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  • Hard News: U: It's about the combos,

    Always sad to see a viewing option gone, particularly as I'm not signed up to post-ish-murdoch-vision. But as good as the local content was, outside of that I'm not so sure the loss of the likes of Made in Chelsea, Real Housewives or Ms Price's ITV output is any great one.

    All horrible consumption-driven into the void shows designed to alienate viewers and make them feel like they were poor.

    Shme they cant do the BBC's Cbeebies/BBC3 timeshare (I know Cbeebies actually timeshared with BBC4, but not even thinking of suggesting that) would be good to somehow get Kidzone on Freeview, but realise that's not remotely likely to happen.

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  • Hard News: Thatcher,

    I think it's perfectly acceptable to show the exact same level of respect and compassion that Mrs Thatcher had for society.

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  • Hard News: Thatcher,

    Born in 1978 in the west coast of Scotland I had my milk snatched, protested the poll tax and watched the then shipyards shoved into unprofitability by the monetarist policies.

    Towns such as mine became purposelessness and without the hard working balancing out the always present hard drinking, the social effects of the changes were apalling. It wasn't some workers paradise by any stretch of imagination, but the changes managed to turn Pride of the Clyde into the kind of place Ken Loach makes films about.

    Fully agree with Emma/Mitch Benn's comments above, suspect it is why devolution was something to be feared by westminster then similarly with the current administration.

    Me, I'm now just a bit freaked out by the comment from the mayor of hamilton:

    Sad to hear of Margaret Thatcher's passing. A leader who will go down in history for her strength and resolve to bring change.

    Change at all costs.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Impermanence,

    No idea, despite working working at the NL still have some pics on ASDA CDRs :) Think some CD-Rs were basically a layer of tinfoil glued to a plastic disc, so there were a lot of things that could go wrong.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Impermanence,

    Big ups to the Turnbull.

    When I was working at the National Library in the discussion over the NDHA (archiving all of .nz) and how they would store the masses of data that would be collected for ever. Think CDs, even ‘archive quality’ were 10 years max, DVDs were a bit more robust apparently.

    I had left before they had settled on a suitable medium, think it was just a big pile of hard drives. Must ask someone one day :)

    Remember when people used to back up to Zip disks. Clunk, clunk, *shudder*

    Much to my shame when setting up the network services on my blu-ray player last night, the first thing I searched on youtube was 'gangam style' and had a bop.

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  • Hard News: For want of some purpose,

    Is there any value in a reappraisal of the NZBC route, a better funded Radio New Zealand given extra money to produce local news and current affairs then procure the rest from indie developers with help from NZOA.

    I know they are running on oily rag funding at the moment, but there’s already news and current affairs nous there as long as it was presented fairly ‘straight’. Thinking in the vein of Tagesschau on Das Erste (20 mins long, presented straight and densely with voiced over footage and not to many live crosses) rather than competing with the Pacy! There! Now! of One /3 News.

    Could have made TVNZ divest Avalon as part of a divestment of any public broadcasting obligations? I’m sure they could set up a news studio somewhere on the terrace, it’s not like it actually takes a lot of space or investment.

    A bit before I left Edinburgh, STV the local channel three commercial broadcaster actually split their main evening news program into one covering Glasgow and Surrounds, and Edinburgh and Surrounds. Presented live from each city and only sharing national and political coverage.

    Definitely cheap and cheerful, but still quite relevant. Currently doing the same with Dundee, Aberdeen and Highlands.

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  • Hard News: " To prostitute yourself to…,

    What I find slightly galling is they way they are bringing the HBO model of ‘premium’ i.e. not low rent television into a premium band. I think TVNZ and TV3 are going to particularly suffer with the launch of SoHo which will have first dibs on every decent American import. It’s their first major foray into a proper entertainment channel as well. Sky1/The Box wasn’t exactly compelling viewing.

    I don’t know if they are pulling the most pernicious trick Sky pulls here, is to let a show establish itself on terrestrial, before buying up latter series. For instance Mad Men built up a strong audience on BBC Four, before recently being bought by Sky for their Sky Atlantic channel (which is only available on that platform, not even cable). Same goes for Glee & Lost, which were initially on Channel 4.

    However, if the imported programming becomes unaffordable, could that mean local production could begin to look better value for money?

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  • Hard News: Doug the Goth,

    *Sticks head above parapet*

    Isn't some of the dunedin stuff a *little* gothy


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  • Hard News: Doug the Goth,

    Think my defining memory of Goth is our (really quite evil) white cat taking pot shots at the large black hairdos of my Goth Sister and Gothy Boyfriends from the staircase.

    I know it’s almost pop, but is there no room for the cure in your hearts:

    And the video which answers that long standing question about how many goths you can fit in a wardrobe:

    Compare and contrast the eversoslightly camper but at the same time blander 90s version.

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  • Hard News: It's Choice, bro,

    Is that really Stirling castle as the first image you see when you go in?

    Scotland Revealed in Winter is the kind of cheapo PSB we are getting up here as STV angles itself as the public broadcaster of choice if independence ever happens.

    Literally, stick camera up on helicopter, fly aboot and talk over the footage.

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