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  • Southerly: A Slow Journey and a Quick Arrival,

    A lux is a unit of measurement of illumination. Perhaps Carl's speciality is illuminating visitors from Venice.

    I've often wondered if hospitals would have interwebs, so the news that Mr Brislen and Vodafone provided such a basic human requirement gratis, well, that warmed the cockles of me heart. Hooray for corporate niceness!

    But you know what warms the cockles of my heart even more? Namesake babies, that's what. Kia ora, li'l Bob.

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  • Hard News: Taking the rise,

    Robyn.... 100 Guineas Cup actually :)

    According to Wikipedia (which is slowly taking the place of my long-term memory):

    It was originally known by the Squadron as the “Royal Yacht Squadron Cup” or the “RYS Cup for One Hundred Sovereigns”. The Cup subsequently became known as the “One Hundred Guinea(s) Cup”, by the American syndicate that won it.

    So we're both right. Yay!

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  • Hard News: Taking the rise,

    Here's a question: Why is it called the americas cup, when there is NO coverage of it here.

    It's named after the first boat to win it, which was called America.

    That's why it's called the America's Cup, and why people are confused by that apostrophe and desperately want to do other things with it (like pluralising nacho as nacho's)

    We could perhaps revert to its older name, the One Hundred Sovereign Cup. "The One Hundred Sovereign Cup is now the One Hundred New Zealand dollars cup!" - ??

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  • Speaker: Transformers: Less than meets…,

    When I was a little girl, I had one Transformer (one of those green construction equipment ones), that I think had been bought for me because I was jealous that my brother had some.

    The whole idea of Transformers seemed pretty cool, but I never really got into them or watched much of the cartoon.

    But as the years have gone by, I have come to the realisation that every man I know who is around my age is totally gay for Transformers.

    This explains all the fierce reviews and opinions being fired around regarding the Transformers movie.

    I don't fully get it, but I will agree that Transformers are awesome and are not to be messed with, ehoa.

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  • Cracker: Psst... buddy... got any BZP?,

    The difference between Auckland and Wellington is that not only is it much smaller, but everyone walks everywhere, whereas Aucklanders generally drive.

    Ha! Sometimes I walk to work. It's 4km along major suburban and city roads. I rarely meet anyone I know along the way, but I've often been tooted at by friends or had people say, "Hey, I saw you walking along Symonds Street as I was driving home."

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  • Cracker: Psst... buddy... got any BZP?,

    Ok, I'll try rephrasing my earlier post.

    Hamilton has a smaller population than Wellington, but when I was living there and walking down Victoria Street or the general downtown area, I'd seldom run into people I knew.

    However, the last time I was in Wellington, I ran into Regan Throng in an internet cafe, and the time before that I ran into Andrew Cheese On Toast walking down the street, and I've never had that experience in Auckland or Hamilton.

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  • Cracker: Psst... buddy... got any BZP?,

    People who use party pills are the kind of people who have pierced eyebrows. That is my observation.

    I liked the Metro article. It reminds me of a friend of mine who moved from Wellington to Auckland because she was sick of always running into people she'd shagged whenever she was walking down the street.

    The weird thing is that Hamilton has a much smaller population than Wellington, but I never experienced this sort of thing when I lived in Hammo.

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  • Radiation: A load of PUS,

    I always thought it was compulsory for the Doctor actor to change... oh sorry, 'reincarnate'... every series. Not at all sure about this actor doing a whole heap of programmes thing.

    The Doctor regenerates (not reincarnates) whenever the actor feels like not playing the Doctor any more.

    The only actor who's played just one series was Christopher Eccleston. All the others have been the Doctor for multiple series. Tom Baker did seven series! (But he is awesome, so that is to be expected.)

    And of couse there's a Wikipedia page on the subject:

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  • Radiation: A load of PUS,

    I really need to join Spoiler Sluts Anonymous, but Utopia & The Sound of Drums? Bugger. Me.

    Hell to the yeah!

    I thought I had it all figured out, but Utopia freaked me out so much that I was watching through my fingers. And then with the final revelation, I was all OMG! OMG! OMG! It's him!!!

    And as for the Sound of Drums, that was more exciting and thrilling and entertaining than scary, but I found myself wrapped up in a ball of tension and excitement as the episode progressed.

    I can't wait for the finale!

    Oh, friends in England, how I thank thee!

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  • Island Life: A therapeutic dose,

    I like the colloquial style of Australians. I wouldn't give you ten bucks for a trailer-load of John Howard, cynical political football player that he is, but I like the way an unflustered Aussie can undo all the tension. Cardiac arrest? No worries. We'll get you on the Packer Whacker, mate.

    This makes me think that in New Zealand, if such a nickname emerged for a defibrillator, there would be mutterings that was it was inappropriate and not world class and would make New Zealand seem like a third-world nation, and that we should actually be using whatever multisyllabic term is used in medical books.

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