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  • Island Life: The Evasive Mr Key Has 2…,

    you realise the truth about all the invitations you've received to sign up to Facebook, MySpace, Gnomeworld et al.

    Three years ago some lady mistakenly emailed me thinking I could help her get one of the NZ Idol contestants to sing at her friends wedding.

    Since then, I keep getting emails sent on her behalf inviting me to sign up for various online services.

    Most of them are fairly unremarkable, but every now and than I'll get one like this:

    Hi Robyn! Your friend, [name], did the What Sexual Position Are You quiz. [Name] is anal sex! Why don't you take the quiz to find out what sexual position you are! Click here to start!


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  • Leo TV,

    Nice work Leo.

    Give that man a channel to programme.

    But with the internets, he can has one!

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  • PA Radio: Ant Timpson 48 Hours later,

    Every year I get involved more and more with 48Hours and every year I have more and more fun.

    This year I ended up seeing all the Auckland heats at the Civic, which was an incredible experience. The best bit of 48 Hours is seeing teams improve from year to year, and knowing that one day they'll be out there making good stuff professionally.

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  • Random Play: It's Not Easy Being Green-ish,

    I was down at a local cafe buying a couple of cakey things. The counter girl put them in a plastic container, and I said, "Oh, but that'll just go in the bin? Can I have it in a paper bag." So she put them in a paper bag and threw the plastic container in the bin.

    I tried.

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  • Hard News: Can somebody hook a brother…,

    Re Twiglets. The last time I checked, Smith and Caughey had them, along with a selection of British snack food.

    Alternantively, you could just pretend that you are a middle-class Londoner and dismiss them as crappy junk food, and instead extoll the virtues of organic vege boxes.

    It's funny how being away from home brings out rabid cravings for junk food from home. I saw a news item where a New Zealander in Sydney was stuffing her face with imported Rashuns and Moro bars. I bet she'd never done that back in Aotearoa.

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  • Cracker: Poke Me, Bite Me, Add Me,

    Oh, two more things to add. This might be extreme peer pressure, but I recently advised an online friend with this: "Seriously, if you do not sign up to Facebook, you will be like some crazy old man who refuses to get a tele-phone machine."

    And over at Slate, 50-something Emily Yoffe writes about her experiences using Facebook as both a late-ish adaptor and an older user.

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  • Cracker: Poke Me, Bite Me, Add Me,

    That's another side effect of Facebook - when trying to display less personal information ends up making all your friends and family think you've broken up with your honey.

    Journalist Thomas Crampton and his fiancee were recently troubled by this: "How Facebook Ended My Marriage"

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  • Cracker: Poke Me, Bite Me, Add Me,

    And look - Joanna "Blonde at the Bar" Hunkin's blog for today is on this newfangled Facebook thing.

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  • Cracker: Poke Me, Bite Me, Add Me,

    But should I actually, finally respond to one of those emails and sign up? I guess I should, if only for research purposes, but I'm still unclear as to how it's going to enhance my life ...

    Yes, you should sign up.
    You will find out a way to make it enhance your life.

    What I really like about Facebook is that I can add my blog as a feed to my Facebook profile, so every time I update my blog, each entry will end up being posted as a Facebook "note".

    Facebook recognises that people do stuff on other websites and it lets you tie things together. I can put my Last.FM song list, Flickr photos, all of it together on my Facebook profile.

    So I don't always have to make an effort to update my Facebook profile, and it's not another bloody website to have to worry about.

    And, like Public Address, it's all about real names, which is rather refreshing in a world of AngelXXXs and W@rl0rdz.

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  • Cracker: Poke Me, Bite Me, Add Me,

    I still don’t really see the point of it though. You message someone, then a message goes to your email saying you have a message so you log in and check the message and then respond to it, in turn sending a message to that person’s email to check their message.

    Dude, turn off the notification emails! I was driven crazy by those within a day and turned them all off. Let Facebook be your bitch.

    I find Facebook so much more useful than MySpace.

    MySpace is like going to a crowded party and being stuck in a corner. You know some friends of yours are at the party, but the only people who seem to come over and talk are some models who are probably trying to sell you something.

    Whereas Facebook like is a gathering in a much larger space. Not only are you not stuck in a corner, but you can find your friends much more easily, and you can discover all sorts of connections between your friends. Also, your mum can look at your Facebook profile without worrying.

    2006 Public Address Great Blend panellist Danah Boyd recently wrote her thoughts on the difference between MySpace and Facebook users. It's called Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace and it's an interesting read.

    Now all we need is a Public Address Facebook group.

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