I don't read certain columns in the Herald for exactly the same reason.

    Ignore them and hope the numbers drop off but reactionary clickbait seems to be an end in itself?

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  • Hard News: They want to blow it all up,

    Tantrums and chaos is the strategy and really that is not a strategy at all.

    Blowing up a treaty with Iran because it was an Obama thing at the same time as making nice with North Korea is bizarro world.

    I recently watched the Bourdain episode shot in Iran. Parts Unknown - Season 4- 7. It is remarkable. The locals know the difference between rhetoric and and their daily lives. A vast population in many ways being held to ransom by a small minority who do want to blow things up.

    I'm not sure if we have ever had such a global tantrum circus amplified for this long ever. At one level the media is transfixed because it is all so absurd however this is not helping anyone.

    Purposely conflating "illegal imigrants" with asylum seekers or other kinds of immigrants is disturbing in all kinds of ways.

    How anyone can justify selling billions of arms to Saudi Arabia so they can crush a distressed nation to the South of them I don't know. Where to even start unravelling some of that?

    I wonder if tantrum control measure are in place in the white house. How does one deal with a adult who behaves like that? I wish I knew the answer.

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  • Hard News: I Am: An authentic autism…,

    Thanks for the heads-up will look out for this programme. The longer I stay on this planet the more interesting it gets. We are all extraordinary and being able to get more insight from a well shared view is a great thing.

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  • Hard News: Bourdain,

    A great interview Russell. Thanks for that. It is clear that Bourdain had great lodes of shared experience and empathy with many of the people and situations he wrote about. From what I've seen he captured the wider context in a way that illuminated and respected all of the players.

    I have been watching the "parts Unknown" series and the same empathy and connection is very clear through out.

    Sad he is gone but we can still read / watch much of his work and appreciate him and our fellow travellers just a little bit more.

    I found this New Yorker Preventable Tragedies over the weekend.

    "There is another factor that should not be underestimated. On a national stage, we’ve seen an embrace of prejudice and intolerance, and that affects the mood of all citizens. My psychoanalyst said that he had never before had every one of his patients discuss national politics repeatedly, in session after session. Now there is a continuous strain of anxiety and fear from one side, and brutality from the other. "....
    "At the moment, many people’s vulnerability is exacerbated by the unkindness manifest in each day’s headlines. We feel both our own anguish and the world’s. There is a dearth of empathy, even of kindness, in the national conversation, and those deficits turn ordinary neurosis into actionable despair."

    Thanks again for the interview and thanks AB for the many shared experiences and the insights.

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  • Hard News: We are, at last, navigating…,

    The first question journalists should be asking is who benefits / follow the money and variations of that. Of course they did not.

    Hopefully it will be quick for the messaging to get out there. I'm surprised that some enterprising persons haven't set up a business to literally launder banknotes.

    As Dr Kim mentioned banknotes are contaminated. A casual search on "contaminated currency" shows up some funny stories about what is present on banknotes. I'm hoping that NZ notes being made of different stock to the US ones might be better but EFTPOS never looked so good.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Golden Dawn is…,

    I kept listening to 'The Reflex' after that track and now enjoying Grapevine re-imagination also on the same album. Grapevine is seriously brilliant. Better than the original.

    Seems like the whole album would be a great party starter. You think you know the songs but then they up and transform in this revision / remix whatever it is.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: NME – it was…,

    A great read thanks Dave and Russell for the starter.

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  • Hard News: Memories of the news,

    As a child of the 60’s the radio was the main medium for most of that decade. I do recall the Peter Snell Gold Medal and the Wahine disaster. Later on the Apollo landing on the moon on 10 July 1969 was it? (Looked it up was 20th of July 69)

    We were told something like you will remember where you were when this happened by our teachers and I we listened to a radio broadcast in our classroom. I thought I’d do some thing so I retied the laces in my shoes so I could remember it.

    I think that moon landing might have been the first TV news we saw.

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