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  • Up Front: R.O.A.R., in reply to Emma Hart,

    And there is the exhaustion, there absolutely is. When you have skin in the game, it drains a lot more energy than if it's all just intellectual. This Trumpian post-truth, lying has no consequences age has just completely sucked out my will to engage.

    I have the privilege to feel more engaged than ever. There's a lot of ring wing stuff internationally has taken to calling the left Nazis, as a way of covering for their own decent into madness.

    The recent gaslighting with the white power hand signs while appointing a 5th crazy justice to the US supreme court who seems dead keen on overturning Griswold of all things ..., so much modern international good came from that one court case. Like, that is everything post-70's started there, and everything in the US still leans on it. If they lose that, how do we keep it? All of it.

    Trump and the guys around him are just so obviously dangerous to everyone, kidnapping thousands of children for fucks sake, with no understanding that people might object. I find the parallels with the 20's and 30's to be existentially threatening in the age of rapid climate change and nuclear weapons. Not just his openly stated desire to crush the free press and imprison his political opponents, but the open support of terrorist militias to attack people he doesn't like, that's 1870's stuff in the US, and the police in so many places are totally on board with it.

    The move to blockade Yemen under Trump, there's over a hundred thousand kids of died of starvation and cholera so they can rent their power to the Saudis and cut taxes for the super-rich just a little more at home. The UN is trying to bring war crime charges but it's the US so nothing even happens. The guys they're supporting in that war are basically a branch of ISIS, just like they kept doing in Syria until the Russians turned up, and all we get in our news is "but Iran", because Iran are opposed to ISIS, and the Saudis are not.

    Also recently, Saudi Arabia beheading women for being public feminists. And that's, like, the crown prince did that to troll the Canadian PM. Because he can, because they pay the US enough and Trump is a monster. That all engages me.

    But yeah, it's not the left in Nazis. Antifa are the good guys. Everyone having rights is awesome good.

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  • Hard News: NZ On Air and the bill that…,

    The TPU is the official propaganda and net troll arm of the National Party of NZ.

    As in, set up by the people who do propaganda and net trolling for the National Party, run by relatives of National Party MPs, funded by the same people who fund the National Party, and constantly ranting and trolling about how things the National Party plans to cut in future budgets are terribly wasteful, along with of course, random personal attacks on anyone who opposes National Party policy, including troll-stalking people to get a reaction and then complaining to their boss about said reaction to try to get them fired.

    They get on Hosking because he votes National every day of the week.

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  • Legal Beagle: Last call on the Electoral…,

    It would require registered parties to have rules around the process they would use to seek to expel an MP from Parliament.

    Not just that, I would hope, but also clear rules for what constitutes a breach of proportionality to each party, so that MPs are not loosely ambushed by such accusations but step over the bounds knowingly.

    Crossing the floor on matters of confidence and supply is obviously a problem, but lots of other things need not be for any particular party, especially the first time.

    I wonder if it shouldn't also be able to be over-ruled by a super-majority of parliament, 2/3 or so, to allow the MP to remain as an independent, in case of a widely appreciated and principled stand against, say, Nazis.

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  • Hard News: On joining the international…, in reply to Dennis Frank,

    We believe in giving people a fair go.

    Maximising tolerance does actually require you be reasonably intolerant toward particularly intolerant people.

    We don't give fucking Al Quada a fair go, they don't get to make paid public exultations on the lack of humanity inherent to western society and the urgency of unspoken actions while raising money for thusfar undisclosed future adventures. Because we noticed they were exceptionally bad and banned that shit.

    We don't need to give fucking Nazis a fair go either, for the same reasons.

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  • Hard News: On joining the international…,

    Why ever was there a fuss about shit-canning Nazis?

    The end game for the Nazis is they kill everybody who isn't them. That's why they're into this whole "we're the real victim and everyone else is out to get us" thing. It's to justify their fantasy of a world wide genocidal race war they plan to win.

    Telling those people to fuck off is just entirely sensible. Their fantasy is not just stupid, it's extremely dangerous when legitimised in any way. It took fifty million dead to stop them last time they controlled one country. Fuck those guys. I mean, hugs and stuff, peace is good, but not speaking venues for that.

    And if there's a legal problem there, fix the law.

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  • Hard News: Dilemmas: the drug-driving ad…, in reply to Ian Dalziel,

    Hardly edifying stuff...

