180 Seconds with Craig Ranapia - 14th November

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  • Jacqui Dunn,

    Ah, so that's what you sound like, Craig!

    Is someone who has a go at someone else who is much more powerful, a bully? I wouldn't have thought so. Perhaps I didn't get the point. =|8 \ (This is me trying to make a puzzled face....gigantic fail!)

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  • Craig Ranapia,

    A school principal should be able to express her frustration (and debate serious matters of policy) without resorting to the kind of rhetoric best left to the more foetid corners of the Sub-Standard Kiwibog.

    And honestly, if I was a parent or teacher at that school I’d think twice about raising any concerns with a principal who goes off like that on her Facebook page. If Ann Tolley is “Minister Hitler,” what kind of Facebook facial would an uppity parent or a student teacher who forgets her place be in line for? How does she treat people who she dislikes, or challenging situations, in person?

    And finally, I’m really far from impressed with Marlene Campbell’s “fuck you” passive-aggressive failure to take any genuine ownership of her behaviour – cheerfully enabled by the school BOT. It was real Paul Henry territory, and I hope parents can expect a little better. A good principal really sets the ‘culture’ of their school, and IMO Campbell just failed.

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