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  • Hard News: Unhappy Birthday,

    Shrubbery. Am I the only person who can't see the word "Shrubbery" without immediately thinking "Neep!"???

    Tom, I think you mean "ni!".

    Indeed, as I was typing it, I was thinking, heh, I said 'shrubbery'.

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  • Hard News: Unhappy Birthday,

    You do have to steel yourself when the people like the Russell Browns [Public Address blogger] attack you. You get used to it, but I didn't realise I'd get used to it quite so quickly. It really stung the first time.

    I think I can clear this up. About six weeks ago, my daughter adopted a hedgehog, which lives in our shrubbery. Being a hedgehog, we named it after Russell. This is obviously the smaller Russell's work

    No wonder it stung the first time.

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  • Hard News: Leaving the bunker,

    My new-entrants teacher friend is pretty emphatic about the value of the special-ed advice from "bureaucrats" that has become available to her in the past few years.

    I was talking to my daughter's audiologist yesterday. In June, 'the gummint' is bringing in hearing testing for newborns. Because the heads of newborn babies are often, through no fault of their own, full of fluid, this is going to lead to a lot of false negatives - children being picked up with a hearing problem who don't have one.

    But even with the earlier pick-up, the testing is going to increase the workload for the Special Education advisors. Currently in Canterbury, there are two and a half advisors covering more than four hundred deaf and hearing-impaired children.

    Either they need to employ more advisors - which Key clearly isn't going to do - or increase the workload of the ones they've got, decreasing the service they provide. And as a recipient of that service, I can confidently say that if it deteriorates any further, they may as well sack 'em, because it simply can't get any worse and still exist.

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  • Southerly: Even More Southerly,

    Is Russell Brown from Timaru? I didn't know that.


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  • Hard News: Geekstravaganza,

    WTF? I thought we were past this sort of stereotyping these days. Bad Russell! Go sit on the naughty step and have a long think about what you've said. Time starts now...

    The use of 'your mum' by tech geeks might have something to do with the 'fact' (ie statement I'm basing entirely on observation and anecdotal evidence and not thinking about too hard) that most times when they're being asked to set up a system for someone with no tech nous, it's a woman. It's the grandmas who want a computer so they can email their grandkids, look at photos, take up blogging. The grandads are all busy being curmudgeonly and discovering that they're now old enough to use words like 'new-fangled'.

    Plus, I'd add that a phone is probably more useful to an African farmer who has work to do and crops to sell than to a dole recipient in Auckland, who doesn't.

    Oh come now. How are the bludgers our country is seemingly awash with supposed to arrange their p deals without a phone?

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  • Hard News: What I'd really like to know,

    Oh, you mean like Waikato, where it hasn't rained this summer either?

    No, I don't mean the Waikato, I mean Canterbury, but you KNOW that. The Waikato isn't 'famous for it never raining'. I'm not talking about ALL farmers, only the ones I was actually talking about. Not the Waikato, not Southland, which has also been freakishly dry, not the Coast. Perhaps I should have been clearer: I think it is unreasonable to complain when the climate continues to behave exactly the way it always has.

    Nor are all farmers teetering on the edge of having one bad summer force them to sell their children. If my cousins have a bad year, they may have to offload one of their investment properties.

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  • Hard News: What I'd really like to know,

    I/S how happy do you think you would feel if your salary was cut in half simply because it didn't rain for four months? Nothing to do with your job performance, or market conditions, but simply too much sunshine?

    Depends. Did you just start up a dairy farm in a region famous for it never raining?

    For the record, I'm also an unsympathetic bitch when it comes to people who keep rebuilding their houses on that nice flat bit of land next to the river and bitching when it floods.

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  • Stories: Joined Up,

    I lost count of the number of KAOS members individually conspiring to gather photographic evidence to someday (20, 30, 40 years) embarrass others, whenever their victims obtained a respectable public profile.

    I'm constantly surprised that Chris [redacted] and Shane [redacted] have managed to have successful careers. Not that they were ever on the 'victim' end. The number of ex-KAOS members in the public service is terrifying.

    had a vague nervousness that KAOS members might genuinely be the devil's playthings

    The first rule of Fight Club...

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  • Radiation: New season,

    If Campbell takes off the tie then take off the suit.

    Ooooh, I'd definitely watch that then! Oh wait, you mean he'd put on something else? Nevermind.

    He should at least take off the 'shirt that requires a tie'. Something about it makes him look like Paul Holmes, and I could really do without that. Or an American politician pretending to be an Average Joe.

    However. The Crowd Goes Wild's 'Who Stole John Campbell's Ties' recreation ( a la Campbell's stolen medals interview) was brilliant.

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  • Radiation: New season,

    How would you know? You watch Shortland Street every night.


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