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  • Field Theory: That's Super,

    Thanks Hayden: Like you i'd not seen the Black Ferns included in this. I wasn't happy with the announcement of the Maori team taking an enforced break but from Naly's link (thanks Naly) the presser seems to want to be read as "Look, we're all tightning our belts. Even the ABs on 'assembly costs'."

    Presumably the assembly costs are their gathering to train before internationals begin. And for promotion purposes.

    And - all headrush over starving a winning team aside - this is what gets me: The areas the Union is growing it's audience and players are those taking the hit here. For a saving of 1 million now they lose how much future followers and funds.

    Does-not-compute-won't-someone-think-of the-children-the-tryline's-the-other-way...

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  • Hard News: Nerd Dad,

    The Mindscape of Alan Moore (Part 1 of The Shamanautical Series).

    And folks, that complete run of 2000AD, original series of Alan Moore works (and the 'Maxwell the Magical Cat' collections) et al sure did stoke the housefire... but at least I have the memories...

    But the 'Watchmen' collection made a great Xmas gift for an animator I knows... read it now before the film invades your visual memory.

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  • Hard News: A Full Sense of Nationhood,

    With the standard media Waitangi nibble on what happened to Key it's good to see most everyone had a good day.

    I did at the Waitangi Day Festival, Okahu Bay. It was as Russell said, the whole metropolitan rainbow with the celebration of this land in the sea and (not that I've had a terrible time 'enjoy[ing] as [I] saw fit') a very positive day I'll return for next year.

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  • Radiation: The death of television, again,

    Hmm... The top two recommodations on the IMDb Dollhouse page are Andew Niccol's Truman Show and Gattaca... is he writing for it or something..?

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  • Island Life: Go hard or go home,

    If our

    houses that are disintegrating from the inside out

    and well as those that are disassembling from the outside in won't those whose houses haven't been tipped over complain theirs are off their peak..?

    Move the capital from Wellington to Blenheim

    (or tipped over until it no longer leaks? And you're suggesting Blenheim?): And Wellington becomes...
    a) The National Disaster Practice City?
    b) One big wind farm (once they make turbines strong enough)?
    c) An urban accomodation environment for musicians to live when not touring?

    As for the

    Sunday Paper edict

    ... I see what you did there: You're just thin-wedging for this, yes?

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  • Busytown: One, two, three, go!,

    Thanks so much Jolisa,

    That was such a good read. I did worry, at your mention of H G Wells, whether the mind was at the end of its tether - but clearly not.

    It's nice to know that when he was three busybaby was much more than was hardly he.

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  • Up Front: Girls Can Do Anything. You…,

    On sports coverage, it seemed to me that as sky took all the live men's rubgy TVNZ spun it's wheels until discovering that this here netball was actually quite popular and could attract more viewers and sponsorship. And I am very grateful. The Black Ferns also had an increase of coverage, although I assume they've disappearred from free to air to fill some awkward Rugby Channel slot (consistantly winning the World Cup obviously being too predictable). So for the White Ferns... could someone please convince Sky to take all that Sunday afternoon motor racing to where it's appreciated? Please?

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  • Field Theory: It's called Super for a reason,

    Does anyone have any liveblog recommendations please?

    Ta in presumption...

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  • Hard News: Reasons to be cheerful,

    On the Inauguration coverage, I watched it on Al Jazeera (oh the irony) and from what I'm reading of other stations and US networks they had a great point of difference: They just Shut Up when the important bits were on screen. Especially watching-while-waking, the lack of blather was the best...

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  • Hard News: It's not OK to just make…,

    Er... I'm sorry, I've missed something here.

    <paraphrase>It's not okay to hit your partner or your kids (for whateverjustification youe care to raise) but it is okay to ask for help</paraphrase>: What part of this message is gender specific and prevents the other gender from watching, listening and acting?

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