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  • Speaker: Facing the floods, in reply to Hebe,

    That rain gauge is miles from Flockton; it's on the other side of town. Completely different microclimate: rainfall,..

    Thats the closest that Ecan has ( mostly they have them in rural areas)

    Metservice shows yesterday was only 38.8mm in Christchurch ( Hagley park)
    Home user gauges arent reliable enough, those that have double the Metservice reading are almost certainly wrong. Other readings show it only varies by a few mm across the city ( excluding Port Hills)
    The historical record shows the highest ever monthly rainfall was 187mm and the highest daily rainfall was 125mm. (1975) This being 4x what you had the other day

    With numbers under 40mm for 24h you are a long way from setting any daily records. But of course the flooding problem is quite severe in Flockton

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  • Cracker: The Colorado Experiment, in reply to Damian Christie,

    Problems that didn't already exist under prohibition. But thanks for reducing all that to a snide quip.

    Your welcome. Maybe you could have said more of your itinerary in the main story than this -
    " I of all people would get to go to Colorado for what must be the biggest event on the worldwide cannabis calendar.
    Then there is the pundits who just want more 'wholesome shops'. It screams middle class.
    Or worse, patronising superiority such as this -" just to get or hold on to some bullshit retail or cubicle job. Oh really !

    There are certainly some lost balls in high weeds here

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  • Speaker: Facing the floods,

    A look at a few numbers from the Ecan rain gauge at Halswell Ryans Bridge which seems to be the closest point to Flockton.
    The peak events this year seem to be all under 45mm for 24h. A few last year went from 45mm to 65mm.
    The Council design standards give 'median annual max 24h rainfall depth' of 50-55mm for the city area.

    So nothing this year is out of the ordinary, no where near 100 y/1% AEP figures (which dont seem to be easy to find).

    The flooding is obvious to see and the land changes have been known for some time. Last year had some higher rainfall events yet only now has urgency seem to applied.

    Is this the notorious Christchurch inertia- yet again- leading nowhere.

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  • Cracker: The Colorado Experiment,

    This is the sort of febrile reasoning used in Colorado

    "According to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, the organization responsible for much of the campaigning in support of Amendment 64, cannabis use by teens is likely to go down because commercial access would be limited to persons 21 and older."

    I nearly fell off my chair laughing ....

    But wait theres more..
    " This amendment requires the general assembly to enact an excise tax to be levied upon wholesale sales of cannabis, requiring that the first $40 million in revenue raised annually by such tax be credited to the public school capital construction assistance fund."

    The first $40 mil for school construction fund ?

    Its beyond laughable when you know how politics and funding works.
    Yep, more libraries for high decile schools. We have been there al lready with the pokies funding and we know how the haves get more from those who have most to lose

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  • Cracker: The Colorado Experiment,

    A big mistake, to further decriminalise pot.

    But hey, lets just visit some place, enjoy the vibes and then say go for it.

    Anyone would agree Tobacco has ruined the health and lives of millions of kiwis. That was a mistake based on lack of knowledge ( and wilful obstruction by the tobacco industry) over centuries.

    Loosening alcohol restrictions hasnt worked to the better either. The alcohol industry fights every foot of the way along with their fellow travellers in the pokies business ( created by liquor interests to start with as their product is not especially addictive for most)

    Marijuana is a big distorting influence in many parts of the country, but heh since the chattering classes are ambivalent - "didnt do me any harm" lets make it commercial
    Yet the 'synthetics' experiment shows even turning tinnies into a FMCG is destined for disaster

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  • Hard News: Standing together,

    There seems to be some confusion about Mai Chen the person and Chen Palmer the law firm.
    A quick look at their web site ( the Law firm) shows a number of partners and principals, which could indicate that different people were handling the Phillipstown school and the Te Kohunga Trust, if not as they are unrelated entities there is no problem.
    Any way, why does a stern letter have to be seen as bullying ?. Would it not be a lapse to NOT point out the full implications of a transgression. And it seems that the changes made to the web site have resolved the matter, that would appear all that was really required.

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  • Hard News: Gower Speaks,

    So John Key and National are 'masking' their donations by using restaurants and other events, where participants are making donations or paying over the top for services.

    Its seems a clear strategy to get around the election donor law

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  • Muse: Guilt By Association Copy,

    I see someone has dug up that one of Keys family back in England bought up Goerings bedroom suite.

    Does that mean they are in bed with the Nazis too ??

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  • Hard News: Members of the Press,

    I thought the Whaleoil blog was a side bar for the Heralds entertainment column.

    When you have a large business with substantial assets you have to use unusual methods to get risky stories out there . Especially those involving people with a litigious reputation

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  • Hard News: Schools: can we get a plan up…,

    The Pt Chev Primary website gives a bit of historical context

    In 1927 its roll was 680 and in 1945 it was 900. Even after Pasadena Intermediate opened in 1941 and took the Form 1 & 2 students.

    So what is the problem again ? Your roll is over 600 ??. So what.

    It seems that the decline at Pasadena is because local primaries are keeping the Form 1 & 2 students. Well if they went back to Pasadena that would take 50 or 60 students.

    Just as the roll peaked in the years after the suburb was built in the 1920s to 1940s the current peak will drop off again

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