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  • Scott Common,

    Well I don't usually post videos up much but this is a very short film documenting some of Wellington's street art. A Pocket Strings Pictures Production (alliteration anyone?) featuring music from the Dukes of Leisure (that's my connection to the entire thing). Pre-bypass some there will be some areas which no longer exist.

    I should also mention that Pocket String Pictures have also completed a feature length film call "The Last Great Snail Chase" - all filmed in Wellington on a shoestring budget with local music and probably one of the stranger coming of age stories I've seen.

    Two trailers for the film up here as well.

    Anyway thanks for indulging me and I hope people enjoy it!


    [And I damn well hope that embedding works because I haven't done it before!]

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  • Robyn Gallagher,

    Wow, that was really good.

    I get out with my camera and take lots of photos of the ever changing Auckland street art, and watching this reminded me of being behind a still camera and the walking and discovering, and observation and selection of the stuff up on walls.

    And I can't quite put my finger on it, but Wellington street art has a different feeling to Auckland. It's... more fun? Softer? Less aggro? Hmm...

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  • Scott Common,

    Thank Robyn - I've actually always loved that piece of film.

    Myself and a bundle of friends always snap shots of new art that goes up round town and often trade them between each other (some sort of collectable I guess). Welly's street art does tend to be quite smart - and you're right it does seem to be less agro that other centres I've been through.

    A lot of the stencil art that sprung up is brilliant, and some of the social commentary on Wellingtons walls and pavements is quite profound (if you take the time to think about them).

    I'd definatly recommend checking out the trailers for the film as well - the only time you'll get to see giant flying turtles swoop over Wellington on sunny day!

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  • kmont,

    Thanks for that.

    I saw the police arresting or otherwise interfering with a bunch of people doing their thing in Graffiti Alley (near Left Bank) I am guessing they were the F is for fun crew. We yelled boo, because really, boo! Don't the po po have better things to do. The police even had the grace to look a bit sheepish

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  • Robyn Gallagher,

    Ooh, I had a good tour of Wellington graffiti spots yesterday. I was really impressed by Graffiti Alley, especially because of the shoes and ironing board that had been incorporate into the graffiti works. Photos are here. My favourite is this message to the po-po.

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  • Scott Common,

    Some great shots in there Robyn!

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  • Sam F,

    Gorgeous pics. "Vs. Gravity" is now my desktop.

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  • Robyn Gallagher,

    Thanks, Scott. And, Sam, that news makes me very happy indeed!

    Raglan • Since Nov 2006 • 1946 posts Report Reply

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