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  • Up Front: Walk This Way,

    Derail done, I feel pretty damn disheartened as well. I'll be going along to the march in Canberra on Monday, but I think the whole thing is going to be pretty futile. Maybe it'll kick off a rolling series of protests, like Occupy, but that did nothing concrete either.

    :-/ Eh, I'm pretty depressed in general - work is kicking me in the guts already this year, with no end in sight. Doing something, symbolic as it is on this side of the world (and there as well), is better than nothing.

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  • Up Front: Walk This Way, in reply to mark taslov,

    Frankly, this is the first I heard of Steinem being involved in the US march. And since she is still the most recognisable feminist in the country, it'd actually be odd if she weren't a "prominent figure" involved in it. And she is certainly not an organiser of the thing as a whole. She still represents many second wave and mainstream feminist views.

    Regarding her views, she wrote an essay on her evolving views on transpeople several years ago, and wholeheartedly apologised for the hurt her earlier views caused. For the Maher thing, she clarified and apologised the day after for being seen to imply younger women are not politically engaged.

    Perhaps if you had such an interest in Ms Steinem's career and views as you purported to, you'd know these things. I don't follow the doings of second-wave American feminists that closely, and yet I knew of these mitigating factors.

    No-one's perfect, and she is a feminist of her generation, with some of her views not perhaps as nuanced as we'd like even now, but she is certainly not broadcasting the kind of trans hated these days as you seem to imply. You need to look at arseholes like Sheila Jeffreys for that kind of thing.

    Anyway, it's a shame that the association of Steinem's name with the US event (in an honorary role), despite all the other awesome women who have put their names to it, has so put you off attending an NZ march as you so obviously planned to. Perhaps you'll reconsider.

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  • Hard News: Public Address founder…,

    If I never see NounMcNounface again, I will be exceedingly happy.

    I'm glad to have made my contribution to the winner, and I'm sad that one of my alternate choices, "skux", didn't quite make it.

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  • Up Front: The Up Front Guide to Internet…,

    Oh, and I wouldn't bother with paid sites. Modern apps are cheaper if OKC isn't good enough.

    As for old-fashioned live dating services, I had an ex (of dubious ethics, thus the "ex") who ran one of those many years ago.

    If a male punter wasn't getting any dates, and was starting to arc up about paying the subscription fees, she simply hired a pro to go on a "date" with the guy. Naturally the fees he'd already paid more than offset the expense. And he'd pay more, since obviously he was getting some "success".

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  • Up Front: The Up Front Guide to Internet…, in reply to Rich of Observationz,

    OKC has been around way way way longer than Grindr et al. My impression was that Tinder is the equivalent for straights, naturally with somewhat less emphasis on the immediate hookup thing.

    Those questionnaire things on OKC are very revealing, and also make you wonder how desperate you must be to try and make contact with someone whose life is basically the antithesis of your own. I made one of those fun quizzes a number of years ago - must log on (if I can find the creds) and see how it's going.

    As for Fetlife, I get a few messages from time to time (excepting those of the "I want to be your slave, master" ilk, and those are always from purported women who haven't noticed I'm also one), which is in stark contrast to the complete lack of responses I got on OKC - being a butch dyke is more acceptable in kink land.

    Also, I have a fair amount of privilege due to my presentation in that I have not once been addressed as "honey" or similar, nor received a dick pic.

    My hint (after hearing about it at length, ahem, from friends) for anyone tempted to send a dick pic: assess if there's interest FIRST, ask, and check out Critique My Dick Pic for dos and don'ts before sending it.

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  • Hard News: Public Address Word of the…,

    I'm pretty entertained by the Aussie word (phrase) of the year: democracy sausage.

    That is, from the sausage sizzle at the more evolved voting stations - the convention is to have your sausage AFTER you vote, I am given to understand.

    It's a pretty recent term in Oz, although the sausage sizzles on election day have been around forever.

    At least that's one cheerful association with elections on this side of the world, although thankfully the central Europeans seem to be doing ok in terms of not electing more so-called "populist" (dog-whistling) right-wing "personalities".

    On a closer to home front (and even more of a tangent), from reading the Herald, you'd expect National to have sewn up Mt Roskill. Shock-horror, a Labour rep who is actually visible in the community got in by a landslide, and not on Goff's coattails. Very satisfying result.

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  • Access: A letter from Aunt Daisy about…,

    The Fairfax archives is an appalling story, but aerial mapping as well? Wow.

    One thing the US does well is the fact that all govt archives are public domain. Obviously it doesn't solve the issue of improper archiving, but because the information is freely accessible, and heavily used in all manner of applications, the public interest aspect of storing it properly is self-evident.

    The fact that a private organisation is responsible for this, and a purpose-built building can't be funded is unbelievable.

    I'm afraid the argument about "increased seismic activity" in Wellington is a bit rich, coming from Christchurch. I think the lesson is that severe earthquakes can pop up almost anywhere (or volcanos in Auckland), so geographically-dispersed collections makes good sense, and standards for any building storing such collections must include planning for "1000 year" quakes or other natural phenomena. Of course it needs to be properly funded, hah.

    As for the state of the archive premises now, how is the "temporary accommodation"? Good on you for ringing the alarm bell now - hopefully this will stir up some action.

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  • Up Front: Giving It the Bish,

    If Mr Tamaki's god is so powerful, why didn't he pop up a volcano in the middle of Auckland, where most of us licentious (hah, I don't have a Merc, much less a fleet of them) queers live. Why did he make an MoD building rocky in its foundations, but not Parliament?

    These morons wouldn't understand the word "logic" if you smacked them in the face with it.

    That said, I do get very tired of the constant broadcasting of Trump's latest mouthfarts over and over. I disabled my Facebook a couple of weeks ago because of my feed being filled up with constant negativity and no action plan.

    We all know what he's like now: sure, share the word when he targets yet another group. But stop the incessant whinging and come up with something constructive. Donating to Rainbow Youth is a splendid idea - you can share the reason why AND provide a direct benefit.

    And yes, place a church's charitable status on a par with any other business. They can still offset their CHARITABLE activities; everything else, hello tax auditor.

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  • Hard News: #eqnz: Okay?,

    On the wry laugh front, today wasn't really the best day for Air NZ to be emailing their Aussie subscribers, "... It's time to admire NZ - 48 hour sale."

    Email received 5:02 am Straya (east coast) time. :-)

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  • Hard News: #eqnz: Okay?,

    Regarding huddling in door frames, if your house is fairly modern, there's no point - there are no extra wall studs around them these days.

    Civil Defence recommend crouching and covering near an interior wall away from windows, appliances, etc, if you can't get under a desk or table.

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