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  • Hard News: The Auckland Council as leaky…,

    I'm just waiting for John Key to say "Read my lips - no new taxes". Then they'll screw us over by threatening to triple our local body rates unless they can sell some assets. The uber-wealthy boomers needed another tax break - I mean the property market's been a little shaky recently and they're even talking about regulating our finance industry. What shall they do? Raise GST and lower the top tax rate. That'll sort it.

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  • Hard News: Dropping the Ball,

    Won't we all be at Queens Wharf watching it free anyway?

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  • Island Life: So, what do you think of…,

    Why does the government have such a burning desire to party at Queens Wharf when there are many existing party places already paid for and constructed and ready to go for the RWC?
    Haven't we got better things to do with our money?
    I wonder if they'll build a fake beach on the end requiring us to pay for more Pakiri sand every few years a la Mission Bay.

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  • Island Life: Everyone loves a quiz.,

    What is wrong with the Viaduct, Vector Arena or Aotea Square again? We don't need a "party central" on Queens Wharf.
    At least we're not being lumped with the cost of it. Ratepayer funds are already diminished by $40 million because the Eden Park Trust Board are incompetent.
    There's a lot going on already for the RWC - I get the feeling we're going to be spoilt for choice.

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  • OnPoint: Lies, damn lies, adjectives,

    For two seconds there after his media release last night I thought that maybe I'd got it all wrong. Maybe John Key really did think that it was WRONG for the wealthy not to pay tax at the expense of low and middle income New Zealanders. Rick Barker from Labour made it clear that they are just going to look after their old mates too. Maybe we need a political party aimed at non-baby-boomers with an intention to level the playing field. In the mean time student loan debt is at $10 billion and rising by $1 bn a year. That's indentured servitude. Not being able to buy a house increases that servitude.

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  • Field Theory: The Sad News Springboks,

    Wayne Barnes was either paid or he is blind. 37 possible penalties in the game against the French and only 2 awarded (both in the first half). Proof?

    The AB's were poisoned deliberately in the hotel. Only they were affected out of all the guests.

    Members of the Togo soccer team were murdered recently.

    We invest a lot in following a sport that seems corrupt when bigger forces are involved - and our small country is pretty easy to screw over.

    1991 was a shocker. Nothing went right and we deserved to lose. The Fench beat us fair and square in 2003.

    In 1995 and 2007 we had the best team in the world. By miles. Unbeatable except for the ref and the waitress...

    The French were dogged in 2007 but then if I'd infringed ten times without penalty then I suppose I also would think I had nothing to lose by smothering everything and standing offside for 80 minutes. We can blame Henry for not playing a better team but the NZRU chiefs had the inside word on what really happened and have kept him on. Go figure!

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  • Cracker: Of Racks and Ratings,

    JC is always happy to talk to anyone in the street... he's fairly chilled out off-screen. He used to frequent the same takeaways as me.
    Why the beat-up? We need his show to continue existing. It actually does more for us than The Simpsons. If you're interested in getting Sky you can get The Simpsons anyway - and we can't actually purchase another half hour attempt at real NZ journalism in prime time otherwise.
    Two years ago - even 12 months ago - 3News was winning hands-down and TVNZ was in a slump mainly because Carole Hirschfield and John Campbell came up trumps for TV3. They've lost one of the dynamic duo (Hirschfield to Maori TV). Think of Newsboy and Havoc. Where's Paul Casserly when you need him etc. Jeremy and Paul forged ahead in Mikey's absence. Who is looking after Mr Campbell?
    Has Close Up suffered since Janet Wilson left? Yes it has. The quality of both shows has dropped because of the loss of some bright sparks. But new people with new great ideas might arrive and currently the situation is a pressure cooker for anyone wanting the job(s).
    Most importantly we need to keep both shows rather than having one replaced by an (albeit fantastic) US cartoon.

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  • Field Theory: The Sad News Springboks,

    I was trying to think of Breaking Away's name when I scrolled down and you had it already. My addled memory recalled the team was "The Cutters" and I love the scene when they jump into the quarry off the cliffs. When it came out my friends all had 10-speeds and I had a one-speed but we'd ride 30 to 40km to the beach and back together - I was working my butt off to get up the hills in the same time as my friends though. We lived in Warkworth and went to the Old Wilson Cement Works to swim all through summer and jumping off the cliffs on the far side in the 90 metre deep quarry was the best fun. It's funny - I always thought I was almost the only person who had seen it. I watched it again a couple of years back and it's still fantastic.
    On a completely different topic, I think Ali Williams needs orthotics if he hasn't got them already. I did my achilles and hamstrings almost monthly until getting a pair - they work. It's not like he can't afford it - but then who knows now his furniture business went under and his prospects of earning lots playing rugby just took a plunge. When you think how much less the NZRU will make if we miss out on winning the RWC, then $500 on a podiatrist seems small change.
    I still go to type NZRFU - apparently it changed in 2006... that word football is almost a misnomer in NZ. I'm waiting for hacky-sackers to adopt it too for example.
    The fact that the '95 AB's were poisoned was almost as bad as Wayne Barnes blatant bias and cheating last time around. WTF are they going to do this time? Togo at the African Cup of Nations might have been a test run. You do get the feeling they'll stop at nothing to win and that's made me very negative towards rugby. Wayne Barnes (and the official reaction to his display) made following the AB's seem a bit stupid. Why bother at that point? Does Invictus show half our team vomiting in 1995? Jeff Wilson could hardly walk. Scum.

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  • Random Play: Pauly Fuemana: How . . . sad,

    I loved OMCs album and didn't know Pauly. I vividly remember hearing "How Bizarre" for the first time on New Years Eve Day in Mapua Camground before attending N-Train. It was on high-rotate on the radio and I thought it was an amazing song. After three plays over 2 hours the DJ came on and said it was Otara Millionaires Club. I was stunned - and very proud to be a kiwi. I was 100% convinced that it was the latest sound from London or NY.
    I lived downtown in the late 80's and I thought the arrival in town of Karlos Quartez (fashion modelling at the time) and Darryl DLT Thompson changed the whole scene - suddenly it was very cool to be non-pakeha. OMC sealed the deal!

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  • Hard News: Do Want?,

    I agrrrrrree in hindsight Paul.
    Ok not Auschwitz. Maybe more like an animal Aramoana then. It just sucks that Wellsford has gone feral. I'm almost waiting for one of them to say "squeal like a pig boy" on 3 News tonight. They just seem very backwards. The thought of the dogs running around trapped and screaming in anguish for a very long period of time makes me ill.
    It used to be a bit rough around the edges in Wellsford. The local gang were the Boot Boys and their leader was Gumboot - he drowned at Te Arai in the end. Apparently there are now 3 gangs in Wellsford. And the wierd thing is that the place also has lots of life-styling Aucklanders living there. And we want to put a 2 billion dollar road through? Bizarre. Why don't we spend the money on running a train line to Omaha Beach via Takapuna, Orewa and Warkworth instead?

    And Ben I agree that using a paper and pen can be liberating - especially in meetings. I find that not using a computer or disconnecting my internet connection when making phone calls allows me to make many more calls because there are no distractions as well.

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