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  • Hard News: The cane and the strap,

    The kids who acted up and got strapped were bragging about it within 15 minutes.

    At primary school, there was a Bad Girl in my class called Sharie who was the first and only girl to get the strap. Rather than making the rest of us girls behave, instead this created an aura of bad-girl awesomeness around Sharie.

    When she exclaimed, "I'm so angry I wanna punch someone," we feared her even more because she was the girl who'd had the strap.

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  • Daily Show on NZ Satire Ban,

    That was good value - I laughed at Jon Stewart's jokes, at his attempts at Maori place-name pronunciation, and at the New Zealand government!

    And it was kinda funny that Helen Clark was subtitled, but Michael Cullen was presumedly speaking clearly enough for American audiences to understand.

    This also got me thinking - political satire is something that New Zealand seems to do well, possibly because we have such high levels of both disrespect and admiration for our politicians.

    I was going to call for there to be more political satire on our telly, but Facelift is possibly doing its fair share at the moment.

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  • Hard News: Copyright Amendment Bill latest,

    If we're going to talk about subversive children's television programmes, then the naughty Rainbow episode must be mentioned.

    It was apparently made for a Christmas tape and never broadcast. But now it has a home on the intertubes.

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  • Hard News: TV is social. Already,

    Back to the other subject, I share online videos with friends. If I come across a funny kitton clip on YouTube, I will not hesitate to share it with my online amigos.

    I'm also one of those people who ranks videos and leaves comments on YouTube.

    Funny thing about YouTube comments - no matter what the content of the video is, there will always be at least one comment declaring it to be rubbish ("Sorry, I just don't see what's so great about that stupid kitten.") and/or fake ("It's clearly a lame attempt at viral marketing for Whiskas").

    And I've had friends recommend stuff on YouTube and bittorrents that have turned me into massive fans of TV series, and resulting in a DVD purchase or two.

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  • Hard News: Phew, what a scorcher?,

    Seems like Russell had Global warming amnesia which blots out all the really cold occurences.

    "Global warming" is a convenient label, but not all climate change caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere results in warmer weather.

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  • Hard News: Phew, what a scorcher?,

    Ah, the phenom of over-used phrases in the news. Try Googling "bus plunge" for a giggle...

    I did, which led me to this amusing and informative article over at Slate, The Rise and fall of the "bus plunge" story.

    And that in turn led me to a website dedicated to chronicling actual bus plunges, complete with a "bus plunge of the month" feature.

    As a result of this, I will now make all future pilgrimages on donkey-back.

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  • Stories: Employment Lore,

    NEVER take a Receptionist job at a Massage Parlour/Escort Service.

    Or "The receptionist job's gone, love, but we have another job you might be interested in, and it pays more. Here, have a seat and Krystelle will give you a tour..."

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  • Stories: Employment Lore,

    There were four of us working on the call centre of the ISP's accounts department. We were understaffed at the worst of times, and this was one of those times.

    That afternoon, I was at my scheduled lunchbreak (12.00 to 12.30, and you'd better be back at your desk by 12.30 so the next person can take their lunch break, girl), Donna was away sick with the flu, Selwyn was away from his desk processing a payment for a customer he'd just been speaking with, leaving only Trent manning the phones.

    A customer had been trying to get through, but when faced with a lengthy wait time on hold, had hung up, phoned back and tricked a receptionist into putting him through to one of the directors. He then spent several minutes yelling at Jim, the director, telling him how useless his company was and how he didn't want to put up with that kind of terrible service.

    Jim's response to this was to storm into the accounts area, yell at Selwyn and Trent, and inform our manager Louise that Trent, Selwyn, Donna and I were to all get written warnings for not taking calls. Louise managed to talk him out of giving the written warning to Donna, saying it was a little unfair to discipline someone for not answering calls when she was away sick. But I still got one for being away on my fiercely scheduled lunch break.

    A couple of weeks later, Louise took me aside and said Jim had later told her that I probably shouldn't have got the written warning because I was quite a good worker. But, like, I still had it.

    Selwyn, Trent, Donna, Louise and I had all left that company within a year.

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  • Hard News: Brimful on the 45,

    Happy birthday, and happy 20th computer anniversary, Russell!

    I was trying to remember when I got my first computer, a Vic 20. It was a Christmas, possible 1983.

    In the preceding weeks, my dad had waited until my brother and I were asleep, brought out the computer, and taught himself BASIC so he could make a "Merry Christmas" message appear on screen. I remember my brother was really excited, but I was all "Pft! A stupid computer thing..."

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  • Radiation: Ghosts of television past,

    The question is, is television giving us a shortened attention span (MTV generation, etc), or has the technology of television just caught up with the speed of human thought?

    On a Screen Wipe episode earlier this year, Charlie Brooker looked at how the advent of digital editing technology in the late '90s changed the sort of telly that was made:

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