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  • Polity: The pantheon of sporting dominance,

    This game completed an era. There is no doubt this year the All Blacks achieved the ultimate prize to confirm their world standing. Maa Nonu’s try from the ages and Beauden’s for the future. Two stunning tries.
    Whoever bet on A Yellow Card to Ben Smith would have made a killing.

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  • Field Theory: Our greatest fear,

    I'm happy I have a life to watch games like todays. :-)

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  • Field Theory: Our greatest fear,

    Who won?

    The All Blacks of course. I have to say that game was a stunner. The earlier one had moments of thrills as well. What TMO??? I don’t think i saw it once!! And that was with Mr Barnes too!!

    This world cup is the first time (I think anyway) that we are seeing a strategy that says sucks to the media about every game needing a 50 point margin, lets work out the details, the plan and the execution. Lets try them out in real life for four games (plus the Championship) and then see how we go. Can anyone imagine any AB coach trying that? Even Henry? I hope people appreciate Wayne Smith. He was an AB coach once but I think he felt he was better in a backup role and Henry saw that and brought him back to the fold. It has paid off in spades twice (nearly hopefully) over when Hansen kept him on.

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  • Speaker: The government's Rules…,

    Those bloody regulators who check things on behalf of the consumer....all the way from VW to the EPA!

    Bloomberg reports VW engineers struggled to explain these results to the EPA and CARB after an investigation began. Regulators weren’t satisfied with that explanation, so they threatened to withhold certifications and effectively halt sales.

    Only then did VW concede the cars had a cheat device. The EPA didn’t know about this before because they depend on automakers to self-certify their cars.

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  • Hard News: RWC 2015: This wasn't in the script!,

    I sympathise with Richie, For 43 years I played hockey and got temporarily suspended 5 times. My rate is shit loads less that his. Yet, I was always being reminded and spoken of as a bloke who was forever in the sin bin.

    Such are the loads that good, nay, great players have to bear…….sigh.

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  • Legal Beagle: Update: Coroner's investigation,

    In the old days......Sorted PDQ. Have we improved things?

    Oamaru Mail - 6 September 1884.

    Mason.—On the 5th Inst., Emma Louisa, the beloved wife of Philip J. Mason, aged 32 years. The funeral will leave her late residence, Stour-street, at 10.30 a.m on Monday, 8th inst. Friends are invited to attend. G. L. Grenfell, Undertaker.

    The following appeared on 6 Sept in: Evening Post, Wanganui Herald, Star, Hawera & Normanby Star, Fielding Star, Thames Star, Poverty Bay Herald, Hawkes Bay Herald, Auckland Star, Nelson Evening Mail, Colonist (8th Sept), ODT (12 Sept):

    Suicide at Oamaru.

    By Telegraph. United Press Association. Oamaru, 5th September. The wife of Mr. Philip Mason cut her throat this evening, and died in a few minutes afterwards. Her mind has been affected for some time.

    North Otago Times - 6 September 1884

    Yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock the police received Information that Mrs Mason, wife of Mr Philip Mason, had taken her own life by cutting her throat. Constable Lemm proceeded to deceased's residence, and found the body lying in a shed alongside the house, in which place the act had been committed. Catherine Wilson, who was attending deceased, says that at about five minutes to four she left the house for a few minutes, and on her return missed deceased. She heard what she supposed to be kerosene dripping on the floor of a shed adjoining the house, and on going there found Mrs Mason standing with her throat cut, and holding a table-knife in her hand, She took the knife from her, and Mrs Mason immediately thereafter fell down and expired. The police and Dr de Lautour were immediately summoned, but life was extinct.........An inquest will be held today.

