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  • Hard News: Paying for what doesn't come…, in reply to Russell Brown,

    ...but there's a basic conflict with public-interest goals in restricting access to the work produced. That's not to say it's wrong -- just that there will be a place fo non-exclusive subscription models.

    You forget, Russell, that the bulk of news media is not there for the public good, as much as it pulls that cloak on, but as a business,notwithstanding Hickey's new venture. News media before the internet was largely accessed by buying a newspaper or magazine. TV was 'purchased' by watching ads.

    Ad revenue is not sufficient to pay for online news services. I have some scepticism around public supported news organisations working, too. You might recall Salon tried this some time ago - no sign of that model now.

    In fact, I lament for the anticipated future of independent news media. As potentially compromised as it has always been, overtly in some cases, especially overseas, there has been some great journalism done. With fewer resources available, this is where we will all suffer - more Fox, less CNN.

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  • Hard News: Paying for what doesn't come…,


    As a publisher, it’s interesting watching how things are developing in media. Television, which used to be free to consume, is increasingly becoming subscription based. Radio may not be far behind.

    Print, on the other hand, is moving (somewhat) from subscription to free and the internet is moving from free to subscription.

    Let’s face it, while content remains king, each media organisation will have to find its own mix of subs/ad revenues/alternative revenues and it seems to me that there isn’t enough creative thinking being applied to revenue streams within most of the larger news organisations.

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  • Hard News: Music: Radio is still relevant,

    May I recommend a few shows on George FM.

    The Dose on Saturday midday to 2pm is superb with Barnie Duncan and Selector Sam playing excellent classic underground soul/funk and afrobeat.
    followed by The Saucer with Sam E and then The Uptown Boogie with T Rice and Hudge

    Sundays features the inestimable Cian from Conch Records on at 10 with the very good Earshot – this man knows underground beats. Sundays right through on George is excellent with standouts being Cian’s show, DJ Nynety at midday, Chocolate Sunday at 4pm with Gene Rivers, Bahaco with Bobbie Brazuka, Cian’s Brazilian partner in Conch, and then Geezer Guy with the Greatest Show on Earth at 8.

    Other standouts include:
    Monday features the international class of Recloose and Frank Booker at 6pm with Hit It and Quit It. Nuff Said…with Tommy Flowers on Wed at 10pm.

    Sadly, George recently changed its midweek morning lineup, removing some of the best DJs in Auckland – Jason Eli (now consigned to Saturday mornings at 6am(!), Phillipa and Soane have gone MIA and Mediaworks has replaced them with more mainstream show featuring Tom, the erstwhile DJ liaison guy. The gutting of George continues.

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  • Capture: Cinema Scoped,

    I was part of the team that developed the Waiheke Cinema. It was a privilege to work with some great people, Godfrey Hall in particular, who spend hours hunting out and negotiating the purchase of ancient but magnificent projectors. But one thing I will lay claim to was the idea of using donated sofas. And it works a treat, though I note from your photo the standard has improved dramatically from the first couple of years, and that the sleeper sofa seems to have been retired.

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  • Hard News: The Voyage of a Lifetime,

    Good work Rus.

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  • Hard News: Where do you get yours? (Food…,

    Yay for good food outlets in the neighbourhood. Ponsonby And Mt Eden Nosh is also very good, Il Forno for glorious baked goodies and Little Boy sausages.

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  • Hard News: #JohnDotBanks and all, in reply to nzlemming,

    Exactly. Key looks like he knows what he's doing; the country hasn't collapsed into chaos; he's keeping the bludgers and radicals and intellectuals in their place so he must be doing the right thing. And it all sounds so plausible. Except to those who research a bit deeper but that's, what - 5% of us?

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  • Hard News: #JohnDotBanks and all, in reply to DeepRed,

    wow - that took me half an hour to read all the bits. I like it but not sure about the treading water reference.

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  • Hard News: #JohnDotBanks and all,

    Snap survey amongst my staff – they still think Key is better than the alternatives. A vote for Goff was going backwards. Banks might be dodgy but he’s not Key, so there’s minimal transference of ickiness. Key remains clean.

    We know better.

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  • Hard News: Getting Out, in reply to Graham Dunster,

    I interviewed John Banks on my show last year regarding charter schools. His main argument in favour of their introduction was because we have 30,000 truants each day. He was remarkably bereft of a rationale as to how charter schools would solve this problem.

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