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  • Hard News: Sunday People, in reply to JacksonP,

    Sunday at the beach. Don’t try this at home.

    No. Fine photo.

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  • Speaker: Blinded by the white, in reply to Joe Wylie,

    She did for a while. in her post Bone People flush of media friendliness. It was in one of the then Sunday papers, when she also wrote occasional Listener reviews.

    I'd be real surprised if the powers-that-be at The Press these days realise she's a product of North Beach.

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  • Speaker: Blinded by the white,

    One revelation for me last year was realising how much “the Maori media” had replaced mainstream news outlets and websites for me, Maori Television news and current affairs shows in particular. I include Media Take in that, and other outlets such as Te Karaka.

    Maybe now we do indeed have the pakeha media, overwhelmingly for and by pakeha and reflecting the culture (or lack thereof), and in parallel the Maori media, for and by Maori.

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  • Speaker: Blinded by the white,

    Maori columnists are few because they do not fit in the narrow band of acceptability that has ruled NZ print media forever.

    For instance why on earth has Keri Hulme has never had a newspaper column? Her work in Te Karaka, the Ngai Tahu magazine, is wonderful.

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  • Hard News: Fifty thousand preventable deaths,

    The cost of new livers (if so many were available, which they are not) or medical care until the end of their lives for hep C sufferers surely must exceed $80-100,000.

    Add to that the (loathsome concept) economic benefit of having those people alive and healthy, and the cost seems a no-brainer if not thinking short-term.

    Hep C infection is a cruel lottery. I wonder what the response would be if those people were the desired over-65 voting catchment.

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  • Access: Zika and microcephaly: things to…,

    We as a family are especially concerned about the zika situation in Brazil. Our son and Brazilian daughter-in-law are awaiting the imminent birth of their first baby in Australia. They are planning to visit Brazil late this year to see the family.

    Thanks for the piece Hilary. Solid information is difficult to find, and DiL says medical care in Brazil is expensive and not universally available.

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  • Hard News: Radio being made,

    Night 1: Family huddled around the PC big screen and watched every word. Campbell is back!!

    Night 2: Sat the laptop on top of the granny oven and cooked dinner while watching some parts and listening quietly to others.

    Night 3: Listened in the car while waiting for beloved doing a hospital visit, then drove to the CBD, reaching The Square and the broken Cathedral as John Campbell and lawyer Grant Cameron revealed the insurer’s coincidental hurry-up on building those poor people’s house. That was synchronistic.

    Night 4 and 5: Two nights of not listening live but catching up online later.

    I like it. I can read the local and international news online, and at 5-6.30pm, when I’m rarely at a sitting-watching-telly time of the evening, I can take an intelligent current events show with me pretty much whatever I am doing. I could even hook in the iPod (but probably won’t).

    The difference with this show is, of course, Campbell himself and the acute editorial nose of EP Pip Keane: the JC name is already giving it audience heft that no pure radio show can reach. I like the way the show is starting to roll: concentrated hard-core news for 15 minutes, a bit of this, another topic, looping back to another angle on the original. It will take a while to refine the show’s voice, like any new journalism project. I don’t expect a repetition of CLive though: it had far more visual, staffing and financial resources, which Checkpoint clearly does not possess..

    I don’t mind the home-brand vibe of the visuals. It’s very like a 5pm newsroom: a bit rumpled, winding up to the telling part of the day - getting it out there. I suspect my watching hours will be far outweighed by listening, with perhaps returning to watch interesting videos later online. The Twitter and Facebook posts are an important part of that, and for drawing in those who missed the live feeds.

    I felt I was watching not so much a new format but a synthesis of new tech and established journalists that could profoundly change the way journalism works in New Zealand. In that sense it breaks new ground: TV3’s 6pm news seems like it is a goner.

    To those disliking the personal tale-telling: that’s a question of personal style and taste. But surely that is what the basis of journalism has always been about: finding the stories outside the front door and telling them as the reporter sees it.

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  • Hard News: About Campbell Live, in reply to Alfie,

    Checkpoint with John Campbell

    With the clever tagline "Radio With Pictures".

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  • Hard News: Bowie, in reply to Geoff Lealand,

    Intellectuals can be fans too. ;-)

    Of course! I meant over-thinking the gut punch. Everyone to their own way of grief and loss.

    I've found all this confusing. I didn't think I was much of a fan person yet I am grieving: no more projects, no more reinventions, no more changes. Bowie was a form of counter-cultural gravity and I identified at some times, not at others. In the midst of a week of hugely stressful hospital doings in my partner's family, I've been amazed to find this has touched me at all. Yet it has, profoundly.

    Even The Press wrote an editorial!

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  • Hard News: Bowie, in reply to Russell Brown,

    What I love about it is that it’s all of us getting to talk about how art moved and made us.

    Yes! The intellectuals are starting to kick in now, which dismantles that visceral charge of being in my suburban bedroom, listening to 3ZM and hearing the thing that makes sense of your mind, and knowing this was the door opening. I was 12 1972, and all in one year: Changes, Starman, John I'm Only Dancing, Jean Genie.

    By the time Diamond Dogs came around in 1974 or 75 I got hold of the poster and put it up on my bedroom door, facing into the hall. My mother shuddered, and removed it. I stuck it up again. We came to a deal: inside my room: that was when she lost the battle for my soul. Then found Transformer because of Bowie. And the rest.

    By the time of Heroes I spent the next school holidays with my head by the speakers: away with it all.

    Then that QEII concert - the best stadium concert I've seen, ever. The lights, the music, and Bowie. In person. Mind-blowing. A perfect concert night and the sun going down, the bars of neon and black bars of sky... I clearly remember them ripping through TVC15 as an encore. Rebel Rebel and Heroes and I just about died. $9.50 to float for a week and never forget.

    (Oddly I didn't know on FB last night that the picture-taker Stu is Stu Page, who I didn't know much later in Wellington but so many of my friends did. For years saying, "you've gotta meet Stu"; "Stu did/said/played/was at...")

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