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  • Cracker: P is for Politics.,

    Personally, the use and misuse of drugs (including alcohol) in New Zealand is one of lack of teaching of appropriate behaviour to our children.

    Let's face it, as teens and young adults, much of the partying is directed towards getting inebriated to the point of lack of control. Witness the inevitable Monday morning cliche..."Man, I got so-o-o wasted in the weekend...".

    Doesn't matter what drug we use, many of us, especially younger people, focus on the excessive instead of mood enhancing. But why is it we drink to get drunk, smoke to get wasted, etc...

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  • Island Life: That's my cab,

    bugger. Still, seminal moments in life tend to make you reevaluate your priorities. Happy Birthday, too!

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  • Hard News: Costly indeed,

    You forgot to mention Banks' $50k spend up on Bill Birch to do a report on ways for the council to save money in his first couple of months of being Mayor. It was without a public tender for the job and neither did he happen to mention it in his pre-election campaigning. Of course, he's a much nicer man these days and much more in touch with democracy.

    And as for Jone's movie watching predilection - isn't five in a day a bit...obsessive? It's not like there's a lot of plot or variation. Well, maybe a bit of variation.

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  • Hard News: The Future of the Future,

    well the debate seems to be more about content than how to pay for it, so here goes...

    Free to air requires viewers - eyeballs passively watching so advertisers can flog their wares. Narrowcast generally requires pay-to-view as there aren't enough viewers to warrant advertisers spending enough money to offset the cost of watching.

    Each show creates a loyal community and the network can sell ad packages across many brands. It's targeted content to viewers who can't find this kind of content on traditional channels.

    Good luck with that Wammo. Selling ads right now is bloody hard across any media. Budgets have been slashed and viewers/readers are down. This will change but as budgets come back, so do media options, spreading budgets (and viewers/readers) ever thinner.

    The fabled golden era of targeted and relevant advertising based on your current purchase patterns and life-stage is eons off being realised.

    Niche advertisers rarely have enough dosh to support niche channels, especially when you consider that the cost of making a commercial can be roughly equivalent to the amount these potential advertisers have to spend on their marketing.

    The whole media industry is in a period of crisis as the impact of internet technologies and new delivery devices, combined with a world-wide recession, detonates on the players.

    Do I sound depressed? Being a media owner (albeit small) ain't easy right now and is unlikely to be for some time to come. And the answer is 'yes'.

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  • Radiation: Lost on Internet Island,

    Sawyer has always been a bit too earnest. Desmond is way cooler.

    Fringe was SUCH a disappointment. Cliche followed by cliche. And after such a promising start.

    Then True Blood slam dunked it. Buried it. Completely.

    Vanity Fair has penultimate ep analysis and it sounds like we're all going to be very disappointed.

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  • OnPoint: British American Tobacco,…,

    Apologies for my cousin. Somewhat wedded to the notion that people have a right to do stupid things that will kill them.

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  • Speaker: The Architecture of Elsewhere,

    there are a lot of people who don't have much money but try to build interesting buildings.

    And there are plenty of people with lots of money who build crap buildings.

    While I sympathise with Patrick's position, 80% of most things are crap and there's only the rest that's any good (as usual, statistics made up on the spot).

    Blame the developers and blame the council for letting them do shit. As usual, CitRats mismanagement of Auckland for the past 70 years gives us what we have. And a culture of building stuff that will maximise short-term return, not long term value.

    I hope most people saw the irony in Banksie's message.

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  • Speaker: North versus South, Part 1,

    I remember getting on a bus at a conference with a bunch of Canterbury horticulturalists one day.

    They looked me up and down and asked me where I was from. Given I was wearing all black and had the haircut, they knew very well where that was, but I told them anyway.

    The ribbing started, some less good-natured than others. So I listened for a while and then I told them, "I've had the great fortune to have traveled extensively throughout New Zealand due to my work, and there is no where in this country that I haven't looked around and gone, 'My god, this place is beautiful'." That shut them up apart from some murmurs of agreement.

    I've met Aucklanders who are wankers and I've met Cantabrians who were wankers, also (quite a few, actually). I've met very rich Aucklanders who are wonderful people and as down-to-earth as any farmer from Twizel.

    I love Auckland and as much as I love going everywhere and anywhere else in the country, I love living here. I despise artifice and pretentiousness and I see it everywhere, from the boutiques of Newmarket to the cafes of Invercargill (yes I have - several times).

    Fuck - aren't we over the "all Aucklanders are wankers" and all Southerners are "True and Honest Kiwis" shtick? Please?

    And I will never, ever apologise for being from Auckland nor be an apologist for Auckland. Unless there's a wanker from Parnell in close proximity.

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  • Random Play: Stop! In the Name of Love!!,

    I would like to make a suggestion. A concept that I hope will spark the public consciousness and engender excitement and passion.

    I propose a Centre for Maori and Polynesian Culture - Te Atea.

    It is a scandal that the largest Polynesian city in the world (ignoring the possibility of LA fitting this description) has virtually no Maori or Polynesian presence downtown.

    This would be a place where Maori and PIs can interact with Aucklanders and tourists alike.

    It can incorporate elements of Maori and Polynesian culture such as dance, carving, food; it can provide a central meeting point for cultures to interact and provide a focal point for the city, too.

    I already have the support of Ngati Whatua and the concept was part of the design submitted (and bounced) together with Ngati Whatua and Rewi Thompson.

    Taking away the restrictions of the sheds and revisiting the budget will allow something really special to be built - and I can think of no other location that would work as well as this - the absolute centre of Auckland City.

    The design can be worked on but imagine a building/focal point incorporating an objective of bringing peoples together, with Richard Simpson's new bridge as its counterpoint just down the harbour.

    Now THAT's an Auckland that would portray itself proudly to the world.

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  • Speaker: It's meant to be hard,

    Wow - where to start?

    I agree. It's disappointing, if not surprising, that our new Government is not doing anything radical to leapfrog ahead. But then they are a 'conservative' party.

    But then they came in bereft of ideas, as National Party governments always seem to.

    What's the answer?

    Unfortunately, many people are less focussed on the horizon and more focussed on the immediate - so give us tax cuts now and bugger the consequences. National (and to a large degree, Labour) panders to that thinking.

    The politics of selfishness will be with us forever. It's up to those few of us with good ideas to keep pushing them until they get traction, and then push them through the process, attempting to keep the dilution to a minimum.

    good luck.

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