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  • Hard News: After Len,

    So what do the rest of you think about introducing the Single Transferable Vote for Auckland City local elections?

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  • Access: Social media, disability…,

    This is why I love the DPA page on Facebook. It's full of anger, debate, networking and radical ruminations. Someone urgently needs to reform the disability section of the Human Rights Act 1993 and close all of these ridiculous discriminatory loopholes.

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  • Polity: Canada voted,

    I imagine that as the NDP appear to be a green political party, we're talking about water drinkability here.

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  • Polity: Canada voted,

    These are the New Democrat policies:

    New Democrats today advocate, among other things:

    Four years of budget surpluses relying on tax increases on corporations and ending tax breaks for stock options

    Increasing corporate tax rate from 15% to 17% and lower the small business tax rate from 11% to 9%

    Create a national cap and trade system to lower greenhouse gas emissions

    Reopen the constitution and win the unanimous support of the provinces to abolish the Senate

    Maintenance and expansion of human rights and civil rights, including: gender equality, equal rights for LGBTQA citizens, rights for people with physical and mental disabilities, workers' rights, and Aboriginal peoples' treaty, land, and constitutional rights

    Promoting Interculturalism and an intercultural understanding of Canada

    Expanding public health care, including a prescription drug coverage plan costing $2.6 billion over four years

    Take in 10, 000 Syrian refugees immediately and 9, 000 per year afterwards

    Spend $595 million to create $15 per day universal daycare and one million daycare spaces

    Reinstate the federal minimum wage to give workers in federally regulated industries such as rail and air transportation, banking, and telecommunications a $15 per hour wage

    Reducing poverty in Canada

    Social assistance policies that reflects citizens' needs and assist their re-entry to the work force

    National water safety standards

    Implementing mixed-member proportional representation

    Expanding funding for public transportation

    A foreign policy that emphasizes diplomacy, peacekeeping, and humanitarian aid instead of offensive military action

    Decriminalizing marijuana

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  • Polity: Canada voted,

    Courtesy of Wikipedia, here are a list of current Liberal Party policies:

    Cut the middle class tax bracket ($45,000 — $90,000) from 22% to 20.5% and create a new tax bracket for income above $200,000 taxed at 33%

    Set national targets to lower greenhouse gas emissions through cooperation with provinces, support Keystone XL with a stricter environmental review process, spend $20 billion over 10 years on "greener infrastructure"

    Run three years of deficits that will not exceed $10 billion dollars to finance infrastructure projects and balance the budget in 2019

    Spend $60 billion in new infrastructure spending, including $20 billion in transit infrastructure and quadrupling federal funding for public transit, all over three years

    Invest $300 million annually to fund a Youth Employment Strategy

    Reduce employment insurance (EI) premiums from $1.88 per $100 to $1.65 per $100

    Replace the Universal Child Care Benefit with a Canada Child Benefit that would provide $2,500 more to an average family of four

    Support training efforts in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia, end the bombing mission against ISIS but increase humanitarian aid and training of local ground troops

    Take in 25,000 Syrian refugees and spend $100 million for refugee processing and settlement

    Negotiate a new health accord with the provinces to guarantee long-term funding, including a national plan for lower prescription drug prices

    Invest $3 billion over four years to improve home care

    Set up an all-party committee to pass legislation implementation of physician assisted death

    Full legalization of marijuana

    Implement electoral reform to move from a first-past-the-post electoral system to a system in which the seat count more closely match the popular vote

    Implementing a non-partisan appointment process for the Senate modelled on that of the Order of Canada, after having removed Liberal senators from the party caucus in 2014

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  • Polity: Canada voted,

    In a word, Alberta. The oil and gas rich province is nauseatingly right wing and it's where the Conservative base is.

    Anyhow, here are some stats for the rest of you. The new composition of the Canadian House of Commons is as follows. Out of 339 total seats, the Liberal Party under Justin Trudeau have won 184 seats. Some distance behind, the vanquished Conservative Party of Canada has claimed 99, while the third party New Democrats have 44, the Bloc Quebecois have 10 and the Canadian Greens have one. Conceding defeat, outgoing Canadian Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper also announced that he was stepping down as leader of the Conservatives.

