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  • Hard News: This time it's Syria,

    Middle East is on a slow boil which could take a long time to cool down.
    Complications include religion, tribalism, population growth, oil depletion etc.
    A few Western chickens coming home to roost also. [Sykes Picot, Israel, Iran & etc.]
    I don't think anyone has a crystal ball to show how it will play out over time.
    Europe has had its own fair share of turmoil over the centuries with accompanying death and devastation.
    I see no winners only the further killing of innocents.
    How the "West" gets involved will be a task for some clear long term and rational thinking which has been largely absent as of late.
    As for NZ, steer clear of the big boys and work through the UN for whatever use that'll serve.
    My inner pessimist is coming to the fore.
    Interesting times indeed.

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  • Hard News: Switched on Gardener: to what…, in reply to Tom Semmens,

    I have smoked with police officers to be, current and former not just talked about drugs with them. I expect a lot of people at this site have also had similiar experiences. To see a police officer fail to uphold a law surely devalues other laws, although I never thought any less of the officers themselves who'd been put into a crap position of upholding obviously futile and pointless laws. I expect that 95% of MPs speaking privately on their own behalf don't agree with the law as it stands [lets not mention P Dunne and his ilk], but acknowledging and changing this will probably be driven from outside Parliament as it's too much of a political hot potato.
    Even Nandor Tanczos flew quite low in this regard so as not to inhibit his other ambitions regarding Parliament.
    With you 100% Russell in that the police could have dealt with switched on gardener more effectively by meeting with the principals to find a resolution to their concerns.
    Probably this sort of action could be effective in a lot of other cases saving time and money also causing less criminalisation of our citizens whilst enhancing their standing in the community.
    I note that other regulatory agencies already do this, Commerce Commision, Health and Safety etc.

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  • OnPoint: MSD's Leaky Servers,

    She absolutely needs her own TV show. Maybe with Paul Holmes and Henry for a dissenting view?

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  • Hard News: Media3: The Maori Media Man, in reply to mark taslov,

    I'm not sure that Islamic theology was the only or main reason that it made the West "profoundly uneasy'. It reached deeply into the west itself through conquest before being stopped in southern France and Vienna having taken over Byzantia, Spain and quite a few other parts of Europe. The breakup and subsequent war in Yugoslavia is in no small part an echo of this period. The crusades [ still a touchstone in the Middle East ] were an attempt to regain formerly Christian territory taken by Islamic forces.
    To say that Christendom misunderstood Islam is not an argument I would make.
    I do like your term odium theologium however. There seems to be enough of it about and it inspires far too much ill will.

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  • Hard News: Media3: Where harm might fall, in reply to Craig Ranapia,

    does Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" fuck-wittery deserve such protection simply because it's "political speech"?

    As an insight into the man I think it's done it's task extremely well. As distasteful as it is. Something about sunlight being the best disinfectant.
    I understand that a line has to be drawn re hate speech etc, I also think that we have to tread very warily in regard of what people can and can't say with dare I say it the line being towards freedom to make an absolute cock of one's self.

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  • Up Front: The Up-Front Guides: The…, in reply to DexterX,

    I tend to prefer the traditional religions to the new age and I cannot abide Destiny Church or televangelists.

    Worst religion ever? Jonestown [whatever it was]--- just to get the ball rolling.

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  • Field Theory: JK is back, in reply to Yamis,

    NZ should just have an ITM Cup and then break into a Heinekin Cup style comp afterwards

    Doubtful, just follow the Sky money trail.
    Good idea for the game however. Super rugby stills seems like a manufactured product even after all the time it's been going. Probably the lack of a real regional identity to the team. Piri and Nonu in a greater Auckland side?

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  • Hard News: If wishing made it so ..., in reply to Rich of Observationz,

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  • Hard News: Moving from frustration to disgust, in reply to Matthew Poole,

    Mea culpa, I'm ex Dilworth and then Massey High School from 14 years old and on. Whenever it comes up in conversation I always start by apologising for my humble origins for some reason.
    I note that Dilworth was started to take on those children whose lot in life had been to be from a poor background but some other criteria is that they were to be intelligent and reasonably well brought up. They were and are selected to a standard; cherry picking if you will. This was dropped for a period in the seventies and then reinstated I understand as they didn't want to end up as a social service for difficult cases.
    I didn't see any difference in the quality of education I received in either school. Dilworth was transformative for me in that it took me from a very difficult situation at home into a far more settled [and disciplined] setting which I suspect is the case for a lot of it's pupils.
    I've done well, very well [financially & etc] and so have a lot of the old boys also most of my friends from Massey are in a good position.
    I have never to my knowledge been selected through my schooling and most of the social stratification I've encountered in NZ has been via wealth. I was acutely conscious of class whilst working in the UK both from the bottom as a dustman and then mixing with relatives from a "higher social standing" in a system I barely understood or new how to navigate in but I thankfully was essentially without caste as being from the colonies gives few cues for people to work from.
    In NZ I have encountered someone in a high position in one of the big accounting firms who was employing new interns or whatever the hell they call them and had been told to only take on people from the "right schools" -this was ChristChurch.
    When I questioned him he said that 'you can't polish a turd'. He was English and didn't seem too troubled by what he was doing.- Back in England now.
    I would say that NZ does have a vague class divide but isn't that good at it ........yet.
    Race is another can of worms.

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  • Hard News: Drunk Town, in reply to Ian Dalziel,

    Where's my all-suffusing golden glow, will John Key come around and deliver it personally or does one have to pick it up from an authorised body?

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