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  • Hard News: The Boom Crash, in reply to Chris Waugh,

    No, no, no, you want to encourage people to go south, otherwise Northland will fill up with economic refugees from Auckland and all that goodness you talk about will be gone. Then where are you going to go?

    Loathe as I am to overpopulate our beautiful beaches, there are pragmatic reasons to encourage some permant population growth.
    Our ambulance and fire brigade are staffed by volunteers. Many young people have left for Australia, taking their trade expertise with them.

    Houses that could be filled with young families are holiday homes for Aucklanders, generally nice folk who contribute a little to the local economy via cafes and galleries but form only a peripheral part of the community.

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  • Hard News: The Boom Crash,

    Go North, people. Good people and communities, beaches, kai moana.
    I have watched our QV's decline by 20% over the last 3 years (but not the rates, alas).
    You can still buy a piece of land and a house for under 200K in some places, or a church for $105K in others.
    You will find interesting articulate individuals and groups, biculturalism in action.

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  • Feed: Meals for Me,

    Tofu and lots of greens, ginger and garlic. Delicious yet oddly unpopular. Lentils get bad press too, but they taste great, as do chickpeas done many ways.
    Simple clean food.
    Mussels are divine too, surprising how many people loathe them.

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  • Notes & Queries: Little CD in a Prospect…, in reply to David Herkt,

    Music and dancing get directly to the soul. Those are great lasting memories you have, David- and intimate to your friendship. Lucky stuff.

    My (equally young) girlfriend and I used to hitch up from Wellington to dance til the morning at Zwines when I wor a nipper.

    So great that AK79 captures the energy of those days. An encapsulation of enthusiasm and exuberance.

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  • Notes & Queries: Little CD in a Prospect…,

    Condolences, David. Having had a few friends kill themselves now, I find suicide awfully sad more than anything, And yes, how someone does it makes a difference. I feel much better about the terminally ill friend that upped his morphine dose than the depressed mate who hung himself. Brutal.

    DHC's piece was patronising and unwise, but there was some truth to the effects for women on their ageing and sense of self. A bit of exposure to feminists who accept the changes in their bodies might help.

    I loved the piece on CD dancing to AK79....

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  • Muse: NZIFF 2013: Lights, Camera,…,

    HE TOKI HUNA was very good indeed. An excellent intro by the film makers & Q & A afterwards with Simon Wilson contributing.

    The theatre is awful tho. The seats in each row are joined together so when one moves, others do too. I gather they are going to recover them & put down a new carpet but its still going to be a sow's ear.Or nether parts.

    The worst aspect is catching the lift and looking in at the pokies & punters. Sad.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: I'm Over The Edge,

    'Sheen of Gold" was excellent for it's gentle chronology & the depictions of just how that beautiful/ugly noise was created. Good on those hoarders of 1970s-80s electronics.
    I think John Halvorsen's emotionally honest comments and sly humour along with his wonderful bass playing made the movie for me.
    Saw folks in the crowd I haven't seen for 20 years...weathering well.

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  • Hard News: "Because we can",

    I have had to admit to a giggle as 2 Nat Rad announcers recently, whilst reporting on the MSD changes, referred to "Paula Benefit".

    To me, she has a touch of the Christine Rankin's - been there, got into a position of power, now feel free to demonise those rely on state assistance...whilst enjoying all the vast privilages of the jobs they now have.

    In all this debate, what has happened to the "social" in social welfare? A society that cared for vulnerable souls and didn't work to slur them as "the other".

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  • Muse: TV Review: Night in the Garden of Pain,

    The book "Nights in the gardens of Spain" was OK actually and caught an era of gay life when people were less at ease with coming out & it was love in the time of AIDS- something not addressed at all by the "updated" treatment.

    I too hate to bag local drama, but this was trite shite. It took a good heartful and important story about whanau & sexuality and the pain and joy of being who you are in front of the world and rendered it into clichés.

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