    According to the Globe and Mail, the turnout was seventy percent. Eighty eight women were elected, one quarter of the total House of Commons and a new federal record. The Liberals claimed considerable ethnic minority support, and polled well across income categories, leading the Conservatives by about fifteen points. The Atlantic provinces, Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia all solidly voted Liberal, sweeping aside both Conservative incumbents and New Democrat mainstays. The only exception to the rule were the other western provinces, particularly Alberta, which is the core of the Conservative vote.

    LGBT Canadians are happy but sorry that the NDP did so poorly. A lot of tactical voting went on, probably. Canadian LGBT political correspondent Rob Salerno noted that most Canadian LGBT community members relished the end of the Harper era as a fate well deserved. Although the Conservatives wisely abandoned trying to reverse federal Canadian marriage equality legislation, the Conservative brand was tainted by homophobic outbursts from his party MPs and candidates, unyielding oppostion to Bill C-279, which would have added gender identity to Canada's Human Rights Act antidiscrimination legislation, funding cuts to LGBT organisations and the effective recriminalisation of sex work, as well as draconian new "national security", surveillance and anti-terrorism legislation. Salerno notes that there will be an end to Canada's blood and organ donor ban for eligible gay men, passage of a transgender rights bill through the House of Commons (although the Senate Upper House obstructed the legislation last time- but Trudeau can appoint 22 new Liberal Senators to that house), transgender official document reform and transgender prisoners rights, and age of consent equality.

    Canada's raving right is grieving. Writing mournfully on the antigay, antifeminist and antiabortion Lifesite, an anonymous religious social conservative lamented that Trudeau was strongly pro-choice on abortion rights and supported trans-inclusive federal antidiscrimination laws, as well as possible refusal to delay the implementation of the Canadian Supreme Court Carter assisted suicide rights decision. It also mourned the defeat of numerous Conservative antigay and antiabortion MPs- more than half of them gone, thankfully.


    Toronto Globe and Mail:

    Rob Salerno: "Four new lesbian or gay MPs returned to Ottawa" Xtra Canada: 20.10.2015: http://www. /news-and-ideas/news/four-openly-gay-lesbian-new-mps- elected-ottawa-179030

    Rob Salerno: "Does the end of the Harper era mean victory for LGBT people?" Xtra Canada: 20.10.2015: http://www. era-mean-victory-lgbt-people- 179036

    Wikipedia/Canadian federal election 2015: http:// en.wikipedia. org/Canadian_federal_election,_2015

    Not Recommended:

    "Pro-lifers lament Justin Trudeau's Liberal sweep: Lifesite: 20.10.2015: https://www. news/pro-lifers-lament-justin- trudeaus-liberal-sweep

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  • Access: The First Day,

    Damned excellent post, Fiona. Over in Brisbane, my sister Janine is the sole carer for my nephew Jordan, who has osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone syndrome). She has her own home, but it's a constant struggle to insure her deadbeat dad ex- husband pays his fair share of child support on time and he also rarely uses his visitation rights. Life would be impossible if it weren't for my parents helping both of them out. And don't get me started on Aussie child support enforcement... :(

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  • Polity: TPP, eh?,

    Ah-here's the reference to Pharmac's pharmacoeconomic analysis framework I was talking about. Take a look at it and assess the implications for pharmaceutical policy, scope and scale of access yourselves:

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  • Polity: TPP, eh?,

    Obviously, I'm concerned with the pharmaceutical angle. Has anyone else read the Pharmac "pharmacoeconomics analysis" paper, which explains how the pharmaceutical regulator arrives at its supply decisions? While the costs may not be passed on to the consumer, I am concerned that intellectual property and related processing rights will cause delays, increased prices and reduced scope and scale of access to medication for some specific groups- such as People Living With HIV/AIDS.

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  • Hard News: About Chris Brown, in reply to Russell Brown,

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