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  • Feed: Fulminating and fermenting, in reply to B Jones,

    Harringtons, the brewery, make a ginger beer which if my ability to detect natural from artificial is up to scratch make a very good example of a brewed ginger beer.
    Probably not wise to let the kids snarf it down on a hot summer day as it's around 5% alcohol.

    My Wife reckons it's the business taste wise.
    I'm more an over hopped IPA man myself although current inclemency is inclining me towards the stout/porter end of the spectrum at the moment.
    Went to hopscotch Mt Eden this arvo for my weekend top up.

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  • Hard News: Snowden and New Zealand,

    Too messy.
    Too complicated.
    Nothing to see here, move along
    More handwavium from that nice Mr Key.
    Where's my tax cut?
    I can't see this issue going anywhere, would like to be proved wrong of course but very much doubt it.
    Followed by weary sigh.

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  • Hard News: The Language of Climate,

    <q>The biggest piece of unsupported scaremongering . . . comes . . . from those businesses with vested interests . . . <q>

    Or politicians who call it "nanny state" because mandating fluorescent bulbs as an energy saving alternative is an attack on every freedom, liberty etc. etc.

    There is a lot of low hanging fruit as far as energy conservation is concerned with very little in the way of monetary and lifestyle costs, just the need for rational thinking not omg the greens are going to lead us into the dark ages.

    This short sighted political braying is unnecessary and frankly immoral.

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  • Hard News: Event Season, in reply to Ross Mason,

    "Pope Francis assures atheists: You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven".

    A Catholic heaven presumably.

    Better than the alternative/s one presumes.

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  • Southerly: A Blog on Behalf of an…,

    Maybe the jurors shouldn't discuss there vote with each other but come to their own conclusions via whatever research and study they consider necessary. No domination by more forceful but not necessarily wiser heads?

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  • Hard News: This time it's Syria, in reply to Rich of Observationz,

    I don't think one can really apply today's standards to the 17th century

    Not trying to apply current standards at all.
    However looking at past actions can inform future ones.
    When doing this judgements will always be made regarding previous actions.
    Yes, the past is a foreign country but it can still be studied.
    Those who don't remember the past are condemned to repeat it or something along those lines.

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  • Hard News: This time it's Syria, in reply to Rich of Observationz,

    Somewhere between 250,000 and two million people died after Britain withdrew from India/Pakistan in 1946. Should they have stayed on as colonists in an attempt to avert this? Would it have done any good?

    Maybe they shouldn't have been there in the first place?
    Don't know how much planning went into an orderly withdrawal but the assumption is that our man Mountbatten wanted to get out as quickly as possible at minimal cost and loss of face presumably.
    What's Latin for I came, I conquered, I fucked it up?

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  • Hard News: This time it's Syria,

    Middle East is on a slow boil which could take a long time to cool down.
    Complications include religion, tribalism, population growth, oil depletion etc.
    A few Western chickens coming home to roost also. [Sykes Picot, Israel, Iran & etc.]
    I don't think anyone has a crystal ball to show how it will play out over time.
    Europe has had its own fair share of turmoil over the centuries with accompanying death and devastation.
    I see no winners only the further killing of innocents.
    How the "West" gets involved will be a task for some clear long term and rational thinking which has been largely absent as of late.
    As for NZ, steer clear of the big boys and work through the UN for whatever use that'll serve.
    My inner pessimist is coming to the fore.
    Interesting times indeed.

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  • Hard News: Switched on Gardener: to what…, in reply to Tom Semmens,

    I have smoked with police officers to be, current and former not just talked about drugs with them. I expect a lot of people at this site have also had similiar experiences. To see a police officer fail to uphold a law surely devalues other laws, although I never thought any less of the officers themselves who'd been put into a crap position of upholding obviously futile and pointless laws. I expect that 95% of MPs speaking privately on their own behalf don't agree with the law as it stands [lets not mention P Dunne and his ilk], but acknowledging and changing this will probably be driven from outside Parliament as it's too much of a political hot potato.
    Even Nandor Tanczos flew quite low in this regard so as not to inhibit his other ambitions regarding Parliament.
    With you 100% Russell in that the police could have dealt with switched on gardener more effectively by meeting with the principals to find a resolution to their concerns.
    Probably this sort of action could be effective in a lot of other cases saving time and money also causing less criminalisation of our citizens whilst enhancing their standing in the community.
    I note that other regulatory agencies already do this, Commerce Commision, Health and Safety etc.

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  • OnPoint: MSD's Leaky Servers,

    She absolutely needs her own TV show. Maybe with Paul Holmes and Henry for a dissenting view?

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