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  • Hard News: Friday Music: So much music I…,

    I had a look at the Pitchfork list a few days ago and felt completely out of touch. I knew about a tenth of the artists, and even few of their songs. I think we're living in a very diverse music environment. It's thrilling, and sometimes overwhelming.

    I hadn't heard of War on Drugs. But I'm happy to join the consensus, and on initial impressions they're most like the Phoenix Foundation in my lexicon. Very smooth and warm instrumentation behind affected vocals.

    On a slightly different tip, I've been enjoying Robyn and Kindness collaboration, in which they channel early-90s R&B and Kate Bush. (Not generally a fan of these kinds of videos, but the song carries this one.)

    And this monstrous headbanger of gravelly synths, dirty bass, and Robyn's trademark emotion.

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  • Up Front: Good to Go?,

    I think that so much of our issue with sex stems from the fact that we've separated it from normal human behaviour.

    You're having a party. You have people who are welcome; you may have decided that it's only by written invite. But that's only the beginning. There is behaviour which is acceptable with different people in different contexts. Bringing over a pig to roast might make you very popular in some circles, and be quite upsetting to a group of vegetarians. You're probably best to ask, and don't be offended if someone says no.

    The problem is that there is a high level of assumed intimacy in sexual relations, and we're usually not very good at bringing up these matters without threatening that implied intimacy. Asking someone to bring the volume down a bit - it's 1am and the neighbours won't be impressed - reasonably easy. Asking someone to turn the volume down a bit... well, perhaps they never consented to quietness....

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  • Speaker: An Open Letter To David Cunliffe,

    From crisis comes opportunity - and if the worst result in generations isn't enough to allow a party to present refreshment and renewal, what is?

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  • Hard News: Five further thoughts,

    And I’m in complete agreement that it’s a false dilemma, which is why it makes me incredibly angry to see it being argued again. Don’t think I made my sarcasm clear enough on the earlier post.

    This is upsetting me too. Blairism will destroy that party, and I mean that literally.

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  • Hard News: A call from Curia,

    Not a push poll. Stop saying it is.

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  • Speaker: Election 2014: Mental Health Policies,

    Thanks Kyle, greatly appreciated.

    I work in an addictions organisation, and contrary to ACT's statement, I know that the clients we work with value the free services they receive very much. I'm heartened by the promises of support and of increasing both the level and quality of service across the sector.

    Just a minor note, I'd make clear above that AOD is a term which refers to "alcohol and other drugs".

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  • Speaker: If political parties were beer ...,

    I'm going to suggest that National are in fact Steinlager Pure. A modern refresh of a long in the tooth classic created to appeal to the common person with aspirations of success. Sponsoring the All Blacks and Team New Zealand, this is the national beer, a drink for people who think New Zealand leads the world. What was once bland and uninteresting has been stripped down to a single element mixed with water, and marketed as heavily as can be. Pure in name only.

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  • Hard News: In The Green Room,

    Bart, the policy (with PDF) is available here. I'm afraid I won't do justice to it!

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  • Hard News: In The Green Room, in reply to Myles Thomas,

    From my perspective too much of science funding has the fingerprints of politicians all over it. Usually the motivation is that politicians believe they can “pick winners”. Sadly that motivation is unsupported by any evidence, historical or otherwise.

    I was at a business breakfast recently where Norman emphasised the difference between an across the board increase in claimable R&D as opposed to the current practice of subsidising chosen businesses and industries. The Marsden Fund would be left alone for the moment, in order not to introduce greater disruption, but would not be the focus of investment.

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  • Hard News: In The Green Room,

    I am a Green supporter and quite an active active one (I'd encourage anyone who wants to make change in NZ to volunteer for a political party in the next few weeks).

    So I'm not exactly neutral right now. Nevertheless, I think an interesting area of questioning would be around attitudes to science, particularly as it relates to their current focus on economic transformation and "innovation". There are some challenges to be dealt with, particularly as part of a government.

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