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  • Hard News: Media Take Takes a Break,

    It was great.

    Toi doesn't like gettng out of that suit, does he?

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Record Store…,

    Waaaah, in Nelson we're having our first ever RSD without an, um.... record store. With the demise of Everyman Records last year we're a soulless, musicless hellhole. Well, not quite, the good folks at Rhythm & Brown on New St are mixing up fine Nelson craft ales with a second hand records sale so pop on down there tomorrow afternoon if you're in the neighbourhood!

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  • Speaker: We don’t make the rules, we're…,

    It's pretty obvious that the main reason for this legal action is that global mode crosses the line and makes it too easy for "mom & pop" users to get into the international content bypassing game. As long as just a few nerds installed VPNs the local broadcasters could live with that but once Call Plus gobbled up the large customer base of Orcon and extended global mode out, the writng was on the wall.

    It would be interesting to know what Spark & Lightbox's long term strategy is because on the face of it, they have made a disastrous decision getting into the content aggregation business this late into the technology curve. Sky will always hold on to a non-tech and rural base here in NZ but Lightbox has feck all leverage and you wonder if Spark has really even understood the business it is getting into?

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  • Hard News: About Campbell Live,

    Campbell Live has changed in the last 6-12 months though, loosening up on the ties, less hard hitting political interviews, Ali Ikram recruited, and the addition of "Lachlan vs Tristram go on a zany caper at the pie shop" type of material.

    So we don't watch it as much, but it gets recorded whenever there's a big political story and associated stoush going down, and I still think that is when it is at its strongest.

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  • Hard News: How about that cricket, eh?, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Well, the second semi-final last night was unfathomable. Australia certainly bowled very well, but the lack of desire and determination shown by India was just weird.

    Maybe we'll win on Sunday, maybe we'll go down. But I cannot imagine the Black Caps going down like that.

    India were partly strangled out of the match by a very decent bowling performance by Aus, and a relatively large total. Gotta admire the way Aus managed the game from Smith and Finch's batting onwards.

    I'm pretty sure we'll lose on Friday. It'll be a combination of the moving away from home advantage, the draining epic of a match last Tuesday and the sheer step up in challenge of facing an in form Aussie side. The victory over them in Auckland will have done them more good than us as well.

    But as you say, this Kiwi side knows only one way to play and if we chuck the kitchen sink at them and burn out big time, there'll be no complaints form me. It's been a hell of a ride!

    Big ups to PAS's Richard Irvine as well, running social media and comms for the Black Caps. The "Back the Black Caps" campaign has been excellent as we've moved through the tournament.

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  • Hard News: How about that cricket, eh?,

    More on the graceful Aussie front;

    But I love a reader comment on the original story in Sydney Morning Herald

    "that was stereotyping, not racist. I checked with a couple indian guys at work, to see if they were offended. They all laughed. And one added that "good luck getting a taxi in melb" as 80% of melb Indian taxi drivers are Punjabi, and as I just learnt, the Punjabi men, are the most fanatical of all indian crick supporters."

    So, just don't do what I did last night.

    I walked into my local 7/11 to grab some milk, and I said the the owner (who I see all the time) "are you going to watch the cricket tomorrow"
    He says "nope, why would I?"
    I said "why not, what kind of patriotic supporter are you"
    He said "Well, im the sri lankan kind of supporter" Im sri lankin. Not indian. That will be $4.30 please"


    I learnt a small lesson.

    He's a nice guy. He put me in my place. I apologised, and am a little bit better as a person for it.

    Aussies eh!? Gotta love 'em.


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  • Hard News: How about that cricket, eh?,

    And ex-Aussie batsman Mathew Hayden, as classy as usual;

    Sadly, I said the same thing about the size of the MCG boundary after our semi final win and I hate to be agreeing on anything with that guy.

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  • Capture: Aurora Australis,


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  • Hard News: Rugby has a problem,

    Weirdly the British Premier League continues to be great old fun, even if the talent on display is fairly over-rated, while the English national team continues to fade into the worst kind of mediocre rubbish. Kinda the opposite to NZ rugby.

    As a Hurricanes supporter I couldn't be happier (although, as a Hurricanes supporter, I'm expecting the bubble to burst any day now), however I haven't seen any of it either.

    Watched one Crusaders game on Prime. They were shit.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: A Movement,

    It was a lot better when we could get up to dance and Neneh herself was on fire, but I wasn't completely won over by the material, which got a bit synth-rock for me at times. Peter McLennan begs to differ in his review for the 13th Floor.

    C'mon Russ, Neneh Cherry, Rocketnumbernine and Four Tet? That's a fine collision right there. Great review by Peter Mac as well!

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