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  • Up Front: Keeping it Weird: A Night Out…,

    [W]hile I enjoyed the scoring system (some arcane combination of 'people put in the emergency room' plus 'girls got off with' multiplied by 'number of ancestors on First Four Ships plaque' minus 'number of mates passed out on road' divided by 'arrest record')

    That'd be the Dickwad-Losers system then..?

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  • Hard News: Friday Media Bag,

    Fruedian typo... clones of cyclons... obviously.

    Therese Arseneau's flagged for the next Drinking Liberally over on Emma's 'Missionary Position' thread.

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  • Hard News: Friday Media Bag,

    Did anyone else think that her televised "analysis" in the lead up to the election consisted of painstakingly obvious observations and little actual, well, analysis? Or was it just me?

    What I noticed was editorialising following self-selecting text polls things the presenter classed as analysis. I put it more down to the coverage format - trying to fit each feature money had been spent on, ring all the bells; blow all the whistles - but was wary of Ms Arseneau's analysis post-election. If she's running a panel it sounds more suited to the previous punditry.

    On more handsome matters, might Colin's YouTube star status have swung the vote? Would you be happier with Cyclon amongst you? How did your toaster chck out..?

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  • Hard News: The strange story arc,

    And for all traditional media simplifying blogs as publishing parasites, the Oscars weren't streamed and I followed it on the liveblogs... The WashPost discussions had a bingo card going (political message thank you, wardrobe malfunction etc) and 'The New Zealand Joke' shoulda been a contender. I can think of three from recent years not including yesterdays.

    My personal cheer was reserved for Kate Winslet. So overdue it should've included penalty interest.

    Meanwhile, as trad. media gets in a huff over ordinary people chipping in on the media they elevate an ordinary person into the circus, clipping the ticket for every rise and fall. I'm glad Jade is able to use that to raise some money for her family and cervical cancer is getting discussed. But just as the tragedies of those in the media often are it's going to fall in the Entertainment section of Google News, isn't it... because that's why a lot of people will follow it.

    Los Bros Hernandez early 'Mister X' had an incidental character turning off a program called 'Celebrity Autopsies' and that does seem where we're headed. Actually, X's drug prevented sleep, produced fits of rage, frequesnt changes of abode...

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  • Hard News: High Noon,

    Sorries from me too for Bob's passing. And glad he was here...

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  • Field Theory: That's Super,

    Thanks Hayden: Like you i'd not seen the Black Ferns included in this. I wasn't happy with the announcement of the Maori team taking an enforced break but from Naly's link (thanks Naly) the presser seems to want to be read as "Look, we're all tightning our belts. Even the ABs on 'assembly costs'."

    Presumably the assembly costs are their gathering to train before internationals begin. And for promotion purposes.

    And - all headrush over starving a winning team aside - this is what gets me: The areas the Union is growing it's audience and players are those taking the hit here. For a saving of 1 million now they lose how much future followers and funds.

    Does-not-compute-won't-someone-think-of the-children-the-tryline's-the-other-way...

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  • Hard News: Nerd Dad,

    The Mindscape of Alan Moore (Part 1 of The Shamanautical Series).

    And folks, that complete run of 2000AD, original series of Alan Moore works (and the 'Maxwell the Magical Cat' collections) et al sure did stoke the housefire... but at least I have the memories...

    But the 'Watchmen' collection made a great Xmas gift for an animator I knows... read it now before the film invades your visual memory.

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  • Hard News: A Full Sense of Nationhood,

    With the standard media Waitangi nibble on what happened to Key it's good to see most everyone had a good day.

    I did at the Waitangi Day Festival, Okahu Bay. It was as Russell said, the whole metropolitan rainbow with the celebration of this land in the sea and (not that I've had a terrible time 'enjoy[ing] as [I] saw fit') a very positive day I'll return for next year.

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  • Radiation: The death of television, again,

    Hmm... The top two recommodations on the IMDb Dollhouse page are Andew Niccol's Truman Show and Gattaca... is he writing for it or something..?

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  • Island Life: Go hard or go home,

    If our

    houses that are disintegrating from the inside out

    and well as those that are disassembling from the outside in won't those whose houses haven't been tipped over complain theirs are off their peak..?

    Move the capital from Wellington to Blenheim

    (or tipped over until it no longer leaks? And you're suggesting Blenheim?): And Wellington becomes...
    a) The National Disaster Practice City?
    b) One big wind farm (once they make turbines strong enough)?
    c) An urban accomodation environment for musicians to live when not touring?

    As for the

    Sunday Paper edict

    ... I see what you did there: You're just thin-wedging for this, yes?

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