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  • Hard News: Ideology for Evidence,

    As for the assertion that the ECA wasn't a "big deal", speaking as someone who was "made redundant" after 7 years, one year after the passage of the ECA, with no payout other than 2 weeks in lieu of notice, bullshit. There was also the small issue of the unions rolling over and playing dead as well (so much for 7 years membership of Jagpro, now Engineers).

    Of course, I should have "known" that redundancy provisions that were in the award agreement I'd had for so many years didn't roll over into the contract I "negotiated" - as I recall, the negotiation was in the lines of "take it or leave it".

    God only knows why National kept getting re-elected during that period. How many young or working-class people were voting at all around then?

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  • Hard News: The big #spill,

    Leaving aside fortune cookies, one thing I could bloody well do without is the ALP's rhetoric about Working-frigging-Families. It's deeply patronising. I'm not in a fucking family. I have plenty of friends who can't work. So does govt policy get to ignore us?

    Unfortunately, La Gillard is one of the worst at rolling out that particular phrase. I hope she will cease-and-desist. Soon.

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  • Hard News: The big #spill,

    And another one of Rudd's failings is that he managed to alienate almost all of his public servants. I know of rabid Labor supporters in the executive PS who vowed never to vote for "that @rseh*le".

    Also, he does not know the meaning of consultation - not at all (although there is such a thing as too much at times). Stuck his head out on a limb and expected everyone else to clean up after him.

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  • Hard News: Climate science and the media,

    Not to start a bunfight on the whys and wherefores of homeopathy - yes, I'm a qualified homeopath (working in IT), no, no-one knows how it works, yes, you get f*ckhead homeopaths, like you get f*ckhead doctors, and no, I really don't care if it boils down to a a placebo effect or coincidence if no-one's being told (illegally) that homeopathy will Cure anything - but that optical illusion analogy linked to above was pretty irrelevant, actually.

    I'm particularly peeved at the staring at the sun crack, actually. If homeopathic remedies don't do anything, they don't do anything, including harm anyone. A few idiots might tell people not to go to regular doctors, but it's unethical in the extreme. Some doctors won't refer people to specialists when they need them; virtually all homeopaths (yes, again, excepting a few individual f*ckheads) will refer people to real doctors when it is a matter of life or death, or they are out of their depth.

    [Expunging several paragraphs more on people's ability to spend money on whatever they choose, if it's not harming them and they are not being wilfully cheated.]

    Off to watch the Ted talk now on scientific denialism for some really scary stuff - add me (despite the foregoing) to the club of people who are horrified at what passes for scientific analysis in the media and general population these days.

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  • Hard News: A revolting piece of shit,

    Going back upthread a bit to drop a note - with the discussion about the range of views in feminism on porn/prostitution and the like, sorry to have "disappeared" on the discussion. 50 hour work week not terribly conducive to hanging out on intarwebs.

    Jolisa, by referring to the Sex Wars, I was really talking about the conference in the early 80s where the debate about what was "acceptable" feminist sexuality came to a head. At least these days I don't get told I'm "male-identified" because I'm butch (and not trans) and like having sex with femme women. Kinkily, at times. The sex wars then weren't about policing men's sexuality (e.g. prostitution).

    But you're right that there is this dichotomy between what others sneeringly scare-quote call "sex-positive feminists" and the ones who appear to conflate all non-mainstream or commercial sex with rank oppression ... and all the shades of grey in between. I'm tired of it too.

    I very much believe that the powers-that-be should go after the exploitation of labour and dodgy business practices wherever they find them. I feel quite certain that as authorities back up their stated aims - that they will inspect strip clubs, restaurant kitchens, hotel cleaners etc etc etc for underage, illegal immigrant, improperly paid, unsafe workers, then a fuckload of industries will start pulling their socks up.

    Personally, I think places like Hooters in the US are vile with their commodification of women's bodies in a non-ostensibly-sexual context. But if those women are paid properly and have decent working conditions, fine. I still feel I have the right to criticise the business, and the reasons why women might feel they have to work in such places, but I would not want to enact legislation to put those women out of work. And, if I learn that someone is in the habit of going to places like Hooters, great, a one-shot test to weed that kind of tool out of my social acquaintance.

