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  • Hard News: Conscious Party,

    the Trons have in fact been invited to Paris to play a Mercedes corporate do

    Which Greg will be finding hugely amusing, given that he is a huge fan of that somewhat more down-to-earth vehicle, the Hillman Superminx (there were six in various states of repair in the backyard when I flatted with him).

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  • Field Theory: Selling Out on a Thursday,

    It's harder than it looks to please all of the people all of the time.

    ...and even harder to be an Otago supporter. The Otago NPC side really has been a shadow of it's former great self in recent years, with this year being perhaps the worst for over two decades.

    Even in the classic Laurie Mains-Gordon Hunter-Tony Gilbert era, well, somethings you just had to accept into the bargain of the team playing scintillating rugby, win or lose: mandatory pasting by Auckland ? Best just to get it over and done with. Valiant, heart-stopping narrow lose away to Canterbury? Dems da breaks. Losing away to Waikato? Not good, but we always beat them at home.

    But this year, bloody hell. We're being hammered by teams we'd usually thrash: Bay Of Plenty and Hawkes Bay. Not good. Not good at all.

    Some mates and I were dissecting this at the pub last night. In short, there appears to be no team unity and captain Craig Newby is a temp-prone eejit. One of my mates had been in a corporate box at the last home game. Two of the injured Otago players gave a short speech before the game, then everyone went out to the box's balcony to watch the game - except the two players who didn't even bother to watch their team "mates". Bloody appalling.
    Then, about 40mins after the game, Adam Thompson, Otago's sole current All Black, was seen walking down the road by himself (maybe there was an honest reason for this, but it's still puzzling...).
    As for Newby, he loses it whenever things aren't going right, yelling in frustration, rather than displaying leadership and calling the team together and encouraging them to back themselves and getting stuck in.

    It is very disheartening.

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  • Hard News: A plot point is reached,

    Has anyone else realised how much Owen Glenn looks like the late Augie Auer ? Maybe they were seperated at birth, or something...

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  • Hard News: Weekend Warriors,

    One thing that baffles / annoys me is the way that right-of-centre commentators (including Paul Holmes) keep going on about how hot Palin is.

    Apparently the Republicans have been screaming "sexism" whenever Palin gets asked a hard question, yet they were happy enough to have button badges saying "Hottest VP, Coolest state" at their convention.

    Also, there's a fair bit of typical GOP hypocrisy going on: it's "sexist" to attack palin, but not "racist" for them to attack Obama, it would appear.

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  • Hard News: The out-of-control manchild…,

    Purely out of curiousity, is Aaron Bhatnager any relation to Roger Bhatnager, the Auckland businessman that owns (owned ?) Noel Leemings, etc ?

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  • Island Life: Serving suggestion only,

    That billboard is going to come back and haunt National should it win the election.
    NZers going to Australia, UK, US, etc to live is a fact of life and won't change even if the economy flourishes.

    People leaving, like crime, is an easy political football to kick around, but it's a lot harder to do something substantial about it.

    Thatcher famously got elected using a billboard saying "Labour isn't working" slogan and a picture of a big dole queue.

    When unemployment sky-rocketed under her, Labour responded with "The Conservatives aren't working" and an even larger dole queue picture.

    Expect Labour to respond in kind on this issue.

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  • Hard News: Go Us,

    Hamish McDouall; insighteful choice, looking forward to the candidates quiz.

    Shortly after his standing was announced, I e-mailed Hamish and asked him if he was going to get Ian McMeeking to endorse him.

    (This is a Dunedin joke...back in 1990, Hamish appeared in a few ads in weekly freebie The Star endorsing National's Dunedin North candidate Ian McMeeking. According to what Hamish told Radio One at the time, he was put up to it by his folks, as McMeeking was an old family friend).

    Anyway, he's a clever bloke and he'll play the "local boy made good" card well.

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  • Field Theory: The Undertaker is Hamlet,

    And yet I promise you I can get a lot more people to watch Ronaldinho perform than Jackson Pollock. Fancy.

    Shouldn't be any trouble seeing as Pollock's dead. ;)

    I said "exhibiting" not "performing". I agree with you, however. Fitba is popular around the world through all socio-economic classes. Art, unfortunately, tends to be relegated to the middle classes of the western world.

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  • Field Theory: The Undertaker is Hamlet,

    I would hope that someone would come along and say "no, fuck off, sport is not art".

    Well, y'know, if I must...

    Is sport art? Don't be so bloody silly. I move in both circles and the very notion is just spastic to the nth degree.

    I was at an exhibition opening at the DPAG last Friday. If you'd asked anyone there if sport was art, they'd have laughed you out of the gallery.

    The next day I went to harriers (I'm a long-distance runner). If I'd turned it around and asked them "is art sport ?" they'd have laughed me out of the clubrooms.

    Sport is a competitive event, in which people seek to achieve the fastest or most of something.

    Art - the arts in general, in fact - is about expression and creativity.

    One is a physical event, the other more a mental event.

    Regarding the cursed question of how to define art, I always say that art is defined as "something that is designed or created to be exhibited for the viewing pleasure of others".

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  • Hard News: The Spiral of Events,

    I'm stuck for a metaphor for Sean Plunket's extraordinary, impromptu interview with Winston Peters this morning.

    I found myself thinking "Now I know what the sound of a man digging his own grave is like."

    This has all been very messy for Labour, but at least Clark has reached out for the big needle and is about to lance the boil.

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