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  • Hard News: Rockin',

    Gisborne's my hometown and I still know many people there.

    A mate of mine told me his Dad was under the house when it struck!

    Russell, when you next write your Listener column, could you please give a small "shout-out" to The Gisborne Herald and their website?

    They had a story and pic of damage up on it within two hours of the quake. This morning it had more stories and photos.
    Their website is nothing flash, but but like most provincial dailies they run on the smell of an oily rag, compared to the big boys in the big smokes.

    Also, I tried to post a link to the website, but had no luck.

    What's the bit between "url" and "link text" ? Could someone please e-mail me and explain how to post a link, it'd be appreciated?

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  • Stories: Christmas,

    The only unnerving thing was the nun with guitar sitting a few rows back from me

    A Flying Nun musician! (er, I'll get me coat...).

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  • Hard News: Word of the Year 2007: Te Qaeda,

    "Te Qeada" a very worthy winner and thankfully not one that reminds us of what a lemon the year's been sports-wise.

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  • Hard News: Denial,

    Clint Rickards' whinging can be succinctly summed-up by five words from Shakespeare:

    "Thou doth protest too much."

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  • Hard News: Denial,

    The parochial peak was struck on Morning Report today when both Fergie McCormick and Alex Wyllie appeared to say they would support a Wallabies side coached by Deans over an All Black team. Good grief.

    I heard that as well (in case you didn't hear it, that other towering intellectual, Todd Blackadder, was also interviewed).
    I couldn't help but think that Morning Report was TTP a bit. You could just imagine the producers' thinking "let's get these one-eyed hicks on and we can all laugh as they spout their drivel". Sure as eggs, McCormick, Wylie and Blackadder - all mates of Deans - talked bollocks and ended up with egg all over their mugs.

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  • Hard News: Mighty Indeed,

    Q1: The first game of the 1981 Springbok tour was against which team in which city?

    Gisborne if I remember - against Poverty Bay - the next game was in Hamilton against HART and was called

    It sure was - and I presume you mean "Waikato" not "HART" and "called off".

    I was only a 13-year-old Form 2 student at Gisborne Intermediate in '81, but I remember the tour extremely vividly.

    I also saw it from both sides of the argument. On the Saturday the Boks arrived, my step-father and I went down to the hotel they were staying at and protested.

    Then at school on Monday, our teacher, David Langford, told us he wasn't going to be at school tomorrow "because I'm going on a course".

    On Tuesday, my actual Dad took me to the game. Just before kick-off, hundreds of protestors tried to storm Rugby Park by crossing the adjacent golf course, to be met by the cops and you can guess what happened next...

    So my teacher hadn't been lying; he had been on a course, a golf course.

    When Close Up did a 25 years' flashback show on the tour, live from Gisborne, it was revealed that only a few protestors knew beforehand they were going to go across the golf course, so Mr L must've been quite highly involved in the local branch of HART, I presume.

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  • Hard News: Mighty Indeed,

    the Gordons' 'Coalminers Song' sounds almost exactly the same backwards as it does forwards ...

    I wouldn't be surprised if that was true of most of their catalogue!

    That isn't as silly as it sounds. In their later incarnation as Bailter Space they did actually learn how to play "Splat" backwards, so it would look like they were playing it backwards in the song's classic "backwards" video clip.

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  • Hard News: Mighty Indeed,

    Here's a question you may have had: which NZ band had a song go to number one the first week of release with no commercial radio airplay?

    Screaming Meemees' 'See Me Go'?

    (Which, BTW, you may soon be hearing in a version style ...)

    It was on TV last night in a torch song version for the Weetbix Kids Tryathlon ad.

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  • Hard News: Mighty Indeed,

    I've only answered the ones I (think) I know. I've also added two "bonus" questions of my own at the bottom, should anyone wish to answer them: one politics, one culture.


    The 1975 election was also remarkable for the fact that a Maori candidate was elected to a general seat for the first time since 1893. In fact, there were two. Name me at least one of them.

    Ben Couch - MP for Waiarapa.

    What, by legend, was found in the briefcase stupidly left by an SIS operative on a journalist's fence?

    A pie and a copy of Penthouse.

    One of the 'Double Standard' billboards popular in Wellington during the Muldoon era read 'Rooting Pig Shot in Ngaio'. What were the last two words of the Billboard?

    "PM safe".



    Scribe, Che Fu and Nesian Mystik's Feleti Strickson-Pua are all, of course, local rap artists. But what did their fathers have in common in the late 70s?

    Were they all deported as "over-stayers" ?

    If you had been at an event in the company of 75,000 other New Zealanders over Auckland anniversary weekend in 1979, where would you have been?

    Either Nambassa or Sweetwaters?

    Which two actors starred in both Goodbye Pork Pie and Utu?

    Kelly Johnson and...,er, the other dude.

    What was a Blue Lady, as immortalised in the Hello Sailor song, 'Blue Lady'?

    A heroin needle.


    1. What was the top tax rate in New Zealand in 1983?

    (a) 50%
    (b) 56%
    (c) 66%


    2. In the 1981 general election, Mana Motuhake and the Values Party finished fourth and fifth respectively in the popular vote. Which of the following parties came in sixth?

    (a) The Wizard Party
    (b) The Socialist Unity Party
    (c) Economic Euthenics
    (d) No Confidence.


    5. Which of the following was not the acronym of a interest group active in the 1970s?

    (a) SPCS
    (b) SPUC
    (c) SPCA
    (d) SPCL


    6. Of whom did Muldoon say: 'He can stew in his own juice.'?

    (a) Derek Quigley
    (b) Abraham Ordia
    c) John Minto
    (d) David Lange


    Grant's bonus questions:

    Q1: The first game of the 1981 Springbok tour was against which team in which city?

    Q2: Which of the following punk / post-punk bands did NOT have a top 20 pop hit in NZ in the early '80s?

    A)The Fall
    B) Public Image Limited
    C)Joy Division
    D)Dead Kennedys

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  • Yellow Peril: Bai bai,

    Tze Ming, best of luck for everything.

    Your measured, intelligent reaction, analysis and deconstruction of the "Asian Angst" bilge was outstanding amd much appreciated.

    Look after yourself, take it easy and have a most-excellent Christmas and 2008.

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