    Oamaru Mail – 6 September 1884


    An inquiry was held at the Junction Hotel this morning before H. W. Robinson, Esq., District Coroner, and a jury, of which Mr S. Newey was chosen foreman, touching the death of Emma Louisa Mason. After viewing the body, the evidence was taken of Philip J. Mason, who deposed that his wife was 32 years of age. They had been married about 14 years, and had had seven children. Six of these were living, the youngest being about seven months old. His wife had, during the last six months, been of an unsound mind, and she had been under the treatment of several medical men, and latterly of Dr de Lautour. Some time since she was in Dunedin, under Dr Maunsells treatment, and appeared very much better, but getting worse again he took her back to Dunedin to consult Dr Maunsell, but that gentleman had then gone to Sydney and he had consulted Dr Bachelor instead. Dr Bachelor would not decide about sending her to an asylum, and he brought her back to Oamaru, and she had since been under the treatment of Dr de Lautour. None of the medical men had definitely advised her being sent to an asylum, or he would have sent her to one. The next witness was Dr de Lautour, who stated that deceased had been in a very weak state of health from about a month after the birth of her last child. She had been suffering from melancholia and hysteria, or what might be called hysteriomania. He had advised Mr Mason six weeks ago to have someone to look after her, and from that time a nurse had been in constant attendance. He had been speaking to Mr Mason about sending deceased to an asylum, and he would have sent her next week had no improvement taken place. Deceased had a great horror of going to an asylum, and begged them not to send her to one. He (Dr de Lautour) had noticed that Mr Mason was particularly kind and attentive to her, and that the nurse had also been very attentive. After further evidence had been taken, the jury, without retiring, returned a verdict to the effect that deceased had cut her throat while of unsound mind.

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  • Hard News: A cog in the Mediaworks machine,

    Media Works Spokeswoman says:

    On Wednesday, a Mediaworks spokeswoman said there were a number of other New Zealand organisations using "Scout" or a derivative of that word "in similar circumstances".

    "We consider our use of 'Scout' in our product name to be legal and there should be no confusion with the brand of Scouts Association of NZ."

    Mediawords: "Make it so Mr Spock!".

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  • Hard News: Not yet standing upright, in reply to Sacha,

    Don't be a dick........seems he Seys Mour to it

    Flag that!

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  • Hard News: A cog in the Mediaworks machine,

    | Scout Assoc preparing to boil “SCOUT” in paper bag. Seems they have dib dib dibs on that one…..maybe


    Scout Association of New Zealand Amendment Act 1967
    Private Act 1967 No 3
    Date of assent 24 November 1967
    Commencement 24 November 1967

    5 Restriction on use of names
    • (1)Except with the consent of the Governor-General in Council and subject to the provisions of this section, no association of persons, whether incorporated or not, shall exercise the functions for which it is formed under the name “Scout Association” or under a name that contains those words or the words “Scout” or “Boy Scout”.
    (2)Where any enactment provides for the registration of any association of persons, the registering authority shall refuse registration if in the opinion of that authority the use of the name by which the association desires to be registered is prohibited by subsection (1).
    (3)Every incorporated association that does any act in contravention of any of the provisions of this section commits an offence and is liable to a fine not exceeding $100 and, if the offence is a continuing one, to a further fine not exceeding $10 for every day on which the offence has continued.
    (4)Where any unincorporated association of persons does any act in contravention of this section, every member of the association shall be deemed to have committed an offence and shall be liable to a fine not exceeding $20 and, if the offence is a continuing one, to a further fine not exceeding $4 for every day on which the offence has continued.
    (5)Nothing in this section shall apply to the Corporation or to any association of persons that is a member of or is affiliated to the Corporation or to any branch of such an association.
    (6)Nothing in this section shall apply to the use by any association registered, before the passing of this Act, under any enactment of any name that was in use in New Zealand by that association on the passing of this Act.

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  • OnPoint: Don't put words in our mouths, Rob,

    ” all agreed the name-based ethnicity analysis was statistically sound, robust, and accurate.

    “I pointed Keith to posts and tweets from each of them individually expressing support for the *method”,

    “But data and method are not the same thing,”

    Dead right data and method aren’t the same thing. You can have a method before you collect the data. You can have the data then develop a method to look at it. But when you use the word “analysis” it implies method and data are present and to cap it off there are guaranteed to be conclusions. And it is highly likely that’s what Keith was concerned about. He objected to the conclusions you made with the analysis of the shonky data using your method.

    Baysians can be pretty bloody dangerous at times.

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