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  • Island Life: Green Acres,

    Metro March 1991 Peter Ellison:

    "More people own their own homes these days than they did in the "good old days".

    Yamis, thanks so much for that quote. That was very interesting!

    My parents had to jump through hoops to get housing loans in the '70s and '80s, sourcing loans from three different sources.

    And of course, if someone like me (a single lady) tried to get a loan back in the '70s, I wouldn't have had a hope.

    Things have changed, but I'm still renting.

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  • Island Life: Green Acres,

    I have 2,500 in an ASB managed retirement investment fund
    So far ASB has made me about 40 dollars in nearly a year.

    Oh dear.

    My ordinary ASB savings account, which has never topped $2500, earned me about $70 in interest last year.

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  • Island Life: Green Acres,

    Joanna said:

    By the time I retire and have no income, I would have inherited my share of my parents' properties

    I've thought this too, but then I think my parents are planning on eventually selling their properties to live off in their retirement, so perhaps all I'll inherit is my mum's ceramic cat collection.

    Michael said:

    What saddens me is when I look around Freemans BAy and see all that wonderful council housing and state housing that used to be here and is now in the hands of private owners.

    Back when that was built, the council made a serious effort to bring good quality, affordable housing to the inner suburbs for people on low incomes. (This also resulted in the sausage flats of Mt Eden, but let's not go there).

    But now, however, Freemans Bay is turning into an extension of posh Ponsonby, while the people on low incomes are being forced out further from the city centre.

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  • My Story,

    Does anyone else find it ironic that a supposedly viral lo-fi TV series like 'my story' has been made by what is essentially a corporate?

    Er, no. I can't figure out how that is ironic. Should I party like it's 1996 and ask Alanis?

    harry sinclair didnt need big brother to make topless women

    Speaking of which, I've been jonesing for the Topless Women movie, but it looks like it's not at all available on DVD! WTF! This is one of the coolest New Zealand movies ever made! It must be released on DVD asap! (Plus, I want to relive what Auckland was like in the mid '90s)

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  • Island Life: Green Acres,

    My income is low enough that I qualify for an accommodation supplement from Work & Income.

    But this means that I can live within walking distance of work (healthy, yes) and I can also - gasp - buy one or two lattes a day.

    I have a nice amount in my savings account, more in my work retirement fund, no debt, and I still buy crap off Amazon and too many songs on iTunes.

    The thing is, I don't really want to buy a house. I'm happy with living in a good rental and not having the terrible burden of a mortgage. I know property ownership is big deal culturally for people, but I could take it or leave.

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  • Hard News: They faked those moon…,

    Che farted:


    Don't let PA System become one of those forums.


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  • A night with the Wellingtonista,

    When I heard that, I fainted and had to be revived with smelling salts by a fellow bus passenger near the Symonds-Newton intersection. How embarassing!

    But I think that might have been exacerbated by my corset being laced too tightly this morning. I'm going to have words with my ladyservant.

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  • A night with the Wellingtonista,

    I listened to this on the bus on the way to work this morning. I had to get off one stop early because I was laughing (or lolzing, as they say on the interwebs) so much, especially from the aural evidence of the increasing drunkeness as the evening progressed.

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  • PA Radio: Wellington Flickr Group,

    I was just looking at the various Auckland- and Wellington-centred Flickr groups.

    The Wellington group has 468 members and 9945 photos, while the Auckland group has only 288 members and 3081 photos.

    My perception is that the Auckland one is largely populated with tourists sharing their holiday snaps (i.e. the Sky Tower), so because of this transient audience, there isn't the same sense of community over in Wellington.

    And I'm sure Wellington's geography has a lot to do with it. Because people generally live and work in such a compact area, a lot of the same places get photographed in different, creative ways, which adds to the sense of community.

    But with Auckland, it's difficult for someone from Albany to feel a connection with a photo of Mission Bay.

    I will note, however, that photos of cute kittens know no boundaries!

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  • Hard News: Dancing the DMCA,

    I often had reason to trawl through the shared drives at my last employer, and one thing I constantly saw was a huge amount of dead or abandoned folders full of all sorts of interesting things.

    When I worked for [NZ's largest ISP], I found a directory on their website that contained a long forgotten webpage with a poll on which staff member had the funkiest hairdo.

    No one knew anything about it, yet it was out there on the interwebs for anyone to stumble across.

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