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  • Speaker: Public art is no place for committees,

    Before we have PR about the art and its meaning, let the public have a say about the LOCATION.

    Between an alleyway! What were they thinking

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  • Muse: A C!#& and Balls Story, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Well I should have said been a regular in New Lynn for past 25 years and before that the original Lynn Mall. Which has never been owned by Westfield,

    AMP had it for a while and they did a major makeover in the late 90s. I think the owners of Sylva Park have it now.

    Im not a fan of these 'tower block flats when the Auckland topography suits 3 to 4 residential levels. The HCNZ block in Lynfield is a good example not far away, and close to transport , shopping and schools. This is in line with the unitary plan (until the bureaucrats crank it up to 8 levels plus with discretionary planning.)

    The library IS too small , as you would find if you visited regulary and is more crowded than its larger neighbour Avondale and nothing on the outstanding Birkenhead library( who host music ensembles) .
    So much for those extra people expected to live close by. The new town hall is outstanding but is stuck on its own.

    The new west gate development is further example of Architecture by Penny Hulse, old ideas that everyone else has moved on from with little regard to human scale or needs. Dreadful.

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  • Muse: A C!#& and Balls Story, in reply to Russell Brown,

    It does sound Russell that you have hardly ever been in New Lynn and relied on the marketing blurbs personally couriered by Penny Hulse. ( Clean Politics?)

    I am regularly in there for the last 25 years and remember the opening of Lynn Mall in its original open air mall version. It was all a human scale then.

    In reality the redevelopment is a version of Christchurch s experience without EQC, but with public money being used to maintain commercial land values and a 15 storey block of flats that went out of 'fashion' in London 30 years ago but in its Auckland version is plonked down on multilevel concrete carpark.
    At night its lit up by leds for green cred, but which emphasis the battery hen construction by showing as stacked boxes viewable for 10 km.

    Next to it is a new library which is not much different in size to the old version built by New Lynn Borough Council in the 1960s, which was demolished so that Macdonalds could have a larger store with carpark. Good bye book stacks , hello Big Macs

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  • Speaker: Sex with the office lights on:…,

    Somehow there has been a mix up of privacy of words spoken:

    He went on to apply that law to the Andrews’ case and said that, even though the accident occurred in a public place, the couple’s** conversations** were still private:

    And privacy of images, which is the substance in this case. As well it was an office not a bedroom.
    The issue of privacy arose over the Len Brown affair, that was given short shrift, so I dont see how two anonymous people can have any expectation of privacy at their place of work

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  • Speaker: Why all the fuss over six trees?,

    Tony makes some very good points about the high priests who serve the great god called Traffic.
    But of course they are completely fallible with their computer aided prognostications as we saw with the joining of the South Western motorway with the Southern at Wiri. The computer models said it would be fine but from the day it opened there were massive traffic jams. The benefits of the new motorway lanes were unrealised as the so called saving in travel time evaporated. I can see this happening with the interchange at Pt Chev . Under the original plan approved under Labour there would have been no connection with the city bound lanes ( and the widening through Western Springs). Yet again there will be an unrealised dream of reduced travel time for those heading to the city.
    The sacrifice of the pohutukawa will have been in vain

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  • Hard News: We can make things better here, in reply to Rik,

    Nationals ongoing commitment and funding for national cycleways. Nice one, National!
    Hardly. These sort of things come out of the mitigation funding that the motorways projects have to provide for the disruption to the communities they are built in.

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  • Hard News: Works in progress, in reply to Roger Lacey,

    The idea that it’s the poor motorists who pay for everything is a face-slappable myth.

    Just a quick look at the funding will tell you that NZTA gives $250 mill to councils for maintenance of locals roads ( separate to State highways which they fund entirely), then there is $325 million for new or upgraded local roads, then there is the $260 million for public transport..
    I dont have a problem with hows it paid for, that there is no direct charge to users for a mode of transport, (unlike the others), its the what I would call the Downton Abbey attitude: " UPHILL?, why does it have to be so hard for something we are entitled to"

    As for the selling of assets to pay for holiday highways ( or was that new hospitals...or new schools...or new ..), Bill English will be happy someone was sucked in by his spin .

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  • Hard News: Works in progress, in reply to BenWilson,

    All the rest involve a stiff uphill climb at the end of your trip

    Mmmm, is there no pleasing bike riders ??( Unlike motorists they are paying zilch for their new cycleways)

    Maybe we can introduce rickshaws for those unable to meet the physical challenge, or there are those other thingys...buses .

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  • Hard News: The Sky is the limit, in reply to DeepRed,

    I wonder if Cr Brewer has shares in SkyCity? It’s always fun sorting out those who’ll stick to their principles, and those who have a price.

    Shares are not a way to make real money, this is 2015 its being a partner in a public relations consultancy. Heard of Graham, Brewer, Simich & Associates ?
    Yes , thats Carrick Graham in there.
    Also well known is Sky Citys 'ambassaador' program where certain certain celebrities and assorted Auckland big noters are paid to promote Sky City.

    "SkyCity is paying tens of thousands of dollars for the services and star-power of some of the country's biggest celebrity names.

    Mike Hosking has done regular work for the casino, and Paul Henry has a "long-standing association" with it. SkyCity sponsors several big-name sports stars and provides a 'chairman's card' for a small number of celebrities allowing them free five-star hotel rooms, meals and drinks."

    Join the dots , as they say!

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  • Hard News: The Sky is the limit,

    NZ Herald Jun 28, 2013: The Auckland Council has voted not to support the $400 million national convention centre for pokies deal on the eve of the Government and SkyCity signing off the deal. In a conscience vote, the council voted 10-7 yesterday not to support “the Government’s proposal for SkyCity to develop a convention centre in return for changes in our gambling legislation to increase gambling at the SkyCity casino”

    This vote was for a motion from anti casino campaigner Cathy Casey.

    'Mike Hosking said he was off to lunch at Federal St and couldnt comment' isnt a headline we will see

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