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  • Hard News: #JohnDotBanks and all,

    Snap survey amongst my staff – they still think Key is better than the alternatives. A vote for Goff was going backwards. Banks might be dodgy but he’s not Key, so there’s minimal transference of ickiness. Key remains clean.

    We know better.

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  • Hard News: Getting Out, in reply to Graham Dunster,

    I interviewed John Banks on my show last year regarding charter schools. His main argument in favour of their introduction was because we have 30,000 truants each day. He was remarkably bereft of a rationale as to how charter schools would solve this problem.

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  • Hard News: Getting Out,

    The Specials were great but the sound was not – bit of a hard shell and the stage had to be off-centre due to the posts which meant fewer people could be close to the stage, and what was the debacle regarding the bar all about?! – 40 minute queues and then they ran out of beer, not to mention the bar shutting down at 10pm which encouraged a pre-gig swill rather than a civilised drink.

    It’s clear our approach to incarceration is not working. We have a deep seated desire in this country for a punitive approach to wrong-doing and it’s all mixed up a with a f***ed up approach to drug use that is economic and social nonsense for the most part (and no, I’m not advocating drug use).

    Thanks for the downloads Russ.

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  • Cracker: End of Days,

    Hi Damien
    must say I've enjoyed Hindsight immensely - better than your run of the mill skyrocket

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  • Hard News: A storm in any port,

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this - interviews with ex-Northland Port Director and more importantly, CEO of Mainfreight of the need for a port in Auckland - there are business imperatives to having the port close to the main population centre and neither Tauranga or Northland can replace this...
    RadioNZ interview

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  • OnPoint: Association of Community…,

    You should read Flat Earth News. roughly 80% of news stories in the UK are straight PR items. Sucks but keep reading the Guardian.

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  • Hard News: Dropping the Bomber,

    Why won't the PM front on Morning Report? In fact, he's fairly reticent, as most National ministers seem to be, of fronting to the media.

    We see McCully on the World Cup, Brownlee on occasion over the Christchurch rebuild, Joyce on Transport and English. Where are the rest? We never see Tollie, we never see Power (and he, more than most, should be justifying some of the things National are doing).

    I have spent the past year, since Key last came on my show, trying to get him back on. I have repeatedly been fobbed off and now his Press Secretary won't even bother answering my emails.

    Now I don't expect the PM to make appearing on a radio show on an obscure radio station with a small audience a priority, I would have hoped that, given enough notice, he could find time in his schedule to come on and answer some questions about what the National government is doing, That's fifteen minutes, rather than the hour of fluff and nonsense on Radio Live, or his breakfast appearance on The Rock. Clark managed to find fifteen minutes per week to front on bFM to talk current affairs; Key switches to Tony Veitch on Radio Sport. At least he knows his audience.

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  • Muse: That Book, The Ban That Isn't,…,

    Wishart talked last night on Campbell Live about telling a story of how the boys killings came about. I don't know if there's any defense in there of Macsyna or blame to Chris, but isn't this a story worth telling? Even if it is by someone as loathsome as Wishart?

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  • Muse: The High Aesthetic Line,

    What I love is the criticism as adults, movies that are really aimed at kids. We all loved the first series – we were young. Then we became old and the second series sucked. I go back to Craig’s earlier comment about entertainment and the second series, for all their flaws entertained.

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  • Cracker: P is for Politics.,

    Personally, the use and misuse of drugs (including alcohol) in New Zealand is one of lack of teaching of appropriate behaviour to our children.

    Let's face it, as teens and young adults, much of the partying is directed towards getting inebriated to the point of lack of control. Witness the inevitable Monday morning cliche..."Man, I got so-o-o wasted in the weekend...".

    Doesn't matter what drug we use, many of us, especially younger people, focus on the excessive instead of mood enhancing. But why is it we drink to get drunk, smoke to get wasted, etc...

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