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  • Legal Beagle: Things that aren't true,

    3. No two democracies have ever warred with each other

    This is true, in the same sense that no irresistible force has ever met an immovable object.

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  • Speaker: The secret Christchurch…, in reply to Angela Hart,

    Is there anything the luckier rest of us can do to help?

    Vote. And encourage others to vote. Only a change of government can help us.

    Even if they like John Key, they have to see that his government has made too many bad decisions in Christchurch, and they can't change course and save face at the same time. It's what happens to most governments after a major disaster. A new government, regardless of political position, has the freedom to change bad decisions without being afraid of looking weak.

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  • Hard News: Spring Timing, in reply to James Littlewood*,

    Fortunately for both parties, there are at least 2 groups the Greens can reach that Labour can’t.

    National voters

    This definitely happens more often than many outside the Greens realise. There's a significant constituency of small-c conservative voters who are no longer served by the National Party, but couldn't imagine voting Labour. They're especially motivated against asset sales, and at least some of them vote Green.

    There may also be Māori voters who've become disillusioned with the Māori Party, but don't trust Labour. Metiria Turei's role as the first female MP to Waitangi was significant, especially following her declining an invitation to speak last year.

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  • Hard News: A Capital Great Blend (update), in reply to Stephen Judd,

    I'm in. Are you organising, Stephen?

    Perhaps we could have a chat about putting together our own Great Blend style event instead of sitting on our arses waiting for Russell.

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  • Up Front: An Open Letter to the Labour…,

    Thanks very much Emma, I'm so glad you wrote this.

    We've been waiting so long for any hopeful news in Christchurch, and a Dalziel run for mayor is something we can finally get behind. I was gutted to have it followed so quickly with what sounded like shitty intra-party manoeuvring over the by-election. I don't care who supports Shearer or Cunliffe. Anyone who thinks that matters in Christchurch East is a sorry excuse for a human being.

    I'm pleased to hear from people in the Labour party that Cosgrove isn't a foregone conclusion. I hope that whoever floated this idea to the press is getting told exactly what they did wrong right now by everybody in the Labour Party with an iota of common decency.

    What I've learnt from this is that I'm angry as hell. Some last vestige of patience in me has broken today. I'm sick of false hope being dangled in front of me by people who don't give a shit. I expect it from National, but it really hurts from Labour.

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  • Up Front: An Open Letter to the Labour…, in reply to Hebe,

    Today's Stuff poll on would you vote for Liann or Bob is interesting

    It really isn't. Pay no attention to self-selected polls.

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  • Hard News: Dressing for the Road,

    In 2006, while rummaging in the surplus items bin in the bike shop in Ellerslie, I found a pair of standard black lycra bike shorts. Up until that point I had never contemplated wearing special clothes for cycling. I'd been in Auckland less than a year, and hadn't needed anything so fussy back home in Christchurch. But I had a daily 10km commute to Auckland University, and... I suddenly found myself bike-short-curious. There must be some reason why people wore the things, and I could afford $10 to find out what that was.

    The next day I discovered just how glorious it is to cycle in lycra. So light, and padded in all the right places. I can't guarantee they're for everyone, but if you have any distance to travel, I can highly recommend you give them a try.

    Now back in Christchurch, I have three cycling modes:

    1. Travelling to work, I wear cycle shorts and a jersey with out company logo on it. Ankle socks and sneakers. In the winter, I add gloves and a hi-vis windbreaker, and sometimes a skullcap under my helmet. I don't have far to go, but since I shower at work I need to change clothes anyway, so I might as well wear cycling gear.

    2. Travelling home, I usually don't bother changing, and just ride in whatever I'm wearing. Likewise for any other short trip.

    3. If travelling more than 10km, I wear similar gear to mode 1, but replace my slightly-embarrassing cycling shorts with super-embarrassing mankini bib shorts. Bib shorts are also great, but I do not bother to recommend them to anybody else. Bib shorts are something you have to choose for yourself. Mine are extra styley, because they're a size too big for me, and hence awkwardly baggy in places. But they feel so good after the second hour.

    I don't cycle competitively, and I hate having to look through all the cycling jerseys in shops to find the ones that don't have advertising on them, and have reasonable numbers of pockets.

    If I've got into the habit of wearing cycling clothes, I'm still basically of the view that they're unnecessary extras for people who happen to feel like wearing them. I dislike the trend to treat cycling as a sport, because it isn't for me, nor for most cyclists.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: The Cool Return, in reply to Isabel Hitchings,

    That the song was evocative and contemplative seemed to indicate that he was not merely after the nostalgia dollar.

    Unless there's money in the sensation of nostalgia itself, in which case he's made a very canny move.

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  • Hard News: First, admit it's broken,

    Chris Anderson gave an interesting Long Now talk recently (

    Among other things, he discussed how a small factory of multi-purpose robots can build affordable one-off customised items that are impossible in huge, labour-intensive Chinese factories, which need to produce thousands of the same item before they break even.

    Obviously Chinese companies can build robots too (and they do), but it may mean that there's less value in going where the cheapest human labour is, and more in building close to the customer. China may have emerged as the world's greatest industrial power just in time for the end of the industrial revolution.

    Give or take half a century.

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  • Hard News: The economic revue comes to Christchurch,

    I am looking forward to it.

    Can anyone recommend background reading on the New Zealand economy? I've lived in it for a few decades, and have a range of minimally-informed opinions about it, but I've never actually studied any economics. It is quite conceivable that I have developed some odd notions, based on mis-remembered educational films from the 1970s, and I should like to have a slightly better grounding before I turn up.

    I mean, we still basically slaughter wild birds and sea-lions, preserve them in their own fat, and exchange them for obsidian tools and kumara, right? And we'll be discussing how to make our way in the new horticultural world order? Where does the aluminium smelter come into it?

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