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  • Hard News: So far from trivial,

    The Tui billboard is up already in Auckland, according to Stuff.

    "Here's a hundred grand - keep it quiet. Yeah right".

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  • Hard News: Truck Off, etc,

    And, finally, Hamilton's very own robot band The Trons have become an internet sensation. Truly, this is good news for hard times …

    It is good news and I am especially pleased for Greg Locke, as he's an old friend of mine. He's always been very clever with technical and mechanical stuff, plus he's been a fixture in the Hamiltron music scene for years.

    David Farrier did a neat article on The Trons for Nightline a few weeks back (it's on Youtube) and it was neat how the start of the article makes it seem as if The Trons are a real band.

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  • Island Life: Speaking boisterously to…,


    I'm sorry, I suspect your complimentary coffee didn't arrive. I did put through the order ...

    I put one on this morning's Hard News a couple of hours ago. Hopefully the coffee will turn up sooner or later.

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  • Hard News: More light than heat,

    The Dunedinista :) was out drinking last night, too. We met at the Craft Bar in the Octagon; many thanks to them and Monteith's for their excellent hospitality. The Doppelbock Winter Ale is highly recommended.
    Kyle was the winner of the signed copy of The L.E.D.s We Are The L.E.D.s. (The L.E.D.s have a new album out soon, I reckon it'll be another splendid listen).

    It was neat to finally put faces to names. While we were introducing ourselves, it became more apparent just how small a country NZ is; a lot of us turned out to have mutual friends and acquantances.

    It turned out I've known Sara's brother for years and a lot of us had crossed paths with Kyle's partner, as well. We were also impressed that Melanie's Dad is a popular, very likable technical expert on a well-established consumer affairs TV programme.

    We started off by slagging that crappy, cheesey new "office party" Telecom ad (shooting fish in a barrel I know, but, hey...).
    We talked about a heap of other things and it would've been great to have shot the breeze even longer. NZ politics was eventually (inevitably?) touched on, I even accidentally committed the malapropism of calling Bill English "Bill Birch" a few times.

    It was another of those neat occassions when you realise that the people you're with an endless source of interesting anecdotes, info, views and opinions.

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  • Island Life: Hunting Squirrels,

    The rights and wrongs of their actual policies aside, should Labour lose the election, it's remarkable that Helen Clark will have been Prime Minister for longer than anyone else in the past 100 years, with the exception of Keith Jacka Holyoake.

    Holyoake was PM for 12 years, Muldoon for nine. But I recently looked through a book on NZ PMs which listed each PM's term from first day to last and Clark will beat Muldoon by about four or five months. I find that absolutely bloody amazing and a mark of her political skill and tenacity.

    If you'd told me 20 years ago that the then-Minister of Housing would be one of our longest-serving PMs, I'd have thought you were certifiable. Yet she has been in the top job longer than Holland, Muldoon, Lange, Bolger and several others.
    If John Key is still PM in 2017, I'll be surprised, but impressed.

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  • Hard News: Travelling Gravely,

    'Travelling Gravely' - droll, Russell, very droll. Still, judging by the description of the heinous traffic in Auckland it really does seem like a case of "strange are the roads I've travelled in my time". I trust you then unwound in Wellington with some "sweet, sweet, wicked wine". ;)

    But I digress...anyway, crime: well, the rhetoric from the "hang 'em high" crowd is just gonna increase over the next few months and, sure as eggs, the politicians of all colours will have to pretend to take them seriously, for fear of being seen as "soft on crime".

    Did anyone else watch that doco on TV3 last night about gangs? It didn't tell anyone anything terribly new, but it was a joke that all the gang leaders denied any interest in drugs, spinning a "we're here to support the community" line crap.

    traffic: traffic jams are almost non-existent here in Dunners. The airport shuttle is $15 - $20.

    Dunedin meet-up: if you haven't already gotten in touch, whether you live in Dndn or elsewhere on the mainland, feel free to come along. E-mail me for the details.

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  • Hard News: Better, faster ... prettier,

    Russell - why are you actually leaving? I presume it's ideological differences over it's current state / direction?
    I appreciate you may be unable to fully say so given that Fiona works there, but feel free to be euphimistic.

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  • Random Play: Carter The Unstoppable Dick…,

    While I reckon John "Hone" Carter is a drop-kick as well, I suspect this story wouldn't have caused anyone any concern had Carter been a middle-ranking accountant in a big accounting firm, rather than a middle-ranking MP for a big political party.

    Nice headline, too, Graeme. It reminds me of an issue of the NME about 20 years ago. Among the list of bands covered inside were "Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine" and, right below, "Straitjacket Fits". :)

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  • Hard News: Better, faster ... prettier,

    The Critic story on the Listener is excellent. It takes a very measured, intelligent look at the sorry state of the magazine, without merely slagging it off. I highly recommend everyone to read it.

    Very tellingly, Findlay Macdonald declines to comment on the current state of the magazine and his silence is deafening. Gordon Campbell on the other hand does comment, making several insightful comments.

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  • Island Life: Helen who?,

    What's the bet that should National win power, they too will indulge in post-Budget promo guff? I'm not saying it's right, just that they'll be just as tempted to as Labour has been.

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