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  • Hard News: A revolting piece of shit,

    I'm not even going to bother commenting on the vid o' shite, because I'm afraid violence-against-women as a cheap trope to cash in on is about as cre8ive, dude, as rape, partner abuse and family violence in general.

    Regarding the Icelandic ban, eh, as a rabid but post-sex-wars feminist, it smacks as throwing the baby out with the bathwater. You're not buying and selling -women- in the club, you're buying their performance time.

    As to how women might start working at the clubs, then investigate that aspect. Come down like a ton of bricks if people are being trafficked, health and safety regulations are being breached, the workers are not being paid properly, work excessive hours, etc. They got Al Capone through taxes in the end.

    For prostitution, criminalising that is futile, although it does make more sense to penalise the punters rather than the pros. But prostitution will never be got rid of, so it should be dealt with in the same way as any other occupation.

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  • Hard News: Sweet Rocksteady,

    Um, it's 3D/del Naja doing the "chuntering". And that's ok, I would never have gone to a Lyndard Skynard concert. I'm not that fussed about certain rap artists making their opinions known about their hos either. So, funny thing, singing is often political.

    Also, I thought the "classics" were ok, but I really like some of the new tracks. I really don't get why everyone was so enthused about Emo Chick doing Unfinished Sympathy. Yeah, powerful voice, but holy fuck she wanked on. Bring back Shara Nelson.

    Also, sitting down towards the floor, the sound was shite. I feel sorry for the people dancing, although they gave it a good go.

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  • Hard News: Transferring wealth to Wellington,

    Somewhat OT: but how about some investment in a decent pop music venue or doing SOMETHING about the acoustics in the Vector Arena. The Massive were loudish last night, but the shitty distortion in the upper registers was horrible.

    Also, the fact that the tools behind me did not STFU throughout the entire concert, even when I asked - and the fact that they were able to carry on an extremely audible conversation at all (can we discuss Martina Topley-Bird's relationship with Tricky AFTER the concert?!) - did not really enhance my listening pleasure.

    A shame, because the crowd was good, but I was much more "immersed" in the sound in Canberra's wee venue last week, even though it was quieter. Also, people weren't yapping loudly the entire time, which helped.

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  • Hard News: Good Newsing,

    It's so nice to see some of these classic NZ music clips again.

    Although I managed to miss that 3Ds clip the first time round, and it was obviously no great loss. It was fine until the gurning started halfway though. I think I prefer the vids with the band standing motionless and a single camera pointed head-on.

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  • Hard News: The Press, Privacy and The Paps,

    Regarding the outing debate, I'm extremely happy with it when it is done at the expense of public figures who have promoted discrimination against queers, whether in the law, religion, business, whatever.

    Actually, Giovanni, I read quite a bit of discussion at the time of Larry "Wide Stance" Craig about the deliciousness of that hypocritical arsehole being caught by the fascistic laws that he promoted. And good riddance.

    But I don't think that because someone happens to be a public figure, their private life should be a matter of speculation. I didn't think much of Max Mosley in general, but I very much admired his handling of the outing of his SM practices. I also think he won the moral war (in the UK) about what should deemed to be in the "public interest" about public figures' private lives. Not that it's particularly slowed down the tabs over there.

    Phillip, yeah, thanks for the quotes around "struggle" when it comes to describing one's coming to terms with one's sexual orientation and people's perception of it, you can stick it up your frigging jumper.

    I'm as leftie as you can imagine, and plenty of these so-called left or liberal types have their little areas of bigotry. Try being a young dyke in a union meeting in the mid-80s when the brethren were still bitching about letting women into their trade, much less queers. Not to mention actual personal abuse/manifest discomfort -- and as Craig points out, we do live in a relatively liberal environment.

    How nice for you that you haven't had to encounter that kind of difficulty personally. Perhaps you could STFU about how homosexuals are perceived and should behave until such time as you have something to say based on actual knowledge.

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