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  • Access: The Problem with the Greens’…,

    We will also introduce quotas for audio-description and New Zealand
    Sign Language content.

    Isn't this (pdf) the referral you are asking for?

    That isn't a cop out. It states a strong commitment, in the context of the policy. The blind community should work with the Greens and other parties to flesh out those timelines and commitments.

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  • Hard News: Media Take and Godwin's Election,

    To answer your questions: No, they do not do basic research.

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  • Hard News: The silence of the public square,

    They came from Overseas with millions in cash, leaving many with little but the shoes on their feet. They persuaded and cajoled and sought attention from serious players, from media, from the people, from the police.
    Using their influence they gained political power in an attempt to rule a small South Seas Country. One a German entrepreneur, the other a Jewish Banker. Who could have thought they would become enemies?

    Take your racism somewhere else.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Curatin' for…,

    Considerably more modern this time...

    I keep warming to FKA Twigs' shimmering industrial R&B.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Curatin' for…,

    Someone is running for Parliament, so I thought it was time to dig up the old dub.

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  • Hard News: The crybaby philosopher,

    How about because civilised, careful, fact-based debate might work a little better without the side-order of name-calling?

    As someone with an actual philosophy degree, I'm ashamed that Whyte is so tenuous in his arguments. If you are going to state a position, it is incumbent on you to bring facts to a debate. Assertions, no matter how clean and simple they are, remain assertions until they are either proved, or disproved. If you are going to make a strong claim (which a comparison to pre-revolutionary France and of strong Pakeha disadvantage is) then you need strong facts.

    Whyte has no facts to bring. Instead, he is the kind of person who deals in substance-free hypotheticals.

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  • Feed: Fulminating and fermenting,

    I don't mind bitterness. It's the hops that get me, being unpleasantly sedative. It is quite like mixing alcohol and marijuana, feeling utterly dazed and slightly nauseous. Body-hopped, if you will.*

    It seems to have got slightly better around Wellington in recent months, but if I'm in a craft beer bar I'll usually ask for a beer which is low on the hops.

    *I don't own a car, but I do wonder if the effect on others is sufficient to increase their risk, even at low levels of consumption.

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  • Access: Power to (all) the people!,

    My experience is that political parties are actually rather keen to encourage diversity and participation. They aren't value-free vessels though, and the constraints on promoting people relate to the talents and experience, and 'fit' with the values of that party. In the Greens, 4 of 36, or slightly above 10% of ranked candidates are disabled. Two were very recent members, both encouraged and inspired by the success of a profoundly deaf Mojo Mathers, and the other was a long-standing member with a lot to give. I would encourage participation in parties, but put the caveat that only the exceptional (of any identity) get promoted quickly through the ranks.

    I asked a friend in the sector recently what the sector's "minimum demands" were. He replied that there were no unified demands, as there were too many actors across a range of disabilities. As someone on the outside who would like to be supportive, I'd like to see a few clear messages and demands that crystalise political action.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Good ideas and grumbles,

    A tweet by Aaron Hawkins gives me an idea:

    In the spirit of celebrating small victories, getting a bunch of @FishriderNZ tunes put up as DCC hold music cc @southernscoop

    There's a lot music out there, and by now we're all entirely sick of Nature's Best (if we weren't within weeks or months). Is there any attempt from NZ labels like Arch Hill or Flying Nun to give their music to the people in this format? Hold music is hardly glamorous, but it is a source of revenue.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Good ideas and grumbles,

    It’s well established that venues make their money from alcohol (and in some places, food). Since rents are high and door takings are low, it makes sense to put the bands on later, in order to maximise revenue coming in over the bar.

    The problem is that all of this has to compete with other forms of entertainment. It also has to compete with incomes that are pressured by high rents or mortgage repayments and other cost of living pressures.

    Suddenly the dynamics of a live venue change, and its hospitability and warmth become important. Different things are going to work with different people, but having more formats with which to experience music is definitely a good thing. It isn’t summer time year round, but most of the time I’d rather see the same band at 7pm outdoors at Splore.


    I'm also in the position right now of organising a fundraising gig, in a traditional venue with a traditional format. In order to fill the venue sufficiently, we need a good headliner, or several relatively well known bands. We're getting there, but it's hard work - not many musicians guarantee a crowd. (The ones we know are all at a wedding that weekend...)

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