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  • Hard News: Friday Music: There have been…, in reply to Alan Perrott,

    Anika Moa? Too young, and too few wrinkles?! She certainly has a pedigree.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: There have been…,

    …but I have a beer-appreciation appointment in Europe and that’s where I’ll be.

    Lucky you – viel Spaβ! Is this guy, Conrad Seidl aka the Beer Pope (from Vienna) part of it? He’s been a beer judge I note for the NZ Beer Awards in the past.

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  • Legal Beagle: Terrorism is already illegal, in reply to simon g,

    ...and if I say went to Lebanon to fight for Hezbollah to stop ISIS infiltrating the border (as they already have done), does that make me a terrorist? Who would be the greater terror threat here say? There are so many intricacies in this nest of Middle East vipers: Shia v. Christian, Shia v, Sunni, Sunni v. Sunni, Sunni v. Kurd, v. al-Nusra Front vs. Syrian Army, etc, etc. Without referring back to the letter of the law, who defines what a terrorist organisation is? What about 'state sponsored terrorism'? Does that count? Is that also defined – or is there a neat exclusion clause for nation states?

    Arguably that's what Israel has delivered against Gaza with 2,000 odd dying. What if I had been fighting for Hamas to repel Israeli 'terror' and later returned to NZ - would I be detained at the airport? If the unfortunate Guy Boyland (the Israeli Kiwi who died in that conflict had survived and returned to NZ, would he be interned as a criminal? Or given the ‘celebrity’ treatment by our mainstream journos for his stories on the front line against the Hamas terrorists? I wonder not!

    And gosh, are the Russian mercenaries in eastern Ukraine also terrorists? They've labelled the Ukrainian army ‘terrorists’. What if NZ citizens originally from Fiji were to return to take up arms in Fiji to turf out Bainimarama, a leader our government would probably like to see the end of ? To me the lines are blurred about who the terrorists really are, whatever the conflict.

    Robert Fisk in his Independent columns writes probably the most insightfully and clearly on the Middle East conflicts.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Cilla!,

    I've just dug this out - has anyone seen Work is a Four Letter Word?

    ... A true British drug, pop-film rarity! David Warner and Liverpool beat girl Cilla Black star in this delightfully-absurd account of a young man called Valentine Brose who is on a mission to grow a crop of psychedelic mushrooms to promote bliss for the overworked masses of Great Britain!

    Ha! The title song is also a Smith's cover from 1987.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Cilla!, in reply to Craig Thornton,

    The concert at the Dux Live in Christchurch was unforgettable

    It's a pity so meany good events clashed last night in Chch. Dark Matter was at the Darkroom but I checked out Mulholland at the Wunderbar. One of the best local gigs I've witnessed in a long time. Superb musicianship all round, the band just kept getting better - it was one of those 'short, sharp set, left you wanting more' nights. Jol Mulholland also picked up the bass with keys man Matthias Jordan as 2nd support act with Bowie's Golden Years getting a great makeover.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Lovable Munter,

    AHoriBuzz take liberty with Jimi Hendrix's Hey Joe - not great quality but I think you get the picture!

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  • Field Theory: It has started, in reply to kiwicmc,

    I dear say he may well be. Took a while before I realised what the boos were about. The Dutch fans know how party - and dress for a party! The Brazillians of Europe?! I loved their faux orange S American General/coup d'état outfits.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Old, New, New, Old,

    Bird Nest Roys are one of the most intriguing fronts of Flying Nun fandom: a bunch of West Auckland oddballs who never played outside New Zealand, but who to this day have fans in far-flung places and among indie nobility like Pavement.

    I remember arriving in Bristol 1987/8 and being confronted by all these excited Flying Nun fans who were well up with the play, eager to hear about the FN scene in New Zild - though somewhat disturbingly, these sames fans were also Neighbours fans!!

    I should be so lucky ...the first question I fielded wasl 'did you ever see the Bird Nest Roys live?' to which I could happily say I saw them at least twice - in Chc as I recall it, mid-80s playing with the Chills at the short-lived (now totally gone) Zetland (which I believe was a fish and chip shop in its earlier days). BNR also played killer live cover versions of Shocking Blues' Venus and the Hollies' Bus Stop.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Original Beats, in reply to Gabor Toth,

    And watch out too for the poppy cutter Lydia Ko. Forget about getting the All Blacks to Samoa - more importantly, a campaign is needed to get Lorde to play in the South Island for the first time - talk it up like yeah (yeah)!!

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Buying Cool,

    And across town on the same night (I’m telling myself I can do both), The Chills play a rare Auckland gig at Juice Bar in Parnell (the old Windsor Castle).

    As Ian pointed out, playing in Chch too. In one of my rare forays to the north in the 80s, I recall seeing the Chills at the 'old Windsor Castle' in May 1985. It must have been May 10 going by the amount of YouTube footage from that night. Here, they perform one of my all time live favs, Juicy Creaming Soda

    Support was by the Alpaca Brothers, here with Hey Man

    The YouTube credits show the recordings were by 'Bob Sutton on a Panasonic video camera'. I haven't heard of Bob but no doubt other readers have? It was a great night, all for the price of $6 or thereabouts.

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