    We're social animals, we care about ourselves because we're useful to others, we care about others because of how they make us feel about ourselves.
    Telling a mate you need them to not die, because they're good to have around, that's a fine way of getting them to care about themselves enough to, you know, not die just right now.

    Having kids usually settles people into a risk-averse life, because it's super obvious how much they need you, and how good they feel when you help them out, which makes you feel good about yourself for being there. Give or take for all the angst.

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  • Hard News: A cannabis moment in the Parliament,

    Thanks, Russell, for following this along.

    Great to see serious work being done, handy now we're not the first that there's a chance to learn from others and people are doing just that. We'll hopefully be pardoning and quashing convictions on possession in a few years, and then even supply because they weighed the dirt stuck on the roots as well.

    Maybe even run the odd medical trial instead of relying on wishful thinking. It's like a possible future of using science to minimise harm instead of racist and crushing laws ruining people's lives to "protect", well, something nebulous about gateways.

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  • Hard News: They want to blow it all up,

    For those struggling to understand Trump.

    Read. Really. The thing where he likes NK is just that they have these parades where tens of thousands of people salute dear leader in synchronisation, and he would like that for himself.

    He's not a stupid man, nor actually inconsistent, he just has a different outlook on what is good in life, and it is those rallies where they make the crowds look big by stuffing them in a small building, united by giving them matching gear and flags at the door, and all cheer him when he walks in.

    That's being president, for Trump, and you're all just jealous losers if you suggest otherwise. All the meetings and whatever, yeah, he makes it up as he goes along, that photo was all him on the front page everywhere and how good is that! Woo, president! Biggest inauguration ever. Boo ya. Unf. </tinyflag>

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  • Hard News: I Am: An authentic autism…,

    Read an interesting tidbit on the spectrum the other day.

    Where was that ...

    People with autism have more folds in the brain, here and there, which results generally in a thinner layer of neurons (as they only live at the surface of the brain, so more surface thins them out) and more connectivity between them, so more of the brain is able to work together on ... anything, at the same time.

    Not always in a good way, either. :)

    Specifically, different patterns appear in the [...]. These areas relate to working memory, emotional processing, language, and eye gaze, and their difference in location and level of gyrification when compared to a healthy human brain could explain some altered behaviors in autistic patients.

    "Healthy" indeed, Neurotypical bias if anyone wants to edit. :D

    But yeah, along with the brain being more connected, it's also a tad slow at a few things, because the different folding messes up the typical optimised connections there, and trying to involve the whole brain doesn't really help.

    So, uh, that's just, you know, people on the spectrum are not kidding. We can get really good at things we can focus on, and are really bad at a bunch of social stuff neurotypicals usually take for granted. For reals.

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  • Hard News: All Change,

    Used to be a thing that not everyone had to go to school at all, because there didn't seem to be much use for more people who could read, write, and do basic arithmetic. For a start, people who could read and write were rich, some of them could even afford pepper, and how would things even get done down on the manors if everyone could read and write and be rich?

    But it turned out, not just with primary education that reading and writing for the entire population in every occupation was incredibly powerful, primary education was enough to solve farming for instance, quickly reducing the labour requirements by about 90% while dramatically raising outputs, even in the armed forces it worked such that once one country tried it every country either kept up or was quickly dominated by military force.

    But that it was the same again with secondary education in the arts, culture, sciences, and mathematics, even sadly tinged with the racist nationalism of the time, not having that was bad for your culture and country in a big way, because those racist nationalists were good at stuff, including being an effective army, despite their racist nationalism.

    It's the same with tertiary education, of course; law, medicine, economics, the sciences, sociology, advanced mathematics, engineering, data management, having a surfeit of people with those skills in every area of society would make us immensely powerful and rich compared to the world of our parents, and we're on the way already as more and more people are doing just that.

    Yes, it's hard to imagine taxi drivers and check out operators in world of full of lawyers and doctors (he says, ironically). But just because you can't imagine a world where everyone is better educated than you and I, doesn't mean it won't be completely amazeballs and kick everyone else's ass, just like it has every other time this has happened in the past.

    Honestly, it's a bit like people being worried about how the remaining shit jobs that no one really wants to do might go away. That's not a bad thing, in the past that has always turned out really well for everyone.

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