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  • David Haywood,

    How do the police really know that it's the murderer's voice in the mysterious phone message. Find out in this week's episode of Public Address Science...

    Further information:

    -- Dr Paul Foulkes's website.

    -- Read more about Forensic Linguistics at the University of York.

    -- Visit the Forensic Linguistics Casebook.

    This episode of Public Address Science was originally broadcast on Radio Live, 9th June 2007, 2 pm - 3 pm.

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  • Michael Fitzgerald,

    Nice one on ethanol & here's hoping for an internal energy markets selfsufficency.

    Experts and crime - A foreign Pysch new to NZ but knowledgeable on Psychopaths said Bain fits the bill of a psychopath (this doesn't mean he did it). Happy on release - everyone liked him as opposed to Arthur Alan Thomas who was pissed off & bitter with much of the world having been framed.
    Before this I wasn't sure Bain did it -but wanted the whole thing to be a murder suicide which tied into itself and could be tucked away.

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