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  • Hard News: Word of the Year 2014: The Vote,

    good list from popular usage, half of it could combine into a stream of consciousness mumble by dear leader in any interview.

    And just to plug my also ran “FJK!”, this will feature via fabric paints on new T-shirts on the inevitable ‘rainy day at the bach’ in Jan.

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  • Hard News: Public Address Word of the…,


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  • Hard News: Doing over the witness,

    I hope some fellow scribes publicly support Nicky Hager in this episode which is pretty clearly intimidation. Some more Rawshark material published would be good confirmation also that not all journos are engaged in compliant weaseling.

    The coppers have bagged Nicky Hagers property but are they allowed to examine it yet? And on what basis. Could drives be cloned and sent elsewhere perhaps so technically the local plods can say ‘they’ have not looked.

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  • OnPoint: Sunlight Resistance,

    Jason Ede pops up like a floater in the Hudson a day after the election.
    Keith explains well a good part of why Ede did not have company.

    He is all sided in his take to the point of being sympathetic to journalists. Any empathy from me for the ones that have articles ready to post within minutes of OIAs being issued and spray battery acid in personal blogs and tweets ran out long ago.

    As Bob Dylan said to author Hunter Thompson re US politics–“we may not be able to defeat the swine, but WE don’t have to join them”.

    I find researching and writing my own stuff and reading others shared efforts online soothes the burn from the ‘pros’.

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  • Hard News: 2014: The Meth Election,

    One toot over the line... more fear and loathing ahead on the never ending campaign trail 2014–17. The ‘dark kiwis’ may get the narrow election result they desire but they will have won little.

    There are wounded tory beasts out there, Slatergate blowback will take them down by attrition over many months. But are enough media, corporate and National people willing to make some amends for their dirty tricks brigade?

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  • Hard News: Never mind the quality ...,

    Lawyers, particularly ACT aligned ones for some of us are forever in the “better call Saul…” category and not necessarily the best pick as political columnists, great we have so many hi quality options via blogs.

    Though it is mildly amusing that Cactus withdraws while “Whaledump” stays for now at the SunHerald.

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  • Hard News: The silence of the public square,

    Been to one meeting, Internet Mana Roadshow at Kelston. Unvetted live questions of leaders, local candidates and even Mr Dotcom were permitted and asked. Nice enthusiastic (“yes we can”) atmosphere, like an old time political gathering but with a DJ.

    Has National a complete control strategy? The Steven Joyce outburst on ‘The Nation’ last weekend was not impressive.

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  • Hard News: Meanwhile back at the polls,

    Some truth but not stonkingly major truth is my attitude to polls given the disparity between the actual 2011 election results and main polls prior predictions. Last week at TradeMe message board, a rather tawdry National friendly place, a regular poster had the exact headline results of the Roy Morgan two days in advance.
    Other tory supporters even questioned the lack of a link. An obvious leak by someone.

    This election is winnable imo for those to the left of the right of the Labour Party (the remaining ’nomes) only with an outbreak of public unity between Greens and the bulk of Labour. NZ1 and IMP will certainly be needed one way or another but there is a bit to happen yet in that area.

    Banksie did not have a case to answer, would never go to court, Dotcom would not be a reliable witness, Banksie would not be found guilty, Banksie should not have to and would not resign… John Key will not be affected, National are riding high, Dotcom has nothing on Key… an extrapolation too far?

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  • Hard News: A Big Thing,

    Thanks for photos Russell and Nora, was at Kiwi Rd but moved up to Fruitvale–New Lynn, so only see the works from a car lately.

    The link does make sense and will quieten down a number of suburban streets alright when operative. But; surely enough of the big roads apart from fixing the Warkworth intersection. I’d like to see the next government stop throttling rail and spend some money there.

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  • Hard News: The Internet Party, whatever happens,

    Te Mana is a hybrid left social democratic/Māori nationalist party and as such perhaps more open to division and diversion than your average NZ party. The key achievement of Mana Movement has been the engagement of the young politically alienated, on all sorts of issues as I saw as a member in the Far North. And around the country on off shore drilling and various other matters, the Mana flag and new faces were there.

    Which ever way Hone goes with wacky KDC stuff such a movement should continue, for supra parliamentary activism (think no nukes, HUG, etc.) a hard fought kiwi tradition that a generation and a bit seem to have lost; is the much needed compliment to voting. And may even encourage voting.

    KDC is a joker in the pack and after watching the backside numbing “The Wolf of Wall Street” last nite about a mom and pop fleecing “trader” turned snitch, wonder if he does have any remaining cards re trader John Phillip Key.

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