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  • Hard News: Not all victims are equal,

    but telling a hall full of people gathered around their belief that crime is spiralling out of control that crime is in fact falling is never going to go down well.

    It's a pity these drop-kicks can't simply go to the Statistics NZ website and have a nosey at the crime figures. If they did, they'd see that the clear, on-going trend is that, overall, crime has dropped. It's that simple.

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  • Speaker: Conditioning for Conditioning…,

    Good write-up, Grant. According to this morning's Otago Daily Times, the report was completed on March 15.
    In the month since, the NZFU has basically gone through it with a black marker pen and censored all the critical, contentious and damning comments, in order to save face. (The ODT does give examples, but the actual stories not on their crap-heap website, so I can't link to or cut 'n' paste it, sorry).

    The report's a gutless white-wash, simple as that.

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  • Hard News: All the cool kids were there,

    I saw them play at Vic Uni Orientation in 1997 with Superette and Fur Patrol - definitely one of my top 15 gigs of all time.

    I saw that too, it was their last ever gig, so count yourself lucky that you saw that magnificent band live.

    I didn't see their first gig, supporting the Go-betweens at Sammy's, Dunedin, in early '89, but I did see their second, playing at Alastair Galbraith's warehouse flat a few weeks' later. The other bands that played were [smugness on] Plagal Grind and the Dead C [smugness off].

    I saw the 3Ds in at least 11 different venues, let alone how many times I saw them at Sammy's or the Empire. If you ask me nicely, I can provide some trivia / an anecdote about their appearances at these venues...

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  • Hard News: All the cool kids were there,

    Now all I need is for Blues to turn on a win for me at Eden Park tonight. I'm not holding my breath.

    Wise move that you didn't, as it turned out, eh? Still, at least your team sometimes shows the potential to win, unlike those *&^@$% Highlanders. Bah!

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  • Hard News: All the cool kids were there,

    What made the gig a must was the fact that the first act up was a Mr David Saunders, who is remembered best as a member of the 3Ds; the one who sang 'Outer Space' and 'Hey Seuss'. No one could remember how long it was since Dave had got up on a stage and played music, but a decade is probably a good guess.

    He's been writing songs again, and doing a little recording. And when someone asked him if he'd like to do the gig, he said yes. Seated at the front of the stage with his guitar, he was palpably nervous at first, but there was no artifice about it. It all began to fall into place, as he played 'I See A Darkness' ("this song is by my friend Will -- when I first met him I'd been awake for 48 hours"), 'Outer Space' and new songs.

    Indeed, it clicked so well that he just kept on playing, and eventually finished with Neil Young's 'Powderfinger', with a mate of his on keyboards and Callum from The Checks volunteering himself mid-song on drums. The addition of the rhythm was nice, and I think Dave would go well with a restrained band around him. But only for half a set, mind: you still want him up there and vulnerable on his own.

    I think Dave's got something going here.

    Very, very, very, very interesting. I'm pleasantly surprised that David is giving music another go.

    Is he actually living in Auckland now, or was he just up there visiting? He's kept a very low profile around Dunedin since the 3Ds split, that's all. He was working flat-out for Vidmark for ages, but other than that, he pretty much laid low.

    The only time he's been on-stage, to the best of my knowledge in the past 10 years was when he played bass for a reformed Plagal Grind at the Dunedin Sound festival gig at Sammy's back in October, 2000. (Plagal Grind was Alastair Galbraith's amazing late '80s band. He was singer-guitarist, David Mitchell on guitar, Peter Jefferies on drums, Robbie Muir on bass, who moved to Wellington and was replaced by David S. Yes, they really were as astonishing as what that line-up suggests).

    I remember seeing the 3Ds play 'Powderfinger' in their early days.

    Hopefully he'll do a gig here soonish, plus, I live in hope of a solo album, I reckon it'd be mighty.

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  • Cracker: Slipping into Darkness,

    Martin Phillips

    Phillipps with three ps for the 13, 373rd time...

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  • Hard News: Ya rly,

    I was astonished at the man's ignorance. He clearly failed to realise that the reason the gov'ts splitting T/com up is because T/com has been far too monopolistic and have sat on its arse.

    As a result, the public's had to suffer a mediocre IT system, despite it having the ability to upgrade. It's only when the govt's waved the big stick has Telecom pulled finger. It wouldn't have otherwise.

    That's the reason why, not to take a pop at Telecom's profits or whatever, as Brucey seemed to reckon.

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  • Southerly: Nine Months of Baby Hell,

    A mate of mine in LA works in the music biz and has two boys, aged 3 and 5.
    They like watching Sponge Bob on dvd. One of their favourite episodes has Bob saying that "...there are three ways to show that you're not 'Grandma's little boy' any more: pushing out your chest, asking for a tax deduction and appreciating free jazz."

    Recently, after watching said episode, he asked them if they wanted to hear anything. "Free jazz!" they chorused. So he put on Coltrane's Giant Steps figuring it'd be more their speed. "Too boring!" they reckoned. So he got out the motherlode of the genre, Ornette Coleman's Free Jazz. They immediately loved it and happily played right next to the speaker for the hour or so it played.

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  • Hard News: Electrickery,

    Noel Lemmings customer service is utterly mediocre, in my experience. I don't expect shop assistants to tell me their life story, but I do at least expect them to acknowledge my presence - I may, after all, be willing to splash out some money in their shop.

    So poor is their reputation that I've mentioned the experience, without naming them, in other electronics chain shops and the staff there have always gone "Noel Lemmings, I presume?".

    When I've gone to buy a computer and a digital camera in recent times, I've shopped at another big name electronics chain and the service has been really good, so sometimes the staff at chain shop can get it right.

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  • Hard News: Unhappy Birthday,

    I can't wait for that American bloke to turn up with his deluded reasoning why the war has been such a raging success.

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