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  • Island Life: Anyone can do design.,

    I agree the logo design job would be best done by a specialist, but in my experience it’s not uncommon for “design competitions” to be run for logo development projects (companies sometimes invite staff to participate in similar kinds of competitions, and then use that input to help brief a professional design company who may or may not build on those concepts). It’s hardly life-threatening surely.

    In my view we’re running the risk making a big deal about something that would have been far better dealt with by DINZ face to face with the Auckland Transition Agency. My personal feeling is that DINZ is beginning to look rather petulant and our design industry somewhat insecure and lacking in self belief and confidence.

    Is it such a bad thing to ask stakeholders with or without formal design training to have a go? Do we really think this will undermine the value of high quality professional design work? Are designers the final arbiters of everything creative? I don’t think so.

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